Funniest Banned Commercials of All Time 2015

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Funniest Banned Commercials of All Time 2015
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ReNiUIT says:

1:15 i remember recently seeing that Planet Fitness commercial..

Brittany Graves says:

Like if you don’t give a shit about Fifty Shades of Grey

Anastasia Couts says:

I think they banned the cougar one because it was too long

DCS__GNS __FTS says:

That blowjob commercial tho! xD priceless

BlackKidWithTheGlasses says:

Budlight Doritos and Trojan commercials are the best

Jonahman45 says:

The cougar and intercom commercials are the best

Chase Ramos says:

7:29 tires is spelled wrong

Major Being says:

Brah ha ha ha.. The cougar one tho.. That one rip my laugh out the most… 

HippyTheIrishmen says:

That cougar one scared the shit out of me, I’m 14 and look about 20 because
I’m 6″1 and have stubble so what happens if I go out to the pub with my
parents? XD

Criss Oko says:

My favorite is the one before the cougar. The bounciness and the urge to do
a motorboat. I just wanna come over there and get some of

lazylank says:

OKAY! WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE SONG AT THE END!?!?! I hear it used on so
many videos, and I really like it, but nobody seems to have the name of it.

juho aalto says:

8:30 that is the most american thing i have ever seen
you stupid, glorious bastards :D

Calum Byrne says:

Why was the “too light, too heavy” commercial banned?

60134131 says:

i dont get the planet fitness one :/

CJ Voogd says:

I don’t get the one with the guy and the sister and the car… o-o

Ben Vergus says:

0:34 Hahhaha wildroof is glue, isn’t it?

tituswife69101 says:

Cannot have housewives peddling products but it is okay to have voluptuous
young, or not so young, females showing a lot of skin to peddle stuff. It
seems to imply that really ‘hot’ women are too stupid to get a respectable
position, I mean job. 

Arvid R says:

Didnt get the French one, what was it about?

Reptileman110 says:

Was the guy from the Doritos commercial the guy who played as Peter Parker
from the 2002 spider man? it’s at 6:28

Im Lazey says:


Tony Montana says:

That Axe one is retarded, who the hell would want to have blacks as their

Battlefront Productions says:

The Bud Light commercials were absolutely hilarious.

– Kyle

Creepermcaliens says:

8:05 I saw this commercial just 2 days ago lol

legasiguy says:

A lot of the commercials are pretty tame. Some of them would have been
classics! Toot there’s prudish censors and tv executes who are still in the

tammy strong says:

wait why was the lats one banned?

Mackaber Witckin says:

Delfy’s ending song!

Andy Kochanowski says:

1:45 Weird cover of Too Drunk To Fuck by the Dead Kennedys….. who’s it

mideo cat says:

I don’t het the one at 6:20

rockysikander says:


William Sidney-Roberts says:

Why was the second one band

darqjade says:

The Doritos one with the jogger and the guy on the bench made me laugh out
loud :)

Don Ashendorf says:

“Banned commercials” Yep, mhm. See alot of them all the time.

TheKnicks Fan says:
isnt that the girl who is the host of 2ktv for nba 2k15?

mrbishi1000 says:

oh shiiit, the tucked in polo, oh man

ı ąɱ ą ʂῳɛɖɛ says:


Crosh Vee says:

I see a lot of these all the time! Are they really banned?

Captain_Bazzzinga says:

I can’t believe that guy had a orgasm in the elevator

Matrix Altair says:

That Doritos one was hilarious

Jacklynn says:

The so hot commercial was so funny thats how girls are at the pool locker

Stelios Tzo says:

8:28 you are welcome!!!

Majidi HeSam says:

6:28 Hahahaha ;p

Jeffrey Rodriguez says:

Lol the Long chicken

I am doge says:

The doritos one and the pillow fight made me laugh subscribed man

Cody Hitchcock says:

Some of these actually played on tv 

Bukyru says:

The all natural burger one isn’t ban either.

cfroi08 says:

Can someone give me the time frame of the big titty one? Because that’s why
I clicked on the video.

Ichiban Moto says:


iTubeForPeace says:

They told me there was tits here so where is it ?

foxey frickety says:

Oh god the do you have one if so f-up its funny

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