Drugging People With Cookies Prank

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Drugging People With Cookies Prank
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YesFunnyYes says:

Enjoy & Post on our new entertainment website http://YesFunnyYes.com/

Uhgene Ignorian says:

You forgot one thing…..cookies dont crack……they crumble

Melissa Flentzeris TV says:

Thanks for sharing my prank!

Michael Cantu says:

I don’t even know what the prank was, I was staring at her ass the whole

maxine johnson says:

@ 3:15 the guy in the back keeps eating them after she said there were
drugs in them lmao.


Lol awesome! 

zanjabeel says:

Wow a pretty girl can get away with anything lool

OLegendStudios says:

This was actually really original and fun to watch. I lost it when she said
crack cookies

Teekin More says:

“Legal smeagel?”When did this turn into lord of the rings?

TreTheSavage says:

“these are crack cookies, like heroin” 3:42

Jack Bathe says:

Normally I don’t like pranks but this one I like

delayturtle says:

2:46 He acts as if buying heroine cookies is a regular occurrence for him.

Octavium says:

She shoulda called the company “Crackies” lmao

Steve Midz says:

Pmsl nice prank.

YesFunnyYes says:

Drugging People With Cookies Prank

Prince Rhem says:

Crack cookies

Mike Lario says:

Second guy was hilarious

12345 MODDZ says:

this video is made by dumv people(no hate on u)
everyone can see big mic at her back and camera man wtf

how this is prank man
even she doesnt look like she selling drunks 

Kieran RVP says:

She would get wacked

Menace II Society says:

This is actually a common practice in China. Opium was openly used in
cooking to hook customers until it was banned. But its used secretly 

Gonchy D says:

Try this with a guy and do it to guys. I think that since she’s an
attractive girl the guys thought she was just trying to get their numbers,
so they played along. If you have a guy, I think this will be much better!

Amr SubZero says:

01:19 i f f am am

Troll Lol says:

10% of americans take drugs

gordon freeman says:

Lmao that guy at 2:00 yes I know what weed is im from colorado

Diego Daviglus says:

Lol lol polo yolo ebolo tranqolo frodo yodo

SwagCunt420 says:

I thought the first one was gonna take out his badge and cuff you up lol

carleb leveille says:

The first two guys were smart to ask does qustion

FinsterAlarm Pur says:


FanBleach9 says:

Uh, the black guy looked directly at the camera 2:02

Raymundo Ramos says:

What would really make this a good prank would be if she went to the hood
and did it there 

Keep Fighting says:

only reason they took your number is because your hot!!!

Bishoy Girgis says:

3:08 he stares into the soul of the camera. 

33mohmmed says:

1:40 character locked LOL!! 

Mo Idris says:

“Ahh illegal schmegal” LMAO

Moemen Quzaih says:

In love with her accent

IAmNoohb says:


happypaingwin says:

Illeagal shame gal xD 

Daniel Moran says:

Subtítulos? Please

Oliver Rice says:

Illegal Shmegal

KHLov3r says:

its funny cuz theyre actually interested XD

Szymon Primar says:


Ali Bassirou says:


konohahurricane07 says:

3:16 guy on the right is a crack head

Голубь Добрый says:


FinsterAlarm Pur says:


Haroon Khan says:

4 commant

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