Fake Celebrity Prank (Justin Bieber) in Paris|Champs Elysées – Knife Party LRAD (Music Video)

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Fake Star Project in Paris | Champs-Elysées – Knife Party LRAD (Music Video)

DEFI #1 – Se faire passer pour Justin Bieber sur les Champs-Elysées !

Fausse Star : Rayan Ait-Tayeb (https://twitter.com/pxxraoh)
Realisateur : Nelson Velati (http://www.twitter.com/NelsonVelati)
Cadreur 2 : Matteo Martino (http://www.youtube.com/user/MatteoMartinoYT)
Cadreur 3 : Alexandre Mayol
Garde du Corps : Romuald Ecko Jojo
Montage : Matteo Martino, Nelson Velati, Rayan Ait-tayeb

Merci à tous les figurants qui ont joué les “fans” !

Alexandre Mayol
Raphaëlle Martínez
Maureen Pibouin
Pierre-Louis Piel
Benoit Ladan
Manon Letondeur
Mathis Gadalou
Louis Maurier
Nicolas Kervinio
Fanny Vaux
Antoine Wolff
Marianne Segura
Samir Drew
Maxime Richer
Robin Hocquet
Emile Roisin

Qu’est ce que le Fake Star Project ?

Un projet consistant à se faire passer pour une célébrité dans un endroit connu et visité par beaucoup de monde. Avec des faux fans hystériques, un ou plusieurs faux gardes du corps et de faux paparrazis, les gens ne se posent pas de question et devinent tout de suite qu’une star est là. Ajoutez à cela une tenue original, avec dans cette video une tenue qu’a porté Justin Bieber lui-même et voilà comment devenir une star en 10 minutes !

De plus, les gens n’oseront pas venir vous demander qui êtes vous (sauf certains cas comme vous pouvez le voir dans la video..), sûrement de peur de paraitre ridicule ! C’est la pop culture, et cela prouve à quell points les medias sont influents de nos jours.

What is the Fake Star Project ?

A project to impersonate a celebrity in a famous and visited place. With fake hysterical fans, some fakes bodyguards and fake paparrazis, people won’t ask questions and they will guess that a star is here. Add to that original outfit (clothes in this video are exactly the same as Justin Bieber has) and this is how to become a star in 10 minutes!

In addition, people won’t dare to come and ask you who you are (except in certain cases as you can see in the video ..), because they are afraid of appearing ridiculous! This is pop culture, it shows the influence of media nowadays.

Musique : Knife Party LRAD

COPYRIGHT © 2013 Nelson Velati

PS : A la base, on ne comptais pas se faire passer pour Justin Bieber, mais les gens ont tous pensé que c’était lui sur le coup, d’où le titre de la video, je ne lui ressemble pas du tout !

Basically, we didn’t want to impersonate Justin Bieber, but a lot of people thought it was him during the shooting so that’s why we put Justin Bieber in the title, but I admit that I absolutely don’t look like him !


Kaden Simcox says:

They look nothing alike wtf

estacia green says:

he looks nothing like justin

Xx magentastill__lovesU xX says:


Masaio Suaray says:

Omggggg!!!!! Justin bieber fans are so fvcking stupid and annoying!!! Oh
shit my bad you guys are 8-10 year olds you can’t read very well yet, it
clearly say fake so he does not have to look like him

caius julius cesart says:

and here we know the french ar asshooool hhhhh
he dosent look like justin 

Coline Lspagnole says:

Mdr les gens sont copns, ca se voit direct ke c’est pas lui nan ?

Bibi says:

I’m not a fan of Justin Bieber but that’s not him at all

Sushant Mall says:

Now that’s called: Mass Troll :D

glenmann62 says:

The French got to be smarter then that! Maybe not!

bastienreturn says:

I’m french, and they said it’s the brother of justin bieber

Linda Bieber says:


Epic Gamer says:

Pfft do it now, they’ll try killing you for the things he has done.

YouPorn Tube says:

toutes des salopes comment elles crient pour un pd

Mike lamborghini says:

Justin beiber is the gayest person ive ever seen,i wish i could unsee his
gay face from that gay son baby.Fuck justin beiber and his 12 years of age

steff bieber says:

He has a bigger nose… He Dosent look anything like Justin 

davka08 says:

Why there are so many niggers in Paris? I mean France.

john preda says:

i hope justin beiber lived in paris because i want him to get shot by the

baxter baxterfm says:

Justin be like did I go to paris today?

Mauricio Zuñiga Herrea says:

Stayed for the music

Mizz Wicked Official says:

He does not look like justin. that guys chin is too pointy and pale. Justin
has a rounder chin

Gloria Cano says:

Um i guess maybe at a quick look they look alike..but to me nothing alike.

Sandhu Sandhu says:

I m not a fan of Justin Bieber ….. honestly he dosnt look like him

Angelina Yim says:

He does not look like Justin at all

Irwan Ramdita says:

i know this description. but he looks nothing like justin. why people
strongly believe that justin-___- LoL

JACKS says:

les gens sont des P I G E O N S, incroyable !!!!!! Énorme comme les gens
sont aussi malléables que du chewing-gum !

Ali Kara says:

Stupid people

jean-calixte Gros says:

I love how the asians were like wtf 

Jonny Juan says:

at 3.17 its eminem AHAHAHHAHAHAHAH 

Epic Gamer says:

He’s a insult to America, so atleast I would try to kill him

Stefan Fifa says:

stupid girls

Sashi Rai says:

Omg he don’t look like Justin but other people can’t recognize him. Funny
people love there in Paris..lol

Jayson Ballon says:

He doesn’t even look like Justin, nobody noticed that on street.

steff bieber says:

Fake beliebers tho hahah

Bianca Sorrenti says:

I guess people don’t know what Bieber actually looks like…

Tommy Sands says:

stupid french

ThatGreenDayFanPiat says:

Just because he has a cap, glasses, hoodie and those shoes justin bieber
always wears suddenly makes him justin bieber. They look nothing alike

Alan N. says:

people are stupid af lol dumb sheeps.

kakali71 says:

Not a Justin Bieber fan but saw directly that it was not Him must be a
retad if you belivede IT

babypink912 says:

that doesn’t look like Justin Bieber at all. All these JB pranks the guys
pretending to be him all have big bird noses. Justin does not and that’s
what gives it away.

Cananda TJ says:

hes not look alike at all his looks like a fish lmfao

Toyama Asahi says:

How stupid they r

Max Trax says:


Taco$$guy says:

He does NOT look like beiber..

Damian Benitez says:

”El hermano, no es Justin”. JAJAJAJAJAJAJA

loic b says:


Sidali Tarhi says:

This guy doesn’t like JB, he’s not even close…

Chelsea Football says:


Crystallites Kawaii says:

snapp those jb fans cant even tell the difference from the real deal to a
phony dayumm feel to sad for them omg they failllll haha too funny

Selly Keyra-Kess says:

il ressemble pas a justin bieber

Julien B says:

Sum up : you just have to dress like shit and walking with your homie on
Champs Elysées to have attention from crazy fans

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