Cute/Funny Animal Compilation Video

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Elsa Alberto says:

I feel bad for the drunk squirrel
Did u know if u keep your rotton pumpkin outside it will make a squirrel
drunk :-)

Mel Seningen says:

That was a GREAT mix of clips, Absolutely loved the dog, with the balloons
& the kittens with the box. I love cats.
Great video. ☆☆☆☆

Eric Drozdowicz says:

How can a squirrel get drunk on pumpkins

giovanni martire says:

Che bellinooooo

FreakAnimeXD says:

1:58 looks like my cute cat. all three

Janet Mckenzie says:

ok, the monkey at 1:30 is freak me out

01PERKSY011 says:

sware down owls a fukin freaky

cheyenne sweeney says:

1:28 ok I am going to have a nightmare

Sexystevemc says:

1:20 scares me

Rose Dimez says:


World Citizen says:

It’s a species of lemur from Madagascar.

schmittyxx says:

1.48 omfg mom im on utubez and tv O.M.G

Annie Leonhardt says:

squirrel probably thinks hes running straight…..

ray mctavish says:

hahahahaha the squirrel died of fucking laughter xD

Holly Fisher says:

this video is so cute!!!! love the kittens!! 🙂

Sijiaa says:

impotent squirrel LOL

OpalCrypt says:

It’s a slow Loris, it’s a kind of Lemur

Wyimaginowana Kotka says:

słodkie 🙂

Tabatha Ackley says:

I love the kittens in 1:40

DetectiveKirby02 says:

3:42 the world, is moving, so fast, I can’t, hang on

TbJinks says:

That poor Tarsier looks so grump and frightened hahaha

DreamwithintheHeart says:

What is the soundtrack from the drunk squirrel part, I must have!!!!!!! XD

Mariachristie14 says:

1:28 LOL

Victor Roxburgh says:

Drunk squirrel KKKKKKKKKK

schmittyxx says:

1. 48 hi mom im on tv omg

OpalCrypt says:

The animal at 1:30 with the freaky eyes is a Slow Loris. It’s actually a
Lemur, not a monkey. Just so you know 😛

Rachel Davies says:

5:30 just fucking died!!!! haha he’s looking into my soul

zeldaangelica1015 says:

5:30 scares me!!!!!

jboner668 says:

what is with that dog popping balloons

andemaiar says:

I feel so bad for that squirrel.

Danny Salcido says:

Why no can climb tree oh wait am drunk

chloe richardson says:

That bear!!! Lmao

mariehansler says:

Only humans were hurt in the making of these clips 🙂

Valeria aelrv says:

what is that 1:22 ???

Luján Aguayo says:

funny animals! i love animals! jaja

Ladidar says:

Why was the squirrel drunk?

MachineDeth says:

How can there be 54.715 people who have watched this, but only90 of them
voted? It’s so simple… Just press that thumb which shows up…

mila lps says:


WinterRainFilmz says:

That poor poor squrriel

wheeeletsgo says:

Poor squirrel. =(

wookie37 says:

wth is WRONG with that squirrel? He ate some bad shrooms… 🙂

Linds14ful says:

1:17-1:34 😀 I almost died.

The X jrp says:

go home squirrel, you’re drunk xD

mychichiportia says:

OMG what is that thing from 1:20 i just had to hide behind a pillow at that
face thought something was going to pop up on the screen!

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