Friday The 13th Beach Scare Prank – Top Pranks 2015 – Funny Videos

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justin ferreira says:

You know who is the most beautiful person in the world? Look at the first

Sander Nordgård says:

The nig fights back, lol

Arrogant Cortez says:

There’s beaches were you would have been shot.

Daniel Mckenna says:

First prank it’s h20 delirious

MrArmokir says:

1:50 Yeah, fuck you, nobody gives a shit! XD you look like a douche anyway,
get cut off!

TrollarchOffice says:
LolU Mad says:

This channel gave me aids

TheMrSmoothCriminal says:

SoFloComedy be like (gone sexual)

Connor Finlay says:

What if someone pulls out a fun and just shoots him 

Logan Stewart says:

At the end, guy on the left looks like Franklin from GTA V, am I right?

PleuraDispensor says:

rip in peace trollarch

Deflecto3 says:

Hahaha nice cut off at the end.

legendary gaming says:


wilfrid fred says:

I heard The Guy in yellow shirt,Said help me,just when He falled start

WalkingDead Slayr says:

That was amazing!

TheBazingers says:

This is retarded

digimaxol says:

This was so funnySO FUCKING FUUUUUUUNNNNNYYYYY HAHAHAHA I’m being sarcastic
as you can tell

wh473v5cast says:

That’s a big ass dog. I bet it makes monster shits. 

TheGamingThing says:

World ps cutest dog ever!

sebastian sunde says:

Outro song?

SprintingSheep says:

The colored guy wasn’t having it.

luke rice says:

Sexy dog

Jordan christopher says:

stop posting complete shit

Slug Slugster says:

Nice dog – nice prank

marcus s says:


Crimsin YT says:

This channel is beyond fucked xD

Adrian Gutierrez says:

I like the dog

Gildardo Bravo says:


Rob3rt961 says:


LORDZKING - Clash Of Clans says:


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