Flaming Deodorant Prank | Homemade Flamethrower

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NOPE! This dude wins the award for Worst Friend of the Year. Can’t believe he lit his buddy’s armpit on fire.
Original Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PLyHRoDhVc
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ThisIsUniverse says:

Stupid Prank. Typical Russia. Russiacardo

Steven W says:

Press 4 for sick dance moves.

Chris The Cider Guy says:

So he’s just staring at his topless friend? Perfectly normal behaviour. 

In search of awesome says:

Now its funny, The guy was talking in other language, but when his friend
ignites the deo, he quickly speaks English. Fuck.Fuck. English is easy.

In search of awesome says:

Watch the original video. The image of the armpit is too funny. Ricardo
could have shown it.

Mateusz Borys says:


Přemysl Vaculík says:

Brutální vtípek

CustomGrow420 says:

Ricardo check your email and hit me back! 

gramy122 says:

Polska. Mój kraj taki piękny :3

Joseph Pacetti says:

First comment such an honor 

beast 300 says:


Joe Conti says:

What a stupid thing to do to a friend.

MazdaBass971 says:

That wall color! x_x

Theodore McKnifington says:

Well, nobody likes razor burn, this is more effective.

Marth says:

True friendship is defined by setting them on fire.

Lou McGopher says:

How did the prankster open his mouth that wide? Is he a monster?

DeShawn jones says:

Who uses spray as deodorant lol

TheSwampHumanoid says:

Bomb in your armpit…. Sounds real fun as a joke.

Hetoan2 says:

Russians don’t give a shit about life, their leader always wants to use
nuclear weapons, they walk on roofs and do stupid selfies snd back flips.
So yeah I am sure they have no souls.

J-A says:

That made me laugh. :)

Batteriii says:

This is the most genius prank ive seen this year!!

KluzkaPL says:

Its POLAND, pozdro dla polaków 🙂 

SoniXeN says:


NoNo DaEnie says:

Staged and almost a shit happens!

TheCoolStuffHD says:

Set your friends on fire. All the cool kids are doing it.

Aliens Frag says:

First comment! sorry i look stupid with that comment…

Max Thomas says:

Only way this is funnier is if it would have been his girlfriend going the

CustomGrow420 says:


rich520 says:

Um… Flaming pits?

anguy11 says:

that person deserved it because he used axe

Daniel Selk says:

Funny…but WHY would you do that? XD

Rafał D says:

Polska ;D

Marvcohen says:

Two guys watching each get dressed and put on deodorant

Kinda gives a whole new meaning to FLAME ON !!!!!!!!!

DeathTripp1355 says:

i remember doing that in highschool

Earth Smell says:

Poor man, depilation 

Miłosz Miechowiecki says:

Jaki miło słyszeć polski język :3

boksaboki says:

More like Flaming Deodorant Sketch

Diaz says:

its fake/setup

DooMERful says:

Would have been funny if he burned his FACE!!!!!!

Cow Norris says:

No comment.

jesus christgau says:

and then they made out … … … with each other’s dicks and buttholes.

Oskar Niekrasz says:

Poland ! 😀 <3

Don Quixote says:

you bunch of pussies, did he died? He’s still alive. Fucking feminized
retards, i bet no one of you was in the army

HajsujePL says:

Kto z polski?

Kai ter Horst says:


Mateusz Bielak says:
Xx_NoScOpEr_xX un says:

Polish video 😀 !

Fabian Żłobicki says:

Polska !!! XD

wd says:

No i fajnie.

Janek Więcowski says:


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