Do You Want to Feel my Balls? (PRANKS GONE WRONG) – Pranks on People – Funny Pranks 2014

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prank & pranks gone wrong..Do You Want to Feel my Balls? (pranks gone wrong) Pranks on People – Funny Pranks 2014 ➨ ENTER THE GIVEAWAY ➨

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Do You Want to Feel my Balls? (PRANKS GONE WRONG) – Pranks on People – Funny Pranks 2014
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Zillertalerwelthass says:

The last guy gave him 7 chances to change his question.

Sloth from The Goonies says:

Black people prefer violence to reason. It’s because their pea-sized brains
are easily overwhelmed.

Rui PTG says:

WTF how insecure is that last guy tat he had to turn to violence so
quickly? wtf is wrong with society, this is ridiculous… you can almost
tell in his mind he was like “I’ve been working out for years preparing for
this moment!” what a sicko. Just feel his balls!

Geometry Dash: Proton says:

That’s why Black People are Cunt, Violent and uneducated People. They still
feel like they are tough that Way. I am not being a racist but to be
honest, Get Physical might end you in Jail.

SoFloComedy says:

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Viktor Tsoi says:

And in Italy if you ask it to someone, we cut his penis and put it to his
mouth and we give a red rose near his dead body. Long live sicilian rules

LordCringusMaximus TheBronyGodOfponyForePlay says:

So it’s ok to go up to grown ass men and ask them to feel your balls? 

James Neasham says:

The guy could get 6 months minimum for punching him. I could understand if
he was threatening or seriously insulting but he’s just a stupid kid half
his size saying ya want to see my balls. He didn’t even give a warning or
say anything! Wtf 

Neenee Couture says:

It’s kinds ironic he has a cross on his neck.

Gustavo Guzman says:

4:02 Big Mistake. once he said “Manly Balls” there was no confusion.

ASAC Schrader says:

Theres one thing I dont get. Dont people need to sign a permit for their
faces to be shown in the video? So do people, like the last one in this
video, say: “Yeah, alrighty then, my behaviour was completely normal and Im
not embarrassed whatsoever”?

DonCornelius366 says:

LOL @ 3:50

I keep saying it. Y’all can’t play around with people like that. One day,
one of you are going to get SHOT. But it was YOU provoking them.


Dude that got socked has balls for brains. I thought the English were
smarter than us Americans. lol.

Texasmadehorrorhound says:

+S7 Empire , hey S7 faggot looks like ur the one talking shit behind a
keyboard .I promise you I don’t play pranks but I am sick and tired of
fucking niggers running around acting like ass holes , assaulting white
folks who cannot fight back , I see video after video of niggers playing
the stupid knock out game with old folks and women , like a bunch of
pussies .I soo wish one of u people try that shit w me . You won’t betcha ,
cause I been in alot of fights and have been hit hard , but never been
knocked out , so please by all means knock me out , I’m that white boy you
all want , next time I see one of you pull some shit on an old white guy
I’m doing the same to one of yours .Eye for an eye homie , white people are
sick of yall and all your racist bullshit. 

Pennyinmouth says:

i seriously hope someone kills you. then everyone will see how stupid you

Ranita Devonr says:

White ppl r violent!!!! Killing kindergartners and killing ppl at the movie
theater!! And look at all the serially killers their ALL WHITE!!Whites act
like their #1 but ya r so damn evil! Killing millions of blacks! ROBBING

Antoine Wolfgang says:

Both of them were incorrect to doing what they had done, although I am more
on the side of the George Weah looking guy. He gave him 7 chances to change
his answer, he was patient, but I don’t believe a man at that size should
have resorted to punching the weaker looking prankster.

For the prankster I do not sympathize for him as much, he did not reveal it
was a prank, and stated his “manly balls” which doesn’t really have much to
do with the originally intended Marbles joke.

Michael folds says:

What a wanker, what’s he dressed and talking like a Yank for

William Sullivan says:

Notice how no one in England went off the deep end and lashed out at the
marbles guy? 

Daniel Poursasan says:

Why dont you save the tape and then press charges for assualt. Good way of
making money just annoying people until they hit you and then sue them

Daniel Clarke says:

3:49 everyone says I look like that guy.

Christopher Locke says:

I can’t believe the amount of people justifying this apes behaviour
punching this guy! It’s a fuckin joke for those who didn’t realise, why not
just walk away instead of resorting to violence without even a warning if
it annoyed u that much! Those who support the punch what if I or someone
else done the same to u for a joke of some kind u would go runnin, crying
like a bitch!

frank r says:

The black in the end, former hood member.

Elmdran Dev says:

These fucking practical “jokes” are not funny in any way, I’m sad you
didn’t get punched more often.

ZonaStudio laurent says:


Horus Ra says:

big arms + little legs = douche bag

TheBigGuyCIA says:

90% of the sucker punches I see are black people

harryc says:

Sadly I didn’t laugh at any other point until he got smacked in the face.
That was my favourite part ! 

Bes Eton says:

the last guy didn’t eventouch him u pathetic liar 

alex pith says:

2:00 she wants thought …

Thomas Kiely says:

haha that last guy….tbh that was a week punch, tho you would expect him
to knock him out.

nipplezz arehard says:

There was no reason to punch him like that 

Andy Fisher says:

I live in chatham too….ontario lol

BigSirZebras says:

1:43 guy wanted to but hasnt come out yet and was too nervous.

lindy chao says:

dayum thats 1k pounds of force right there

Eragon Balestra says:

roid rage much? didnt seem like he had much behind that punch.

FinnAndJakeiscool says:

Guys…, to clear up the discussion about the final part of the video, he
deserved that punch. The “nigger” which some of you called would’ve done
worse, he asked “What kind of balls?”, this guy replied “my manly
balls”…, seriously, he should’ve said marbles instead of “manly balls” if
it was a prank. Most people sometimes refused to get humiliated and usually
refers to violence if they’re in a hurry, compared to people just wandering
the streets and have time, they’d probably talk it out. Come on people…,
try to think on someone’s perspective before assuming nonsense accusations.

GhostStylus says:

That was terrible punch.

quitzui says:

fuck me init

Prod Black says:

homosexuals have always been known as bad/sin/taboo in my ppl cultures(so
called negros,Mexicans,Native indians)so maybe not come up to ppl and say
gay shit to someone who is totally against it! Plus ur fucking with grown
men who dont play like that or dont think its funny,ur just proving how
childish white men are.

Chris Earnshaw says:

Nothing about this video is funny. Some thick dude asking people “do you
like my balls?” is not humour. The guy who gives him a slap at the end was
just reacting in the way that most others wanted to but were too
intimidated. He was the only guy Thickie in the vest approached that was
bigger than him!

Timothy Jones, Jr. says:

It’s great how half the comments are about how violent and stupid black
people are, after he did this to how many other black guys that were
perfectly fine with the prank.

Ano says:

whats the song at 3:51

Bruce Zhou says:

Ha ha, this Amerikkka’s great culture, spoilt white kids throwing around
homo pranks not expect any consequences. More beating is appropriate.

SpanishFIRST says:

lol if the man who make the videos were my brother 1 I will beat him 2 I
will shoot IN THE LEGS JUST FOR FUN the ape man in the end of the video

Tuhad king says:

stop this kind of stupid things and stop hurting urself it is totally

ADG Productions says:

That was a nigga moment 4:05. Africans these days, the make us look bad.
Sometimes i dont wanna be black, but i have no other choice but to keep my
skin color. Unless i do the Micheal Jackson trick.

Clint Westwood says:

This was a funny prank however in the interests of self preservation i
would not approach what is obviously a bodybuilder who might be on
steroids,thus the side effect of them is not a feeling of peace and

MrGoodkat says:

THIS is what i watch these videos hoping for it every time.Tbh I’m not sure
why it doesn’t happen more often.

edward meyer says:

thats why you should do street pranks leave pepole alone the pepole are not
your to mess with.

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