Friday the 13th Beach Scare Prank !! funny pranks – funny videos

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TwinzTV says:

If you guys wanna see my dog dozer in more videos comment below with some
ideas you may have and ill pick one!!

Conkers Squirrel says:

lol that last guy

Truggins says:

These guys are the best.

kTV says:

Do shitting on people in the bathroom girls edition!!!!

maria510flores says:

Why does the big black dude sound like a bitch

Pride says:

Los negros son los primeros en quejarse del racismo pero también son los
primeros en usar los puños.

TwinzTV says:

Friday the 13th Beach Scare Prank!!!
I hope you guys enjoyed this video it was very tough to film! haha don’t
forget to hit the like button and share!! also follow us on instagram and
twitter @TwinzTV

Fangflyer Yum says:

Pretend to kill Dozer, but the joke is, you actually kill him. 

Jose Cervantes says:

Great video guys keep it up!!

Vailskibum94 says:

That dog though.


so funny. the yellow shirt guy was pissed & scared. 

richardhalo says:

ZzzzZzzzzz zzzzzzz…

Reventon109 says:

I love how they chase people off after they complain

jay s says:

Good funny prank Lol, that dog seems really Cool, is that a English

Vladimir Eugene says:

The black dude reminds me of Franklin and the beach reminds me of los

revive. says:

wouldve sucked if someone dropped ur phone in the sand

Lewis Ireland says:

Loud orgasms in the bathroom!!

DarkShadow859 says:

Perfect execution great original idea, keep up the quality vids!

SillyLion says:

“Just don’t come near me” *Proceeds to chase* Lmao!

E3guyy says:

Almost 200k subscribers. Congrats guys

John Siew says:

The Last guy lmao

Captain Flame says:

Been expecting this…

Timmy Depasquale says:

Haha this was funny as fuck

MonkeyDnatsu says:

very original and funny lol

Val Chip says:

What kind of dog was that? Someone answer :)

Temisan Popo says:

hilarious great stuff!

Wer BinIch says:

best reaction at the end, keep it up 

andreww2111 says:

It’s about time you guys made a decent video

Tony H says:

I know that Tony is on steroids. A lot of signs show it 😉 

Comrade Russian says:

Ахахаха,очень смешно ребята!

Mr.DannyBoy 25 says:

This was really funny and creative keep it up man you just earned a
subscriber :)

WeisHama Hama says:

Just goes to show that white people are spineless cowards and black people
actually stand up for themselves but people take that as them acting like
wild animals. 

Perry PartyPiggy says:

So hard to find original pranks like this one these days

Slavisa Merdanovic says:

You should’ve pranked the guy with the dog so the one who is taking the
picture runs and steals his phone

Chrisaaad says:

Hahaha that last guy was so scared. Then he got pissed cut he felt like a
little bitch 

greenday1347 says:

Last guy!! 

Edgar Avendano says:

Why are white people so scared about this things? Lol.
(Not being racist)

Kiernan Moodley says:

That guy in the yellow towards the end though lmao

Marco Cardona says:

Awesome stuff, it seems Tony got cut off at the end. Sorry bro maybe next

Arthur Sperotto says:

1:41 HOLY SH*T WE HAVE FOUND FRANKLIN!!! From GTAV! He’s got the tattoo’s
and all

Young D says:

5th like sweg

Julien lozano says:

You gotta give me your guys workout routine man nice gains .

Arturo Tapia says:

You Guys Should do sex noises in the library

GhostTOWN says:

That dog is so freakin cool

misterNobody :} says:

That last guy was tripping XD

Oscar Ramirez(; says:

LMFAO the whole time haha 

salociner says:

dress your dog up like a spider

Charles Rhodes says:

you scared the phuck out lol

Iron Bug says:

1:21 what a beta pussy

Prank Tube says:

Awesome video guys! :)

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