Elders React to Ghost Elevator Prank

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This episode featured the following video:
Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil
This episode featured the following cast members:
Yehuda, our father!
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Music by: Cormac Bluestone

ELDERS REACT #8 – Ghost Elevator Prank
Elders React to Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil

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krissa reeves-baker says:

Rock is AWSOME love his react

TheFineBros says:

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You’re the best!
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Mack Black says:

I would have accidentally punched the girl.

I did that to my brother once, when he startled me.

Thiago Castro says:


André Domingues says:

I am brazilian… THIS WAS SO FUN! IT WAS ON TV!

Chloé Cortez says:


TheElisios says:

Rock is AWSOME, this guy is amazing.

Giulia Prates says:

Brasil reinando, Silvio Santos ahazzando <3 

Raylee Kinolin says:

I would have cried and cried and cried. Then I would have shriveled into a
raisin… because I cried so much.
I have a low tolerance for fear ^-^

Nikolas De Giorgis says:

I watched this many times.. I still get scared at 3:19 XD

lukus black says:

Love the guy in the white shirt. He’d be a blast to hang out with.

Hyeyoung Choo says:

I would have punched and kicked the girl right away

João Victor Moraes says:

O Silvio santos rindo no fundo auehauehuaheuaheuahaeu

TopGunPaintballer says:

Are they saying “can and camera?”
4:55 the guy is saying “I never saw can and camera as….”
What is can and camera?

Guilherme Miranda says:

Olha o aviãozinho!

Kiran Mahato says:

I would have definitely died if I was in that elevator! 

Matt LePage says:

The. Girl in a gown fear thing is due to the most potentially scary things
of all, naiveness and innocence

Robson Goedert says:

silvio santos show i see this on brazil 

LuigiMario luigi says:

Classic, always will be

Austin Peewwaarss says:


Madlyn Rodriguez says:

I love those pranks

IanPop says:

3:16 Scared the heck outa me o.o

Gwendolyn Vallée says:

Youtubers/Elders react to “Just for Laughs.”

alena houston says:

+Fine Bros. can you make youtubers react to mom whooping daughter for doing
the pass out challenge

Mooper Veltresleex says:

I would get one of those lighting tools on a stick and smack the girl on
her head if that happened to me in the studio.

ANIME!!! says:

this is what would’ve happened to me.
Little girl: *screams*
Me: *blinks and screams back with a straight face*

Joseph KIrby says:

Scary. Idk if I would freak out and attack the child, or sh*t my pants.

Christian Thomassen says:

Elders react to coffin elevator prank

katyswift1233 says:

Sorry I found this SO FUNNY!!!!!!!

jordan79er says:

I love how the guy that said he has a heart condition is the most animated
full of life. :)

Traci Nyman says:

Elders react to killer clown prank

Anto Campos says:

Elders react to Stan by Eminem


Brasi! Programa do Silvio Santos 

Caleb Barker says:

i want that irish yoga tshirt

Angie Morris says:

Holy moly

karucaruso says:

Yehuda is so dark, I love him hahaha

Frost Line Wolf says:

This was amazing! Absolutely loved it.

Jazmin Reinoso says:

I’m from Argentina and I love this video is so funny!!!!! :)

Alexander Castro-Vera says:

I would have screamed like a little baby. I am not ashamed to admit it.

Gerardo Quintero says:

Elders react to Scott sterling 


Irish Yoga dude you have some crazy shirts!

Rose Taylor says:

Elders react to Nerd Cubed! :D

Phoenix Firebird says:

FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alexis Stringer says:

OMG that is so creepy that prank OMG XD

Taylor Pollock says:

kids are cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Douglas Henrique says:

elders react to slipknot

Jacinto Resendiz says:

Mortal kombat elevator prank!!!!!

Miles Baughn says:

I’m gonna watch fousyTUBE 

ocean blue says:

want them to react chainsaw pranks

Devon Benny says:

Have them react to grav3yardgirl

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