Extreme Sitting On People Prank! (GIRLS EDITION)

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OckTV says:

Like for more awesome pranks ! PLEASE don’t forget to share. LOVE YOU ALL

Sean C says:

Last guy was hilarious, he was like “Excuse me miss?” and then he thought,
Oh damn she got a nice ass, let me get a little bit of it, I mean she
basically askin fo’ it.

SuperCer054 says:

The last dude is a dumbass he could’ve gave her Ebola

محمد الشمري says:

You Americans and Europeans claim that you are civilized and nice people
and what i have seen and read in the comments is aggressive and lacking
tolerance , and still accuse others for being terrorist while the fact is
you are the terrorist and have indivedualistic and materialistic societies
ruled by dectators that manipulate you through the media

Christina T. says:

LMAO! Who fucking does that??!!!!! That dude just straight dry humped
her!!! LMFAO!!!

J Mo says:

That was smart he dry humped her 2 c how the ass would feel wen he realized
she was flat && it’e b like nail in cardboard he threw her ass as if he had
no use 4 her lls

Chille Moss says:

Ewww, that last dude was a creep

shojaei8 says:

what the hell was the last guy thinking ? :D

CaptainKronkers says:

If a guy did this there would be a different outcome. Any unwanted touch is
sexual harassment and if any random bitch did this to me, I wouldn’t stand
for it.

Sally May says:


brotos says:

I see people writing “This isn’t the type of prank a girl should be doing”.
What is a type of prank a girl should be doing?

Sounds pretty sexist to me.

Andrea Sanchez says:

This is an extremely rude and harassing thing to do, and dont get mad when
something happens like at the ending of the video. They are so many pervs
out there and you guys are just challenging them. 

TheTwistedGrizzly says:

02:46 ” Ohh god you craaazy” You serious? you lucky he didn’t put his hand
up your skirt while you was sitting on him, stop being a hoe and not expect
the same return. 

Jesus Was Black says:

Last guy knows how to establish dominance. Don’t know why the bitch got
mad, she was asking for it.

Son Gohan says:

Couldn’t care if she’s hot, get the fuck off

Pr0Fifa10 says:

That last guy was smart. Bring dat ass over here gurl

EJSFilms2K says:

i wouldnt mind that girl sitting on my lap. lol

Yamato uchiha says:


Kwon Kee says:

I feel bad for the fat guy at 2:24, he couldn’t get up even If he wanted
to! lol

Rahim Zidane says:

i swear by my life if she set on my dick i will rape her right there in
public if she say anything i will tell her what i
i swear by my life if she set on my dick i will rape her right there in
public if she say anything i will tell her what i

Erza Scarlet エルザ・スカーレット says:

That last guy… o.o

KnuxTube says:

That last guy should be run over. With a helicopter. Equipped with

Panda monkey says:

if a guy sat on my lap, i’d dry hump him too.
cuz he was just asking for it.

Tania Reza says:

2:04 she shouldn’t have sat on the guy, just got him in trouble, that’s not

Slime squishtwo says:

What the fuck is wrong with the last guy?

DeVstatrOmga . says:

Me: Ma’am?
Girl: Yes?
Me: If you’re going to sit on me, *my face is up here.*

DruMeister says:

i would immediately just fucking rape the shit out of her.

Justyn Silverman says:

U sit on a girls boy what the fuck that’s messed up he probably loved that
girl n now she hates him fucking bitch 

Chad Warren says:

Kids… listen. What you think is funny is actually you being insane.
Just because 50 bajillion people think this is funny does not make it so.
You’ve actually lost the ability to think for yourself because of the mind
control techniques used in media and education which only enables you to
pick a leader and follow it. Notice the older people you mess with, don’t
get mad nor do they laugh much when you reveal they’ve been pranked, they
just feel sorry for you. I don’t want you to feel bad. Just think for
yourself. The way a joke works is you do a bait and switch. They think
they are going to get A but you give them B, only B makes sense too and the
brain in that moment is able to see both possibilities as correct and the
conflict causes a laugh which is the bodies way of dealing with this stress
between feeling it is in a relaxed environment vs. a stressful environment
which are two different body systems – the sympathetic vs. parasympathetic
nervous systems. So, actually the joke is on you only you aren’t able to
discern this. You’reacting silly instead of funny – I have a 5 year old
son so I explain this to him – your parents and the media did you wrong.
You can try to follow my suggestion and see if it works any better for you
or you could continue to increase the view count of youtube videos that
signal that the human race should be exterminated for lack of purpose.
Your choice. Have fun. : )

nilegreen87 says:

Everyone saying she broke up a couple, did you not see the guy just sit
there and let her sit on his lap, he could have been like get off me or
what are you doing, he was an idiot 

nezerac says:

Ya the last dude was part of it. No one noticed the multiple angles? Not
only that who would stand up to dry hump a girl? Just sit her on your
balls. lol

Art by Atlas says:

1:57 I think she just broke some people up.

TheShadowWarriors9001 says:

I feel so sorry for that guy that the girl left him while that prankster
girl sat on him.

Mohamed Almubarak says:

Poor those couple, see what your actions can cause? naive people of USA.

Andres Morales says:

02:41 *oh damn, she got a nice ass!!* jajjja

paulpierce9191 says:

Anyone sticking up for the last guy and saying “oh you’re lucky he didn’t
reach his hand up your skirt hoe” is a rapist themselves lol. How do you
even think like that? The last dude is a fucking creeper for doing what he
did and that’s the bottom line. I would just laugh if this girl sat on me
and know it’s a prank

Shahm Shaar says:

That girl has balls! And that last guy owned her

Mikael Chabo says:

If i were there and saw the last guy doing that. I would fucking beat him
even if im 12 years old. Motherfucker.

Troy Pensuk says:

1:57 you went way far girl and you smile you just a guy dumped good job 

TheJangoLegacy says:

Ok, the one with the guy and his girlfriend was kind if messed up. She
didn’t even try explaining herself, she just say and laughed

DESoccer1 says:

this pretty funny and everything, but if u just saw a couple and purposely
sat on the boys lap, that would be extremely fucked up. i would of just
smacked the shit out of that girl if she ever did that to me.

elizabeth arroyo says:

The end was so funny. You know it was.

Crewster EX says:

Your a bunch of fuck tards and should die in a fire. lol jks its a
prank!!!! YOU FELL FOR IT!! #analfissures

Roblox Player says:

That last man is a huge PERV! I hope his penis get chopped up, fried, and
fed to him.

peligro20 says:

fucking chimpanzee at the end

Charles Gallegos says:

The last guy really went too far in my opinion. Like seriously. Wtf. He
shouldve just let her go. Her face was like what the hell before he did
that. I am no perv either. But I wouldve just started a convo with her
cause im goofy and weird lol. But no dry humping. 

Layla Mariam Maroc says:

Was thinking of doing a prank sorta like the this.. Saw the last video,
changing my mind 0.0 

lori E says:

2:45 asshole 

Brenden Cadiz says:

That last guy was Bob from The Walking Dead

Minja58 says:

2:00 this girl is a QUEEN ! LOL and then 2:08 like a BOSS!

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