Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City

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danuk500 says:

Well I guess this is how Jesus did it. :L

James Baby says:

everybody jumping on that bandwagon like miami heat good job

Blackjax137 says:

All I see is herds of sheep. Good job America.

Harry Barr says:

I’m surprised that none of them looked up if ‘Coby Person’ was a real
person on Google or something.

Shemroy Kellman says:

Why are all the bodyguards black guys? Even though we are admittedly, all
extremely fit and equipped with large genitalia. 

Matt Welgan says:

Wow this just shows how stupid the majority of people really are. Blindly

chadissmexyyeah says:

It would be cool to fool people into thinking I was famous. I would totally
do this.

OTOBIOhazord says:

Fuck Americans for falling for this shit! Fucking bandwagon hoping assholes!

…..oh wait im American……


Alexis Velez says:

Humans are fucking stupid.. Specially little teenage girls making dumshits
famous… This video proves it… All you hear is little girls screaming…
Oh yes and fat tards who are also stupid

Kecoroe says:

I would have googled the dude and if I didn’t recognize him, go about my

Timothy Harper says:

Why did I have to be born in America? Why not France, or Germany, or maybe
even Russia? 

soad2rox says:

Thank you Coby for showing us what everyone should know already, people are

FallingFeather says:


davidforprez says:

Well that’s odd, why would ESPN be following an actor?

jbstrojan says:

This is all editing.

PigaBePwning says:

Who the fuck is koby?

miss susu says:

he looks like jesse from full house a little

Regine Viduya says:


Almantas Vainauskas says:

Look at all those sheeps screaming and fool-waggoning each other 😀
Ridiculous 😀 

Jablíčkový Džusík says:

That woman at 3:40 …. DIED :D

itsageoffrushthing says:

haha, good one!

Nathan Masters says:

Poorly printed magazine covers and ESPN reporter for an actor/singer and
people actually bought this?? 

Matt W says:

this was so stupid. the ONLY ones freaking out were the ones you told to
freak out. haha

farsh cage says:

The youth in this country are the future of America and do I feel bad. lol

roberto rivadeneira says:

Human stupidity at the max level

Dennis Christiansen Jr. says:

Mob mentality at its finest 

Kim Lee says:

nice one

Sharn Elers says:

What a load of shit. Any normal person would have googled him. Flock of

VirtualMark says:

Haha! What dumbasses! OMG a celebrity is coming! They don’t have a
fucking clue who he is, but still gather round. 

Wargroin says:

Just shows how fucking retarded everyone is. I don’t want to live on the
same planet as these idiots.

1Directioner4Ever says:

I LOVE LIVING IN NEW YORK!!!! 😀 😀 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

UkeSugar&DCsharpe says:


Dajoun Love says:

Sheep, All Sheep

Basamaal Ozi says:

Ha ha ha !! How stupid ppl r? 

Linda O says:

only in america hahahahaha

Luis Tejada says:

this is horse shit!

zSnorts says:

Man, i cant believe they actually got to see Coby Persin in person

dj1dj0 says:

this is how media works explained 

ixCONTA GiOUZxi says:

My white nigga played all dey life’s

Randy Ramnarine says:

Too real I live in NYC too! Lml

Sly Impact says:

this makes me fucking hate some Americans…i literally had to spit in
disgust at how bad it is.

Luke Allen says:

I should do this crap

The muslim soldier says:

ahahaha its funny how the time on the live news doesnt change XD

swagaa don says:

song at 0:27 please reply youre the best if you do

Carlos claro says:

I wonder how dumb people felt after they posted a picture of Colby and them
on Twitter, tweeting that they took a picture with a famous celeb.


instead of “espn” it could be “fox news” so it could complete a small
sample of America

Aaron Verduzco says:

Lol the time was always 2:31 on the live news looking thing

Donetta Lowe says:

That was way too easy to make that random guy famious lol. Its amazing how
gullible people r.

Subaru ForesterXT says:

just shows you how stupid the general population is, sheep, easily fooled

Diego Chirico says:

this is sad

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