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fouseyTUBE says:

Hi everyone. It’s Yousef. My first time commenting or talking about this
since this whole thing went down. Never in a million years did I want them
to post this. I’m crying like someone who just finished all seasons of
their show on netflix and realized that they have to do something with
their life now. But after talking with my friends, they made me feel bad
how I openly prank people in some of the most mean ways. To my defense I
argued how I always try to do something positive after my pranks, (one
direction tickets, fat tip, etc etc) but this was just outright mean. My
friend Wajeeh has been sleeping over and we would stay up late scaring each
other with ghost stories. The whole world of “evil spirits” terrifies me to
no end. So, Yes. I did cry. hard. But come onnnnnnn. I came home to my
empty apartment under the assumption that I was ALONE. I’m outside of the
balcony to throw Ali the keys and guess what? Ali isn’t there. I turn
around and the lights are off in my apartment. I thought we may have lost
electricity but I kind of saw a shadow near the door. As I reached my phone
and turned on the light the only way I can describe what happened is… my
head spun a thousand twirls. my hands got sweaty. my temperature heated up,
my body buckled, and I fell into shock. I literally felt like I saw
something from the other world. I cried because when I woke up I had no
idea what was going on. I was confused and to be honest fainting is scary.
At the end of the day, they’re my homies and all is fare in love and war.
And I did start a prank war with Ahmed. But I told them.. THIS IS MY
CHANNEL. Stop trying to get me. lol. I am excited to release the ORIGINAL
video that was supposed to be for today next week. Also, I am working a
bunch of ideas for my DOSE of FOUSEY channel which I will ask you
suggestions for soon. I want to post 3 videos on there a week, Mon, Wed,
Friday. Thank you guys so much for all your support and love. It means a
lot. If any of you are going to Vidcon, I will see you there and also after
a year hiatus my own personal tour (I do stand up comedy and motivational
talks) kicks off in I believe September! I LOVE YOU! 😀 

fouseyTUBE says:

Thanks for being a good sport and letting us upload. At least now you
already have the video you were going to upload today ready for next week!
Hopefully this ends the prank war once and for all!

fouseyTUBE says:

Question: “How did your hat flip backwards after the fall?”
Answer: It didn’t.

See you guys next week when I upload the hilarious video that was
originally supposed to be uploaded yesterday! 🙂

Also, if I were to do all kinds of videos, challenges, rants, skits etc.
Would you rather them on this main channel or my DOSEofFOUSEY second
channel? Will take all opinions into consideration! Thanks!

SithAssassinOfSkyrim says:

when he started crying i thought he was laughing

Steven Scott says:

I am NOT scared of the devil. The devil would be scared of me! Why? Because
I am a Christian, and I KNOW how to get rid of him. The devil is scared of
Jesus. The devil can’t do ANYTHING without permission from Jesus.

Mistah J. says:

So your fight or flight response is to pass out, wake up, and immediately
begin to cry? Did it hurt your vagina when you fell down? 

SeanSlays says:

I would’ve screamed so loud the ghost would pass out

Anonymous says:

allah dont exist,the devil dont exist

Uh-Oh It's ZeNeX says:

Everyone stop calling him a pussy! I’m sure that you all would’ve cried and
pooped your pants if you turned the lights on to see the devil right in
front of you. Most of the reason fousey was crying is because he fainted,
and the last thing he remembered when he woke up was the devil standing
right in front of him. PLUS he was tired and people are WAYYYYY more
emotional when they are tired.

yoyoyoshio267 says:

if i saw the Devil… I’D GIVE HIM THE BIGGEST HUG EVER!!! :DDD that is…
if he existed… which he doesnt… so why did a full grown man totally
pussy out like this? -_-

bobinjo7 says:

Im an atheist so i dont belive in silly stuff like ghosts or whatever but
DAUM if i saw that shit oh dude yellow and brown liquid would be leaking
down my pants!

Michael Mitten says:

i bet he really saw something and thats why he fainted. also why his hat
flipped over on its own

Ahmed al-ahmed says:

why are you guys being mean. If that happened I bet you will shit
yourselves, so don’t chat shit about a person who tries to entertain you

Scarlet Rain says:

awwwwwww poor thing

nasser1994 Go says:

بالدقيقه 2:10 اكني سمعته يقول اعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم مرتيت قالها

jack says:

I feel sorry for you hope you are ok you are the best one that was not a
good pranks to pull on you

Lancelot01 says:

Athiest are bad people 

Pink Lumberjack says:

they shouldn’t have told him it was prank. make him think he’s going crazy

Pure Genius says:

Hat foreward here: 2:20
Hat backward here: 2:25

ibotibo says:

Why are all your friends Paki and Afghan while you are Middle Eastern?

Speedy Gonzales says:

Ik this is really bad and mad props for posting this, but damn he sounds
like a dolphin LMAO 2:55.

Eboni Brown says:

That prank was too extreme, I would have cried too 

John Miguel says:

Praise the lord! here come the athiests hating this comment


is he cryin or laughin?

Jamal Dorsey says:

I love u fousey but all that muscle & you passed out & cried very lightskin
of you lol

Faizah Hossain says:

okay tht wuz just wrong…
he actually got scared, but i thought tht he would be like laughing…
but I guess I would hav reacted the same way as him.
I feel so bad for him, but I’m pretty sure he’d get over it….

Chris vargas says:

I feel like that was planned the way he fell like that…

TheShadyGamerGuy says:

DUDE THATS NOT BE ING A CRY BABY that’s bringing one I of the most scary
horror movies to life and pranking some dude in the dark!

soulist says:

Was it just me or did anyone elses think his cry was a laugh and that he
knew about it?

Martin H says:

karma is suffering from inside , not outside

Viovo Rayis says:

Hahahahaha long time I didn’t lool like that +Amr Abd Alkrim Hassan 

kid yusuf says:

Good that was a good prank to dead ass I thought like for a second yusuf
knew what was happening and he was trying to get them back and then I fin
the vid I was like wow that’s not funny anymore but nice vid tho and keep
up the work lol and always stick to Allah the whole time and at my old
school it was a Quran school and one of the student was posed with Jinn it
was crazy but the kid said the while time. He was trying to think about
Allah Mashallah Salam

Dilana Karatas says:

Maybe I have a bad sense of humor, but I don’t find “pranks” where they
scare people to death funny at all. 

adam is gay says:

Carma is a bitch.. But an no hatin on the dude is cool. 

Alexandros V. says:

I would have died

Benicio Ramirez says:

Dude I would’ve start praying like crazy 

logan memeboii says:

stupid dirty ugly fucking sandnigger pieces of shit

BeatGoBang PianoLessons says:

you are so fresh to def where do get your clothes from

Fredy Vera says:

Resulto ser mas puto que las gallinas. Como todos los americanos de USA . .

Doris Barkler says:

Wow, I’d never seen anyone faint before. Damn he just dropped.

Nick D says:

Is he wearing yezzeys

Owen Black says:

I am so sorry thatcim not sorry! :)

Raxecon H. says:

Am I the only one who noticed that before he fainted his hat was on
frontwards, then miraculously after he fainted it was on backwards. Just

Eevee Chu says:

i fainted for the first time like last year (trying to make my face go red
ik its stupoid xD) and then i woke up so confused with a huge bruse on my
arm and i started crying. i know im a whimp but idc and now im terrrified
of fainting.

Lores F12D says:

hes heart pressure most have gone really really really up that he past out

Luigi Mario says:

I feel bad for you fousey I hope you are good Im a wimp but I no how that
feels bro I love your videos keep up the good work man :)

Tasha J says:

he dish it out he better be able to handle it 

MakiVerem12345 says:

fucking retards. this is not a prank

Brinley Scott says:

Hey man looks like you went into shock

Time with time says:

Fuck you!!!! YOU can kill him or he can have a heart attach.

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