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I pretended to be a famous celebrity in the streets of Newcastle with a fake Body Guard and fake Paparazzi. Here are the reactions I got.

This is a video I filmed back in August but I had problems with the clips. Although some of the best ones are gone, I managed to put together this. I hope you enjoy it! Leave a comment on what you thought of the video and stay tuned for a new video coming tomorrow!

Camera man: http://www.youtube.com/FifaNowInHD

PREVIOUS VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJrM60o8zmk
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heyaapl says:

Brilliant Jack! 

Davy - FifaNowInHD says:

Blast from the bast this is! Shame about some of the footage that got lost

jim bob says:

Imagine if xmlad replied to this comment

MrNotThatFamous says:

Omg i wanted to do something like this but have random people shouting
nonsense with a mic in their hands like “Is it true you been feeding your
dog cat food for years?, what ever happened to that hot mixtape you were
suppose to drop in 2014? Is it true you’re dating a back up singer from

overtflow says:

haha awesome

Lord Anxi says:

I think this is a great idea for a prank. i would love to see more of
these, sucks that you don’t have the other footage. All in all, great

TheBoxUnboxed says:

Hey whats the song ??

Karen Yuan says:

This prank would be better if there were more fake paparrapzi and also fake
fans…. and it would be better too if he were wearing different clothes..
like more stylish? XD but this prank was awesome

PartiallyPranking says:

“He’s playing the part of Luke Skywalker in the new Star Wars film”
lmao Jack
Your videos get better and better! :D

Bambi sR says:

Yo man your my favourite prankster on YouTube altogether I also live in
Newcastle aswell

AliciaFilms says:

Hahahaha I loved how people just stared at you! Nice video you should do
this more often

Mr McClean Videos says:

hahaha brilliant, should have wore a snapback, cause most supposed
celebrities do ahha

Dangel Sarmiento says:

01:34 hahahhahahhahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahwhwhhahahaghahhehh,

Sub /Bltzm8 says:

Please do a follow up, but go up to girls and when you ask them for
directions and stuff you’re interrupted by people asking for pictures then
you ask them for their number, will work 100% of the time

CharlieVlogs says:

This is actually jokes, YA dad’s a legend 

Mayd2Preview | Playstation Leader says:

You cant really put the word ‘fake’ in the title :)

Luke Barrymore says:

Genius idea jack, keep up the good content

wr3tched says:

hahahaha my man stopped eating his ice cream to see who it was
it was XMLAD!!! saaaaafe g :)

AnimeA Taym says:

Yup. 1 bodyguard and a cameraguy will fool billions.

Reise m says:

Still one of my fav channels to watch. You need more people on the cameras
to make this have more of a kick. Good video anyway keep up the good work

Yousef Assafiri says:

tell you what ur good at not smiling or laughing you’ll make big pranks one

Zack Briggs says:

What’s the song name? Sounds like a parade of little kids or something.

Mr. White says:

Song name is Till The End by Logic.

TheProfileHD says:

Any hints about the new start wars film?

Kidnem GGOD (Reviews, Games, and Music) says:

lol this was dope but needs more paparazzis 

Emin Saadaoui says:

Is he Australian cause it’s a little too cold to wear t-shirts atm

sAs says:



Mark Law says:

People are dumb as hell

VinnyDahAsian says:

Youre already famous!

Paioquehacegameplays says:

Song name?

ProjectProLunar says:

Absolutely class dude! 

L He says:

can you act more like celebrity.. all i see is a kid walking with his dad.

Dan Birchall says:

Who was the photographer?

PangaMayTV™ says:



Lol what a fail

xMLAD (Public Pranks) says:
Nev says:

LOL part 2 ples m8

Matt Smith says:

awesome video Jack, damn i totally forgot about this,Was great having a
quick chat with you!

Husna M says:

You should do this again as a meetup activity. get your fans to run after
you and stuff

Morris Falker says:

Justiiiiiin Justiiiin !
What if your body guard was distracted by the discount at Wendy’s ?
You’d be walking alone with your head down the entire time :)

Yolo McSwaggins says:


I love you

Stashy l Daily MCSG! says:

LOL! Nice Jack! :D

Sharif Natour says:

alright Jack listen, you’re fucking genius ahhahahaah this one was amazing
! XD

zXsantacusXz says:

Go up to someone in public with a horse/zebra mask on and sniff there ear

IKeyTo ParadiseI says:

Song is Logic – Till the End if any one wonders 

Varian Wrynn says:

This was fucking cringey. Plz dont do this again.

Mr AwesomesaucePancakes says:

Oooh yeh!!! Wearin’ Primark sunglasses 😉 

No Copyrights Gameplays says:


TiDaL LuNaTiC says:

Is that phill mitchall? 

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