Dancing with Beach Girls (PRANKS GONE WRONG) – Pranks on People – Funny Pranks – Best Pranks 2014

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Dancing with Beach Girls (PRANKS GONE WRONG) – Pranks on People – Funny Pranks – Best Pranks 2014

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M0FoSH0 says:

ur dumb for telling her that she’s being pranked bro! u could have a lotta
fun with her! ur loss

Gabriel Howard says:

LMAO! that last woman got busted out being a whore and is now embarrassed;
and wants to know the “name of the company?” yeah, so she can sue for
fucking slut.

Glitchguy1011 says:

Lol white people dancing. Haha. It’s funny cause they can’t.

Kennie Diamond says:

Poor girl at the end man.. she thought it could lead to something, and then
he breakes her heart ;/

Ihan Kilani says:

Stop doing this the last part is not funny how the hell are you to do if
you were that girl and you dont wana show on you tube you now that evry
body have seen that but you are not good I am canclig my subscribe and fuck
you dick head

Christiano Clark says:

THESE HOES AINT LOYAL! Lol she wasn’t acting like she was married.

fenotipobombay says:

OMG.. the girl at 2:54 was just married.. and she danced with the fucking
unknown dude anyway.. with her husband nearby!

(Cap Boyz)skitz says:

the last lady :/……… TRIPPIN!!!!!! and she did the dance with him and
wrapped her legs ?????around him… but oh she wants to call the cops????
ok dumbass

Cameron Newberry says:

That girl looks like she just got married SHES in a white dress

Simple Prank says:

Have some fucking respect dude, geez that was somebody’s wife he told you
to leave then leave, why the fuck do you keep insisting to go dance,
secondly go find search up a definition of a prank. Good effort somewhat,
but get real man this “prank” was shit. EDIT: forgot soflo faggot copies

alastermyst says:

Sorry girl at the end, what they are doing isn’t illegal and no consent
form is required.

marquez omar says:

Dude you couldve scire easily with that girl if you just wouldnt have told
her it was a prank…noob

The Dextro says:

Gurl stops meking out n asks boi to get poptartz. He dus. Den Gurl teks
deep breff. Den Gurl sais “bf, I am pregnet, will u stay ma bf”? n he says
“no” den Gurl iz hertbrokn

Presley Carambelas says:

some of those were considered rape…..

Чен-Сей Сон says:

Пашел ВОН))))))) 2-18))))))

Brandon Vega says:

wow this should be called sexually assaulting girls but its okay its just a

chech H says:

The chick at the end was just mad cause she thought she was living that
grease life until she found out it was a prank.

Sucre boi says:

How you can Dance, without the music on the beach? Listening to the noise
of the sea? huh

Marcelo montes cardenas says:

Alguien traduce lo qe dice la chica al final del video

The Verbally Abusive Clown says:

That last chick was Nancy Pelosi Bat Shit Crazy.

Bryan Lee says:

SUDDENLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3:16

Raymond Swords says:

if Sam Pepper’s account was deleted for touching people, why isn’t this
account deleted? I thought we were supposed to be consistent about law and

RandomUsername010 says:

Lady at the end got mad because she seriously wanted to fuck him at 2:10 so
when he told her it was a prank it mean her feel like a used cheap whore
and she was embarrassed to be caught on camera acting that way,

Даша Петрова says:

ахахах Господи, вы поняли, почему здесь нужен коммент на русском
ахххххххахаха правда, очень смешно

marian stefanov says:

This prank can be used as a social experiment prooving that there are
retarded people and cool people. Like in the end and the husband of the
married woman. :)

lump1kk says:

Русская девушка его послала, пацаны. Сказала, что он козел. Написал вам,
чтобы вы тоже поняли.

Ak Dancerous says:

2:22 the girl is russian and they are not slutty like most americans are 🙂
and she says: get da hell outta here you goat… :D

ALLPeople PeopleON says:

Лайк за Русскую девушку))) К Русской фиг подкатишь))))

TheBestGatsby says:

This shit isn’t funny. There are institutions for prime sob’s like this.

Isela Dimitri says:

Bet that lady is married and she was planning on cheating

ChilangoGONEWILD says:

wow am I the only person who thinks this guy is a fame whore?

Vern Emcee says:

Yea just no.
Dry humping girls that are sun bathing.
If a cop was around he would handcuff you so fast for that bullshit.
That is uncool to do on soooo many levels that i think i just grew my first
grey hair.

Prince Zuko says:

the girl in purple was a bitch 

Austin Quon says:

Never knew the one at the end could all of a sudden become a “lawyer”

AmsetEd says:

Bitch got horny as fuck, she even moaned lol

danialtop says:

On 2:20 girl said: go away!

I understood it cuz I’m Russian

Bosniak Bosniak says:

2:16 Hahaha, Russian girl)

Ryan B. says:

“This is my wife and you go away…SUDDENLY!” what does he mean by
suddenly? haha
exactly I know what he means, he’s german and in german it might makes
sense, but not in english hahahahaha

sZliTE says:

Nothing but sexual abusement…

Victor Mc says:

some those were sexual harassment 

Alex Lester says:

That girl at the end overreacted

ᴘatrick Stɑr says:

why was she so mad

Andrés N. says:

so I’m trying to understand this, you guys make some pranks disturbing and
mocking of people, you earn money from youtube or something. And finally
you say “it’s a prank” and people can’t defend themselves, they can just
smile to the camera pretending to be a well behavior social human been. (My
english it’s not perfect but I know you’ll get this). That’s unfair and
must be forbidden.
I think people will become, more paranoic, more observed, more pretending
smiles, more bored with this, less irate (anger it’s nessesary in many
cases), more controled with this.

mytubeaccount says:

Boy this is a fucking total mess…all the way. Go wait tables 

WestSideFlight says:

song at 1:35?

Rossi Fifa FC says:

Slut much.

westerlijk zemun says:

It was funny, next Time dance with Some guys or gays haha

popz dodz says:

The Music 1:38 what`s the name please ?

Stereotypical Hater says:

99% of you won’t read this but I can suck my own dick, one day at the
tender age of 13 I attempted to suck my own dick, it worked. The problem
is, my penis got lodged in my oesophagus and I was rushed to hospital. I
survived a very close death, I will never forget the day I nearly drowned
in my own semen.

Liek if u cri evrytim.

Denise Rice says:

.when he told the girl at the end that it was a prank I wonder what
happened after the woman stoll the camera 

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