Cute and chubby animals – Funny animal compilation

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Some of these animals like walrus and hippo are naturally a bit fat, but other like cats, dogs, hamsters and so on just ate too much 😛 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Natalie Liggett says:

They are not cute or chubby, they are unhealthy and morbidly obese, poor

Zatracenec says:

All people who “over-feed” their pets are fucking assholes and they deserve
kick in the balls(if available). Twice.

Olka Witkowska says:

Cute and chubby animals – Funny animal compilation:

Athalia says:

The second one wasn’t fat, he just has tiny legs. 

BadAkatsukifangirl says:

Oh nooo:( Poor dogs and cats…there is nothing cute or funny. That´s just

Tahja Tomlinson says:

Why are hippos, manatees and walruses in this compilation? They’re fat by
necessity. It would actually be a crime against nature if you let them lose
a thousand pounds.

MsHayles1 says:

In my opinion its not cute or even remotely funny. But sad and rather
uncomfortable to see any animal wild, captive or companion that state.
Though the hippo and walrus look quite healthy for their species. But I do
understand that because people see their pets everyday, the weight doesn’t
just appear in one go. It increases a little each day unnoticeably until
one day you’re looking at pictures of your pet from months or years prior
and realise the weight difference. Then its an incredibly difficult
struggle to work that extra weight off.

TheWildMonkey says:

That walrus was fab i mean look at his strut 

DarkxKittenxofxDeath says:

They’re so fat!

Callie prelsey says:

Music is so annoying

panwarin lu says:

Music sucks

ladyrainbow latterell says:

there so fat X3

Atle Aa says:

too annoyed by background “music” to finish see this video

Reef Brookshire says:

I liked for the animals, not the stupid people who over fed the poor

Anahi Corral says:

How do you even manage to make your pets so obese, I have 1 cat and 2 dogs
and the three of them r healthy and eat what the need to

Ilse Cortés says:

The music sounds like Peter Griffin singing Surfin’ Bird.

Animal U.3 says:

And this is why I limit my hamster’s food. Don’t want him to turn out like

Μαρι λενα says:

the first cat is garfield!

lucas santos says:

the pig swallowed a child ???

Saumon2256 says:

Poor animals…… Their owners should never have kids or more

Enumerating Wishes says:

Admittedly it’s the responsibility of the pet owners to keep their pets
healthy. However overweight animals rarely suffer immediately. Like humans
health repercussions tend to occur later on in life. Anyways criticize all
you want but I found this video enjoyable.

Tom Uram says:

The poor things

fortbumper says:

Well, if people don’t have a mirror, they could watch this and see what
they look like…

pipas palpajaro says:

que musica mas horrible que manera de romper la cabeza, el resto del video
esta bien

mark harrott says:

tigerfunnyworks pls read comments

EC Zetro says:


BLuecoLLarcanuck says:

0:14 Garfield lives!

Elle Motionless says:

ive heard this music on south park

Idek wut says:

This has to be South park music

Lisanna Badia says:

this song is so obnoxious lol

Anne's Channel says:

I learned a great deal how harmful every pound accumulated can be.
Especially when cats and dogs who are overweight are prone to diabetes and
heart diseases including some form of cancer. We may be caring to our
fellow creatures, but some of the other humans are just insensitive and
careless. We need to feed them less food and to engage them on a healthy
dose of exercise to keep their weight in check.

Emily Deschane says:

These poor dogs and cats are being overfed, :'( Poor things… Please don’t
over feed your animals, it’s very unhealthy for them. Take care of your

Liliana Castro says:

Que gordos meu deus(OMG)

elena torres says:

Lol the song is ridiculous. :))

Руслан Михайлов says:

ну и талсьтички класс

Call Me PIPER says:

What’s the name of the song 

Katie McAuley says:


Pixieice AJ says:


Misty Blue says:

I couldn’t watch this whole video, because I was simply “repulsed by it”.
How in God names can you let your animal (that you are suppose to love and
want to be health for long life) get so “Fat and unhealthy” by over feeding
him/her. That’s not love at all…..and their isn’t anything cute about
this video….. Just Sad.

Meimei Kho says:

lol , the hamster is too much like a tennis ball

TheKitaleigh says:

disgraceful , these people are basically slowly killing their animals.

Umair Azeem says:

They are not cute I am thinking that are drinking vine and I made a video
it’s name is mine craft school it’s about a cat

pikchau2463 says:

These animals are obese and its bacuse of their careless owners but still
as cute as any other animal and I don’t get why doze manitees walruses and
hippos where there there fat by nature if they lost wait they would die!

Askformoreinfo whichyouwontget says:

NAME OF THE SONG????? I know it from southpark!

CptJamesT says:

I never really find these ones funny. I mean why is it so much more
acceptable to laugh at fat animals than adult people? At least with people
you are laughing at something that is their own fault. But animals and most
kids will eat what you give them (amount wise, I understand that children
decide they don’t like a lot of things), so if they are fat it is abuse.
Video is getting a dislike.

JAVPC2012 says:

The owners need shooting!

Andrei Tomescu says:

The baboon was the best and so was the pig

Kitty_Girl 1001 says:

All of the animals are fat?!

Kenzie Craner says:

I’m surprised everyone is pissed about the fucking pig, why is nobody
saying anything about the fact that those guys were picking on the monkey
and slapping him around I thought that was pretty messed up.
In other news I thought the round white cat was pretty hillarious

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