Friday The 13th Scare Prank

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After the high demand to do this prank again we set out to get the best reactions we could. It took us three weeks to film these reactions. Most people just laughed at us and carried about their day. This was all filmed in Rhode Island.

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M.S.K. says:

I don’t give a crap if your whole fandom rips me to shreds in the comments
(which they will, like all Youtube sheep), but it has to be said: pranks in
which you make people fear for their lives are NOT funny. Matter of fact,
the fact that you guys have not been arrested yet for those is beyond me.

Go ahead, call me soft, fag, pussy, or whatever your worst is. The day your
life will be endangered by a fucking psycho (who’s not pranking for YT)
will probably change your minds.

Til then, do your worst, fandumb! Time for your nasty comments. You know
you wanna.

Sealkid6 says:

That first guy just left his girl?!??

Mzshondagirl says:

So I’m i the only one that would have broken up with that first guy?

Nervnicht says:

And again a fucktard who goes too far with his “pranks”.

Rob Orton says:

Love the guy in first prank just runs away and his gf falls in lol.


I am offended… my sister was killed by jason back in 1983… this is so
fucking offensive.. i am crying right now… 

Vaas Montenegro says:

That guy abandoned his girlfriend. What a fucking piece of shit.

D. Van Nostrand says:

Raising a machete to someone right in front of their face to scare the shit
out of them, and FOR PROFIT. MURIKA.

Jiuling Li says:

That is so overboard. Do people know limits to their prank? I would
probably fight for my life if I see something like that. When you come to
me saying “it’s a prank”, it’s not gonna cut it.

Maverick Moin™ says:

people call this prank… scaring the crap out of people in the name of
prank is so pathetic… far far away from being funny…

doooper super says:

i would love this guys to do this same thing with texan rednecks…

Pudding says:

haha lol he thought he would die and flinched hahaha what a bunch of pussys
hahahaa -_-

N. S. says:

Lol at these SJWs saying the prank isn’t funny. Yes, it is. Too many people
take shit way too seriously. Please, for the love of common sense, grow up.

Mikaela L says:

Seriously if I saw Jason, I would literally have a heart-attack!!

WarthDader74 says:

Does anybody actually think that those people were scared for real? Give me
a break, it’s obvious that they are acting.

Jim Talbot says:

So what happens when one these prank victims has a license to carry
concealed and puts a bullet in the pranksters chest because he’s defending

Cory Griffith says:

Someone is really going to get shot doing these scare pranks.

psychobeefsticker says:


Michelle L says:

First guy had a strategical plan. He shoved the girl in the water so he had
a fighting chance to survive. All in seconds. Incredible. 

Dylan Bonello says:

all these comments saying about the first guy just leaving her ….. damn i
would do the same , why would i risk my life for her 

Lukas Kabaciauskas says:

How come the fridat the 13th video has 6 666 702 views…

SW Irish says:

Ong that first one mustve caused a baaaad breakup

Bellicose Aries says:

I feel the day of authentic, non-staged pranks have gone the way of the

Zuberi4 says:

I’m surprise the first guy was able to shove that whale out of the way
before peeling off! 

XenoContact says:

I think an important portion of people watching this would agree they
would’ve shat their pants xD

Alan Watson says:

a wonder they have not gotten a face full of lead yet.

pranks says:

What are you going to be for Halloween?

ProduitAuQuebec says:

just report this video to youtube , click “report”, fucking assholes

owen mckenna says:

every man for himself

Jenna Robles says:

He kept running after she fell LMFAO!! HAHAH

Greysen Gagné says:

This isn’t the proper ” oh shit here comes Jason ” beat. Where’s the Che
che che che.. CHE CHE CHE CHE…?

literally nicole says:

Omg every scare I was just hysterically laughing

george wilson says:

If you walked up to me like that I would shoot you.

Jake Gallagher says:

Haha that first dude said fu dat shit I’m outta hear lmao

Hans Lübeck says:

What if some of the people falling in the water had their phone with them?
You have to pay for a new one 🙂
How smart.

H3lls_Ang3L81 says:

this is not fuckin funny and its defently not a parnk, if this guy sneak on
me i was to pull my side arm and shoot his face with no warning 

Cakraization says:


Luke Slater says:

Have to say I laughed so loud when that white chick fell into the water 

paige Lunsford says:

Do freddy fazbear

Yashilicious4 says:

who ever believe the first couple believes in unicorns!!

Louis Mars says:


CruzVids says:

Wow the first one with the guy. He just left his girlfriend and he pushed
her into the water. Not on purpose I know but still

Anthony Priest says:

So many people with personal problems watching these videos, the world is
moving forward, pranks will get scarier and wars will get fiercer. Deal
with it 

Tomás Gomes says:

Hey it’s Delirious!!! (I hope someone understands)

Emery Clark says:

True love at 2:38 the husband pulls her out of danger and she pushes him
out of harm’s way. True love is still alive and well.

Connor Hudson says:

Your gonna get shot one day

BbcNoWhere says:

The place seems really like Crystal Lake

L manlapat says:

As far as I know, lots of Americans are allowed to carry guns for their
protection…This guy must be really lucky.

Mikael Jakobsson says:

Awsome like allways, hopes for a new halloween pranks next year :)

Tori Chaske says:

the first one is funny because how he would just push her of and leave

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