Copy of Funniest Britains Got Talent Video Ever!!!!!!

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gary hall says:

fuck that stupid sound after every video

George Chalhoub says:

backstage guys always epic

Eren Jaeger says:

If u didnt have that annoying transition after every clip i would have been
able to finish the video.

rotten flässkk says:

the quality of this video is potato!

ShaunJW1 says:

Which pixel was Simon Cowel?

vernonclassic says:


Message to uploader: “end your existence”

dreamyrhodes says:

Bad editing, annoying transition, bad codec, and you laugh about faulures
in BgT?

uramesi says:

6:15 this man be worth one headshots

D-Rose Fan says:

Can someone please tell me the name of the song at 7:00

Kit Wood says:

Scariest transition ever. I’m not going to sleep well…

Superpiair1 says:

Nice audition. But please dont make these videos anymore. Worst editing

Kronk the Kaveman says:

Damn! I must have been slightly inebriated when I watched this vid cuz I
don’t remember any of it. Sure is damn funny, tho. Atttack of the Geek
Squad! Let the Nerd brigade commence! The really should have an American
Geek show, or Nerd Factor. These are FUNNY!

JASON P. Roberts says:

Poor Simon…a hot slut and a fag had to ruin it.

Tall Star111 says:

Ant and dec were absolutely hilarious with mc boy ! 

Kiran Lochon says:

Whats the song at 10:14??

tainted Jones says:

i hate how hands on the guy from little britain is with simon i mean its
funny the first time and the second but it seems every single episode

Char Stifler says:


Lillie Wood says:

Hilarious video RUBBISH screening 

Rocksmith Pdl says:

video recorded with a potato

carowabbit says:

Philip Green kinda sorta reminded me of Jeremy Kyle LOL!

Ciara Corcoran says:

I can’t hear. Is there meant to be no sound or is my phone just broken?❓❔

mauman says:

Is David Williams the nicest guy in show business?

Carol White says:

LOL I love the old girl with “kiss my ass baby”. I have one I sing, it’s
“you’re a dick”. I wonder if I should go try out :-D

Robert Kerbe says:


Farid Hoseini says:

not funny

Richard Tanner says:

This video must of been either recorded, or uploaded with a damn banana….

JASON P. Roberts says:

Dam. The fag judge was after Simon when the untalented black dude was

Tiffany Mitchell says:

Copy of Funniest Britains Got Talent Video Ever!!!!!!:

Rocky Peter A says:

Not too long ago, I was homeless. But I love singing. Should I audition?
please watch my cover, “All of Me” by John Legend. My name is Rocky Peter

MatserOf Midgets says:

Did u transfer this with a Potato 

Emma Stumpe says:

They see me Rollin’ they haa- LINDAAA!

Dongxue Mo says:

up and down here we go, end of the night its going down. pitbull stole off
these guys.

Its Gawzy says:

Would you sell your YouTube account to me for my clan 

foggyhedgie says:

what the fk did you make this video on a fkn Commodore 64 lol shit quality
does anyone watch the whole thing I sure as shit didnt

thunderssound says:

david is gayy

kyla davis says:

Simon Cowell acts like a cow with a bell drinking from a well. I’m so wierd

tiger tra says:

Keep on rollin.

Fyjiterie sinima says:

XD I love the video. TBH the transitions kinda freak me out.

SE45CX says:

1:27 Problem: The person doesn’t laugh:
Solution: Move his mouth in the right position! Solved!

Tudor Mindra says:

song at 2:15 ???

Zoe Riley says:


MrSpukinator says:

that one judge is so flamboyant. nobody needs to see that.

Shekola Carrington says:

Is David secretly in love with Simon 

Matas Klimavičius says:

the chair is very good 😀 and all it s funny :D

Rebecca charles-estain says:

dat was really good and funny

RayMonster FanArt says:

4:16 i laugh so hard til cried X’D seriously that was “Something”

pat14162 says:

mrsdontknowreally, allez vous faire foutre avec votre connerie de merde de
vidéo !!! vous vous foutez de la gueule de qui ici, pour poster une merde
pareille? c’est du n’importe quoi sur le net, maintenant. Allez jouer aux
billes, si vous n’avez rien à faire

arbonac says:

At 7:21, what’s the matter with people? This lady is singing the blues,
NOT rock n’ roll. They are similar, but the format is very different.
That song follows classic blues riffs. The poem truly was the give-away.

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