Fast Five (2011) Bloopers Gag Reel

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Fast Five (2011) Bloopers Gag Reel

Dominic Toretto and his crew of street racers plan a massive heist to buy their freedom while in the sights of a powerful Brazilian drug lord and a dangerous federal agent.

Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller
Cast: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson
Studio: Universal Pictures

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conchudo12345 says:

It’s a green screen with blue pluses!

mr angelo says:

i replayed 1:37 over and over and over again

Gypsy Kid says:

i remember when Paul Walker died in 2013 and fast and furious was on tv and
i was watching it then the movie was over i went upstairs and the news was
on and i saw that paul walker died i honestly felt so fucking sad i was
crying a little my heart felt like it stopped and whenever i think of paul
walker or see him in films i feel fucking sad and i get this burning
feeling in my body and its honestly the sadess thing ever i wish paul
walker was here i didint deserve to die all cause of roger rodus going to
fast RIP 

Deena Sanders says:

”Look at that sh*t would you, that’s a green screen with blue pluses,
freakin awesome”’

Andra Utd says:

Look at that shit… Would you…??
That’s a green with blue pluses…

C1rcu1tBr34k3r says:

You can clearly see that Tyrese and Paul were very close.

Barack Obama says:

Gisele: “So, What about you? ”
Han: “All the people I’m around, defines who I am”.

Same thing Han said to Sean in Tokyo Drift :DD

KoolYellowKid says:

RIP Paul wlaker

Dwayne Johnson says:

Those guys really wanted to touch my dick…
fuckin Jabronis

NepiixProject says:


Alex C. says:

“Bitch if you don’t get — no, you gonna keep trying. Don’t look at me.”

Rat Rod says:

The rock is awsome !Again 

ShadowMKII says:

The clip at 2:43 is awesome, lol.

Kasey Luce says:

1:37, I had to replay that a couple of times.

Randall Oxley says:

I know we weren’t friends and I was just watching his movies. This guy
meant a lot to me. He was one cool ass sonnova bitch.

Henry Brooke says:

1:28 Is Dwayne been serious?!?!?

andreaJOy Mra says:


Rowdee Munkee says:

Rip Paul Walker

lovelywaz says:

1:26 That makeup guy wants The People’s Strudel ;)

Sarita Castillo Zapater says:

el del minuto 2:25 es don omar?

Cho Jae Sung says:

0:55 From the look on their faces, you could tell that was take 84345734362
and they were trying their hardest to keep it cool xD.

Shalise Shaw says:

You should’ve lived Paul Walker. You were the actor!

Rex Tyler says:

This is donkey porn I dont wanna see this….XD

tiosopaman says:

Holy shit a ghost!

CocainInYourVein says:

See Paul Wlker smile
makes me cry…

KillaJGGaming says:

3:15 fuckin funny ”
“aww shit” 

xXxJokerManxXx says:

3:52 the REAL fast five xD

naddia navarrette says:

1:45 haha

Joy&All says:

0:42 Tyrese singing that “getting some head” song haha

Adrian Rich says:

Anyone know what Tyrese says at 1:44 ?? Whatever it was it made him and
Paul crack up lol

KyroCastle Tron says:

Is that mike Chang at the end?

MrAnimenerd93 says:

Ooh, Rock was ready to deck him in the face

jassboom says:

Earn that paycheck, Tyrese!

Faia Tudor says:

The way hahn looked at giselle

Janne Lissette Pincay Sangines says:

I uploaded a video of Dwayne Johnson veanlo and leave your comments and
suscribe I will, I will upload more videos. Hope you like

Norivic Garcia says:

Damn! @3:15…”And that my friends! Is gonna leave a Mark”

Ox7ProTotyPe says:

RIP Paul 

georgiosbgl says:


Ralph Mateo says:

3:05 hilarious!

Prakhar Singh says:

Man i will miss paul walker whenever i will watch an of the fast and
furious movies. :(

naddia navarrette says:

3:18 haha

Yo 85 says:

Lol “That’s a green screen with blue pluses”. R.I.P Paul walker

Hitman says:


Kevin P says:

Haha Asian driver runs into the telephone booth at 3:46

Iman Najmi says:

He s dead

Marie Catherine Serrano says:

aww Paul’s bloopers always make me laugh even when I know he’s gone :'(

Jithender K says:

3:20 funny rock

77boondocksaint says:


MeBeCreepy says:

aaaaaaaaah itchy nose, itchy balls they f*cking suck

sunik iranec says:

We missed Paul walker

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