Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City(ModelPrankstersTV)

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EPIC PRANK ON COPS:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mgNWBYg_es
August 4th, 2013 we pulled off what some might say as the biggest prank to ever hit Times Square NYC. This is the video of what took place.With the help of a few Friends who posed as security guards, paparazzi and fake fans, Thousands of people were fooled into thinking Coby was a famous celebrity. Coby dressed up as a typical celebrity would, with a flashy suit(75$ from H&M) and he also brought with him a “Fake Model Girlfriend”. This social experiment makes a profound statement about how modern culture is so attracted to pop culture, without any real credibility needed.
Coby made his entrance in the heart of times square 46 and 8th ave. He rolled up in a black 8 passenger suburban. He had fake GQ magazine covers with his face and name on the cover so it looked like Coby was on the cover of GQ magazine. He also had a fake reporter come and interview the people who were pranked so not only where these people being pranked but they also thought there was a new channel there interviewing the people about this big celebrity named Coby Persin this was a prank inside a prank inside a prank :)`. Comment where you want us to do the next “fake celebrity prank”.
Videographer: Jeffey Lyrics Waters
Videographer: Precious Moments NYC
Videographer: David Castro
Security Guard: Derrick T Lewis
Security Guard Luis Crespo
Security Guard: Chris Mazyck
Security Guard: Rico King
Voiceover: Sidney Alvarez, Fuerte Men
Make Up Artist: Jessica Cury Paint Cosmetics
Fake Celebrity Girlfreind: Doris J Cano
Paparazzi: Ausar Mcgruder
Fake reporter: Lisa Sheremet
All media inquires please email Zipkid99@gmail.com


TheLittlePurpleMoose says:

This is like the perfect plan if you want to commit mass murder! you don’t
even have to go to them, they come to you!. 

ffx178 says:

If people in America believes 911 was real then they can believe anything
LOL!, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

Sir Mittens of The Litter Box says:

6:01 And then Batman showed up and no fucks were given.

HyperSole says:

To be honest, with people screaming “Coby” and ESPN reporting, I would’ve
thought they were talking about Kobe and been there too.

CalebistheDON ™ says:

But dat face at 3:41 xD

Pine Tree says:

if i was anyone of them, i wouldve googled who the fuck coby persin was..
instead of just going nuts over someone who you dont even know.. jajajaja

Tweti85 says:

what a dumbass world we`re living in ! those are flock of sheep not a human
being .
by the way celebrity security guards wear suits .

fAppIicationof SeIf says:

This is actually really insightful about how genuine celebrities are no
less manufactured and designed to keep up distracted and stupid.

Fat Cow says:

He should be a celebroty though
he has looks, body, and well of course acting?

Idk about acting but I mean he convinces people on all these things and the

He should be

J Yo says:

haha i swear i saw batman at 6:07 :/

kawaii queen says:

0:47 omfg there is a naked girl hanging out wth

chilIiRice says:

It’s sad that those who watches 21 jump street don’t even know who Channing
Tatum is and what he looks like.

Jacob Kettler says:

The tall guy at 1:27 :D

Richard R says:

That was good 

curvbyb5qua3 says:

LOL it shows how gullible and dumb some ppl really are. Good job !!

Sibusiso Gumede says:

All that free wifi and these dumb fucks couldn’t google who this guy was.

luis lopez says:

Best prank in new York since 911

TagMehirTzedek says:

LMAO – Dow, Apple. …… Iraq.


This really says a lot about our society.. kind of sad nobody bothered to
actually look the name up 

Toronto 's Own says:

tsk tsk.. stupid shallow Americans

Donovan Nelson says:

New York took a serious L lmao

Helen Drv says:

The power of the crowed 

QazaTV says:

can u cal me I need help with prankin

So Mature Gaming says:

feel sorry for the people that came from london :’)

Rves Stupid says:

0:36 the African-American dude’s face

shamus oreilly says:

Is this supposed to be funny or something

kim MILLER says:


Vivien.T says:

2:31 at least he’s honest

Levi Wind says:

oh my gosh…I felt so awkward and embarrassed watching this. lol

Ubah Ahmed says:

They didnt even know Who He Was!!!! LMFAO I CANT BREATH This Is Hilarious

XxxMisterCesarxxX says:

What is the name of the song at the beginning????

dmoneyas24 says:

What reporter reports with a purse over her shoulder? Dead giveaway 

Shaik Junaid says:

Wow they make it look easy to fool a million people lol

Stewie Griffan says:

What is the music called

Evan Andrew says:

6:02 even Batman got fooled!

Diana Carolina says:

Oh Coby Persin! you are soooo HOT!! 

Nick Nemiroff says:

0:36 black dude’s face is priceless :D

XxxMisterCesarxxX says:

What is the name of the song at the beginning????

Sir Mittens of The Litter Box says:

Being shy, introvert and possibly having some GAD, this kinda makes me

Jose Dejesus says:

Lol nice work. You guys did an amazing job.

Steven Cano says:

The girl he’s with in the Yellow is my sister. 

TheeChilledPenguin says:

Dude I want to do this so bad now ahhaha respect to you for pulling it off!

Cookie Oli says:

This is so funny 😀 I would like to see more of those comments and posts ;D

Edgar AguirreVEVO says:

In 4:14 it was a huge fail because on the left it saids 2:15 or something
and it looks like its 4:15

Dee Lux says:

Look at all these sheep, no wonder the gov has them all by the nuts

TheDigitalSmoke says:

This is going overboard. Just the friends / charisma and will
power needed alone to pull off this prank is enough to draw serious chicks.

Phonecases4u Customer Service says:

This is how i feel after buying dodgecoin

Naturesbeauty208 says:

So no one googled him, they just instantly assumed he was so hot shot???

swagaa don says:

Whats the song name at 0:26

lemonezzo98 says:

Hahaha “i’ve seen him on 21 jump street” 

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