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jason20599 says:

Plot Twist : He actually dropped the actual phone and gave them the plastic
one and took off 

ThatsSoMark says:

I wonder why there aren’t any racist comments about how aggressive everyone
was. Hmmm!! Maybe because there were no black people this time. If everyone
in this video was black instead, there would be sooooo many racist
comments. Anyway, I love how the two older women just stood there and
watched, lol. 

Batman says:

It’s amazing how many adults are ready to attack you just for dropping
their phone.

Jon Frego says:

The Asian chicks thighs. OmG

JeLisa Sowels says:

Last time I let a stranger borrow my phone they stole it …so yeah fuck

Toby Royson says:

I miss society before all these bastard devices with everyone wandering
around trying to look important all the time.

kurdish-german-turkish says:

1:10 Asa Akira ??? Is that you ?

HackerExecute says:

2:02 “Blonde girl statue mode: ACTIVATE”

sprakle ec says:

Why are white ppl so aggressive?

Elijaah Spraglin says:

White ppl become salty. when they drop there 30 dollar. tracfone

Immortallion says:

lol what if you accidentally dropped the wrong phone…

Luke Luck says:

Such anger over a hunk of plastic? Mwow, dude


AppleCare plus cost $100 more, it’s worth it.

Ll Lock says:

That dude in blue shirt needs to lay off the roids. Damn

Evan Wisz says:

I love how the guys at 1:45 has a white iPhone but gets mad when a black
one drops lol and I love how everyone get pissed off immediately because
they know iPhones are shitty and cheap and break easily

majee malik says:

Fousey you make smile everyday 

Jonathan Cipriano says:

Only fools attack! At least ask to pay for it :)) 

JohnnyVasvas says:

What happenes if u drop the wrong phone?

Ferdinand says:

Why are people so crazy over that one loses their phone? Can phones when
not keep that damage? Okay, you drop your phone and its already ruined?
Seriously… -.-

Alejandro Santos says:

These broke ass niggas get worried for their phone getting dropped 

Thomas Owusu-Abayie says:

Depending on how i’m feeling that day, it could be pain for him or l would
just shrug my shoulders.

MDA says:

Love your videos!! 

yoyoheads says:

I would have just blinked. I drop my phone everday. Suprised it’s still

USMC FTW says:

Fk u +fouseyTUBE .. Chris Kyle was a fkn hero. For the people that have no
clue what im talking about go read his facebook status, saying that Chris
Kyle was a murderer.

☢ SNICKERS 5+2 GRATIS ☢ says:

That won’t work because most people don’t have the iphone.

Gabe Kelly says:

My brother screamed like that girl when u trow a rainbow loam bracelet at
his arm

DJ Ro Ro says:

OMG lol 😀 I feel sorry for you when they rugby tackle you 😉 still awesome

wackytactics says:

wow, some nice people letting you use their phone

Bryan Galvez says:

Dude u better be careful with the pranks like
1:50 when the guy grabbed u.

Emmanuel Adebayo says:

Humans are animals just take away their food like this if youre allien 

Kat Kaur says:

lol so many people have dropped my phones…I’m like aw its ok i didnt know
people react this MAJOR 

madmonkey914 says:

I watched the beginning of this just to thumb-down it. You’ve gotten too
jerky lately Fousey

Edgar Felix says:

Hey fouseytube i like your video im on of your fans my name is edgar i hope
i meet you one day im form desert hot springs
Im a fouseyfan

Markosch Sinko says:

i wish i would see some people like you guys in my homeland, poor germany

MrSong CGStavtix says:

WHen people see a phone drop, it happens so fast they dont realized that
the color or the type of phone they have which isn;t on the ground.

harpreet singh says:

can’t they just see the other phone in his hand???
the funniest prank i have evere seen

rachelletje466 says:

Why the fuck would you beat someone up for accidentally dropping your
phone.. That’s just straight up fucked up.

Donny Donster says:

Ah the downsides of having +100 dollar phones.

Dante Løan. says:

Time to fap.

Independent Hobbes says:

I miss the good ol’ days, when the only thing you had to worry about when
you dropped your phone was bending over to pick it up.

Enrick San Pedro says:

People are so hostile but Hahahaha

Pro Gen says:

Like if your watching this in 2015! ❤️

SultenZone says:

You should pull a prank where you say, “A guy just took my phone and ran,
can I use your’s to call my mom.”
And once they hand it to you, you take their phone and run.

Francisco Orion says:

Can i use ur phone? — – OMG D: . HAHaahahahah XD

Catherine Martinez says:

People would really start a fight over a device? 

Shadow Godz says:

I make minecraft videos, give me a chance everyone!

adulraman wahdan says:

laughing because i saw their smils

leeman401 says:

Why do people care about phones so much? Im 19 and barely use it. I dont
see why and how people can just sit on it and do nothing. I still manage to
hangout with mates and girls without one. Mobile phone are not needed at
all (maybe just for work)

daniel moyotl says:

love ur intro

RoflWolves says:

This would be a good way to steal white girls’ phones lol

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