Fake Zac Efron Pranks New York City – Fake Celebrity Prank

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Vince Dae says:

Are people blind… he dosent look like him at all… 

Armando Aadoui says:

Get an EMINEM look alike lmfao people will go crazy

Samuel L Jackson says:

Call themselves fans but they can’t tell the difference? what level of
retardation is the world coming to..

CreativeGuy says:

Never understood why people go crazy over another human being.

Umpa Lumpa says:

midget version!

AsKaGangsta says:


Kieran says:

Get a Justin or 1D?

SenpaiG says:

Oh my glob it’s Obama… Oh. Wrong dude.

Nads says:

where is zac efron? all i see is a bunch of black guys

GhostBlade says:

These people are going crazy for what they think is a celebrity and they
have no idea how he even looks? Just the idea of seeing Zac Efron is so
amazing and overwhelming for them that they lose what little logic they
previously had and go bat-shit crazy. The power of suggestion and
brainwashing is a powerful tool. That’s what keeps the masses under

--Raked-- says:

doesnt even look like him

Choppa D says:

Considering my name is Zach, this video really freaks me out

WhatTechShow says:

he looks NOTHING like zac effron.. wtf

GamerXian says:

Was I the only one who thought he looked 25% like zac efron?… I saw a
little bit of resemblance …. not much..

DJayyNoss says:

justin bieber

Stanley Stepien says:

people are stupid

smileymanlol says:

liverpools daniel sturidge at 12 seconds!!!

Pancakes611 says:

niggers are so violent and mean

iEmptyMelodies says:

This is why I have trust issues.. lol

zac morris says:

Im so horny right now 

Beatriz Cordero says:

This makes me wanna cry these people are so happy and its not actually him

Yamaguchi Kimura says:

The Spider-Man in the beginning of the video was arrested today for
punishing cop

AL3XMW3 says:

Lol. Those people who took photos with him probably put them on Instagram
or Facebook. Not knowing it’s not him. Hahaaa. 

lund says:

Eminem prank!!!

Momo Wayne says:

justin bieber

SoxXxOwnsU says:

Wait when did they film this? it hasnt been cold in NY in months, why was
everyone wearing jackets?

PositiveWords says:

Justin Bieber 

toodamnfob says:

it must be fucking cold for “Zac” right

Naseeha Amrika says:

Zac Efron must be pissed right now.

Airbus Nasa says:

Why does people react like that when there see some celebrities ?! I’m not
jealous or something like that but actor is a job like the others !

Ethan Drake says:

Lil Wayne. Because he’s dead 😛
Or Drake/Eminem/5SOS/1D/Skrillex. Somebody. Aha. I love these.

Frank Mclovin says:

Do eddie murphy 

Kazuholiveing says:

he doesnt even lift


what a wannabe, he’s just a fag with a big head & caterpillar eyebrows..

skreet says:

When people asked me for an autograph I’d write the craziest things in
their stuff

sipuli27 says:

Americans have the IQ of a turtle..

nuevo says:

mad props to you

Sash Wei says:

Gullible, he looks nothing like zac efron.

Imogen Campbell says:

These girls call themselves real fans? I’m not a fan but even I noticed it
wasn’t him aha

Jose Sanchez says:

Justin beiber look alike xD haha I wanna see the reaction

Sunny Davies says:

i would take a photo of a celebrity in public let alone fucking wait and
scream for one 

jose perdido says:

Awesome kirby remix!! Where can I download or hear it, that song
completely?? Thanks!

Terry McJimpsey says:

Haha. Everybody’s saying that ‘it doesn’t look like them when the majority
would fall for it in real life. 

FIFA Fanatic says:

dumb people shouting “Zac!” like he’d turn around and go “hey you know my
name here’s my number!”

BoxxyFan says:

This guy is way too short to be Zac Efron! He looks like a little boy hah!

zytho says:

justin beiber and turn around and tell every one is a prank and see the

twany3 says:

I am Suck Apron and I’m warning you JinkiesTv to not do this again or I
will fucking hunt you and kill you with my bare ass

miguel rios says:

this was filmed a while ago, what took you so long?

TeamElementalDestiny says:

kinda short to be sac efron 

Blink 182lover says:

Have those people got cataract problems? 

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