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Josh Huffman says:

jesse would of beat him up

kawaiikrystal12 says:


jasminetorres189 says:

Ughh I wishh they didn’t holdd jessie backk ..

aaronlukekovilpillai says:

Whats with the video thumnail?

Juan Torres says:

he actually kissed her ;o

PPHetherzzPP says:

It would’ve been better if the dance instructor was gay

Hannah Brown says:

That guys a butt for doing that to Jesse . Team Jesse SAANN

amayaboss13 says:

One of these days Jeana is going to make a sextape and when Jesse finds out she is going to say its a prank

Charlotte Manu says:

jesse should have hulk smashed him and say it was a prank lol don’t think that kiss was meant to happen like that though lol

Natalie Thomas says:

Thanks for calling me a dumbass and replying to my comment in all capital letters, but sadly you are the dumbass here. You clearly didn’t understand my comment. What I meant was she still kissed and humped the other guy, even though it was a “prank”

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