Friday The 13th Beach Scare Prank – Top Pranks 2015 – Funny Videos

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MrHairyBrit - Funny News & Ranty Vlogs says:

Happy Valentines Day everyone….

Who wants some #CLOWNPORN?

or cake?

Death byRuRu says:

Alright, but it could have been leaps and bounds better with a bigger Jason
and instead of running after them, a fast lumbering walk would have been
scarier. Jason never runs.

Jason Hubbs says:

Have someone buried in the sand up to the head and have someone let a pit
bull loose around him lmao

thewoggin says:

Chop from gta

FudgePlays says:

I do *Omegle Trolling Videos* give me a chance ? <3

Syndication Duo says:

That guy in yellow was freakin hilarious.

Korupted Nation says:

Im just finished watching all the friday the 13th movies ahah

Marie Narvaez says:

Yay first to like and comment

DeeCeeCover s says:

Oh damn first

Leigh Brain says:

25th like

luis delrosario says:

hate you

Seth Bentley says:


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