Do You Want a Punch? (PRANKS GONE WRONG) – Pranks on People – Funny Pranks 2014

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prank & pranks gone wrong..Do You Want a Punch? (PRANKS GONE WRONG) – Pranks on People – Funny Pranks 2014 ➨ ENTER THE GIVEAWAY ➨

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Do You Want a Punch? (PRANKS GONE WRONG) – Pranks on People – Funny Pranks 2014

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Ruse Revelation says:

no one give a fuck about your scummy giveaway!

Angelat Günther says:

He sounds like he smokes 50 packs of cigs a day

imrude says:

How come UK’s blacks aren’t as aggressive and violent as the America’s

greg beard says:

Dude you guys suck u copy everything from vitaly u stupid, you guys are so
bad at pranks

ZNFrost Plays says:

you should proberly change your name to prank zone 

Coopa Troopa says:

You have to stop with the title spamming dude. It’s like 5 titles in 1

ThaFunkster100 says:

Wow, it doesnt take much to get people to attack you.

Lt kill says:

what happend to mw3 stream ?

Foale says:

You’re the biggest fucking douchebag I’ve ever seen

Gary Oak says:

This isn’t his video it was stolen

Clementine says:

What’s the music in the background?

primaltare says:

Formula to people’s reaction:
Ask once = *confusion*
Ask twice = *violence*

Fryst09 says:

You guys aren’t original at all, nor funny….

Tony Tony Chopper says:

you are pissing people off dude, 

Syonide Fears says:

“MW3 Stream” my ass

Maximus32625 says:

bullshit not even funny -_-

BIGxDADDYxDx says:

Fuck British people

Sam says:

u wot m8

fpsfreak says:

keep an eye on the 2nd guy.check out how he smiles right before the
prankster tells him its a prank.

Diego Macato says:

they barely touch him and he pussys out of the prank 

Nick Leone says:

So flo. What a loser. Haha

lewis falzon says:

Luke lu

Frankie Spankie says:

Do these guys have some weird fetish for getting punched in the face 

alan felic says:

Fock you mohammed little piece of crap 

xDirtyGhettoGaming x says:

i cant hear what the people saying 

Canniballistix says:

Even black people in the UK are violent… 

Brandon Winn says:

i live in the uk, and if he asked me if i wanted a punch and acting like he
wants to fight, i would drop that dude !!

bob brown says:

i dont like this

Poti Naval says:

I think usa is bad many people got punch in the face with no reason

Taito says:

You guys aren’t really good at this……

SmasheR #1 Gaming - CSGO & More says:

dont mess with niggas next time 😀 

Nutellais superawesome says:


Empy Rean says:

This guy is such a pussy, if you gonna call out people then be a man and
take a punch, don’t start crying like a little bitch when they come after

Suck It says:

Stupid wanker.

kashy mash says:

first white guy

Chrisman102 says:

Wtf no one cares about your fucking giveaway

Marcin Ludwicki says:

I wez tu nie bądź rasista.

uramesi says:

Stuipd joking .. .. and dangerus 

Def_Noob_Eh 1 says:

Sooooo staged lol

Greatest Ever says:

black people arent violent we just hate white people…..

hafed inoubli says:

only white ppl found it funny

chano Exposito Jerez says:
MrStarfighter56 says:

turn off that shit music in the backgriund

OhItzLewis says:

Thats where I live 😛 lol go on jack #canterburyftw

Belen Jr says:

dudes gonna get knocked out

Enya Parchment says:

I’m laughing so hard

mohammed ihtisham says:

First to bang ur mum

CREEPLAND113 says:

I love you guys vid Antonio!

nathan lloyd says:

Wtf is wrong with the music

Diego Macato says:

they barely touch humans he pussys out smfh

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