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EPIC Don’t look at my Sister Prank on Nisheeth’s channel:

We asked people for their Alcohol bottles and broke them.
A Big Apology



Camera/DOP: Anoop Prajapati
Actor: Nisheeth
Editor: Naman Sharma

Under the existing Act of 1914,
those caught drinking in public places are liable to be penalised
and arrested.

You will NOT believe what happens NEXT

DISCLAIMER: We are proud to be Indians and chose India gate as a Venue only since it has high Security and alot of cops who could potentially spot our actor drinking in Public

In no way is this experiment meant to disrespect our nation and/or its monuments.


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sandeep singh says:

What happened after cops were involved into matter ? Did they beat you ?

Dooh Maa says:

This is not a prank!! It more than being an asshole in public. If someone
touch my beer like yourself I will fuck them up!! No disrespect intended it
just my opinion. Cheers mate

Quake Law says:

next prank: break into someone’s house and take their tv

Ashish Sharma says:

Who cleaned the broken bottles and beer from the street ? I guess you
didn’t have the time to do it yourself as the Police were shoving up arse
and you were busy taking it. 

Tarak Ram says:

But why?, this s not a prank, its a Public nuisance…..

Deepak Sharma says:

PRANKS should meant to be funny, By Torturing common people and wasting
police’s time i dont consider this a good Prank. 

qsqua says:

Shame how anything can be passed off as a prank these days. This is just
plain stupidity.
Heck, next time why don’t you go steal someone’s property and when they
catch up with you say it’s a prank.
Or why don’t you go to a religious place of worship, show some titillating
pictures and then say it’s a prank.
Or why don’t you slap someone, run and then say it’s a prank.
Or why don’t you go to a poor household, laugh at their plight and then say
it’s a prank.

This is just plain harassment. Taking people’s property and destroying it
and then saying you’ll pay for it doesn’t solve anything. You were just
harassing them to pass off as entertainment.

GameSkate says:

Did anyone else here come from /r/cringe?

SWEGTA says:

This wasn’t funny. All you did was take someone else’s property and destroy
it. This is illegal, regardless of what their property may be.
Harassing people on the street isn’t a fun prank. I think you need to
rethink this whole prank-thing.

Veena ____ says:

This is stupid. Waste of resources, waste of people’s money, waste of
peoples time and energy. Maybe some people didn’t want to be featured in a
prank like that. This wasn’t funny at all. More like stupid and retarded.

Abhijn Chadalawada says:

You fucking retard, you think this is funny? I hope you get arrested for
being a nuisance and have your crap beaten out of you.
Goddamn fools can’t come up with anything creative so do this stupid shit

Shoal Nervo says:

I would also refuse your money and call the cops.. thats not funny… and
sayin its a prank your on camera doesnt make them feel better, it insults
them even more..

TekhSquare says:

Its such a shame that ppl of India are so much devoted to their Alcohol..
Make sure to involve cops next time as well :P

Puneet Yadav says:

fucking awsum
hands off to the guy who is breaking bottles
seriously amazing guts

turnmedown118 says:

That music is from Conan O’Brian’s show! Hahahahahhahaha


acting bhi nahi ati itna fake ness aur police ka muh kyu dhaka he uske
kapde bhi galat he kande pe batch nhi nahi he sab chutiya nahi hote

Shobhit Gosain says:

Very cool… A new prank for the world to copy…. Keep doing such creative
work… Very good job!!!

Nityananda Mandal says:

does the first guy even know what prank means?lol…it was hillarious..

Diganta Chaudhury says:

logon ki gaand me ungli karne k siwaye aur kuch nahi ata kya ? jisko dekho
youtube me video daal k baith jata hai

Achal Uppal says:

dude…get a life…and use youtube as a platform to promote social causes
rather than seeking wasted attention.. !!!

Ghouse Akram says:

People in India take prank too seriously. But it was the guy fault as well
breaking people stuff.

princerulez says:

hahaha chutiye prank hota hai yeh ?? jisko peena hai peene de bhosdu.. teri
gaand mein kyu jalan mach rahi hai ? kal teri gaand destroy karke bolunga
ki paise leke dusri le aa.

Mazhar Shah says:

Dear smelly Indians, Stop speaking my countries language with your filthy
tongue. Speak your hindi language not ENGLISH. 

Uth Time says:


MrCitizenwarrior says:

hahahhahah. Awesome..

Sanjay Shah says:

good did you go to jail now you will stop being stupid 

Tom Cruise says:

This is not a prank you moron, this is harassment.
Saying that it’s a prank and filming it dosen’t change the fact that this
is pure harassment.
This world is filled with alot of trash these days.

ravi tez says:

mate…hahah…..u got balls…..nice one :)

anisha chadha says:

hahahahahha I bet it would piss anyone off but was still hilarious :P

Rafa Palacios says:

The “prankster” is a fucking tool, hope he gets beaten up during one of his

Rita singh says:

Hahah for alcohol bottle police was really fast…and people can break
someone head…

anushka dhiman says:

Lol.. Poor guy.. Ytv. Kya krte ho.. Video k liye bechare ko kitna pitwaya..

Jack Torrance says:

If you want to do this fine, but don’t get surprised if people start
kicking your ass. Saying “It’s just a prank!” won’t save you.

shrikant kendale says:

gand lag gyi na :D

spaceshine says:

If you got run over by a car, I wouldn’t mind.

Rakesh Narang says:

humor doesn’t go well with alcohol

Khampha says:

prank ka bacchha,,,bottle jo girah…woh saabh kaun karega 

TechnologyFit says:

Ha.. salo tum logo ke sath aisa hi hona chahiye.. koi mere sath aisa
karegana to mai uski jan le lunga.. bc prank kya hota hai pahele vo sikho..
paisa kamane he to kutch bhi karo ge kya.. 

Nashat Gith says:

we need to raise awareness on beer abuse.

Abhinav Mishra says:

You’re not pranking, you’re creating nuisance. You deserve each slap that
was given across your face. I hope the police treated you with the usual

Nikhil Kumar Singh says:

No Prank (bakchodi) with BEER dost… 😛
Talware chal jayengi Talware … 😀 

hanros98 says:

So let me get this right… you are harassing people whilst wasting your
own money paying for the broken bottles for a few views on Youtube? that is
so sad. don’t you think that money could be better spent serving the needy.
YTN network is nothing but western wannabes. Infact that is insulting to
westerners, you guys are just spoilt rich brats. 

Vaibhav Sethi says:

Bros you people are just awesome i love your channel but what the hell
happened after the cops came?? 

Stay Raw says:

PRANK doesn’t work in India!! But still these guys like trouble seeker,
ytv, funk you etc teams got balls, seriously, keep it up guys…

Suman M says:

oh god … facepalm

The immortal 101 says:


Pravin Dongre says:

That’s what i call a prank. Well done guys..

Yogesh Singh says:

mast hai bhai kuddoss :)

sunil apte says:

Phir kya huva dost?

Dorjee Dhondup says:

Ur team go n destroy bar and wine shop 

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