Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City

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speedlearner says:

And that’s data processing freak.

J Kang says:

Im sure an average person can save $500 If u have 500 u could get
bodyguards and a camera crew Too me u just sound jelous Haha U mad cause a
nobody like him got more views than u? Haha jelousy

Kristin Kitty says:

Jealous much? Haha math freak!

Kristin Kitty says:

You could always just ask ur friends to act like your body guard retard and
jealously is a terrible thing mr I’m popular only 14 views

speedlearner says:

I’m not the least bit jealous. And when over a thousand people know who you
are, then talk to me. I’m sure your views on who is a celebrity will change

Willy wonka says:

Effort on this. So to sum it up in two words YOU’RE JEALOUS oh and also the
example you used was terrible thank you for time please read the comments
in order and i hope I hear a response from you

anniekrul says:

XD uhm, WHAT? you want people to take pictures with you instead of that
guy? it was a prank/experiment, it was SUPOSED to be such a joke, he didnt
say he was famous he just apeared famous wasnt it the purpose of the prank?
to show just how easy it is to become the center of attention?

Willy wonka says:

Dude you’re jealous your not a celebrity you may think your a celebrity but
your nowhere close to being one. Your just jealous that in one video he got
4,000,000+ views and in the 2000+ videos you’ve uploaded you only have
160,000+ views. You think because you have spent and wasted all this time
making these videos that your a ‘celebrity’. The reason that video got so
many views and yours don’t is because of type of video they are. His: an
funny entertaining prank a video most people can watch

Chloe Maynard says:

I am looking at most of your other videos and you only have up to 14 views
on your videos.

Willy wonka says:

And find entertaining and well made. Your videos: mostly about math and
would only be entertaining to a small group of people and aren’t well made.
What you need to do is make you videos more entertaining to a bigger group
of people. More people=more views. Look at a channel called vsause they
mostly talk about science but they do it in such a way that more people
understand and follow what he’s talking. Again more people= more views. I
could go on for hours about this but I don’t want to spend

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