Funniest Commercials of All Time

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Funniest Commercials of All Time
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HaystackGaming01 says:

When your cable is down, you get bored. when you get bored, you get on
YouTube. when you get on YouTube you look up funny commercials. when you
look up funny commercials, you find direct tv. get rid of cable, get direct

Alyona Doar says:


Breakfastx BaconxBLT says:

Am I the only one who thinks the snuffy commercial is sad?

Damian Sinisa says:

What are you waiting for people, Get rid of cable and upgrade to DirectTV !

sofa aziz says:

Greetings from egypt

Jordan Gaming™ says:

Best ever :D

Malen Makerev says:

But he’s got Budlight!

vicky duong says:

lol the baby dance that was funny, snuffy the seal is not funny cause eat
by the shark, it give me a panic attack

Alejandra Reyes says:

hahahahaha… I need DirecTV, Now!! XD

Gaming Trifles says:

(´• ̮•)˛° /.♫.♫˛. ˛ Π____. * ˛*
.°( . • .) ˛°./• ‘♫ ‘ •. ˛*./______/~\*. ˛*.。˛
*(…’•’.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛°.|田田 |門|╬╬╬
¯˜”*°••°*”˜¯`´¯˜”*°••°*”˜¯` ´¯˜”*°´¯˜”*°••°*”˜¯`
★Merry Christmas and Happy New Year★

samuel david says:

When your current goes off, you want to use your laptop

when you use your laptop, you find out there is no internet

when you find out there is no internet, you play on your phone

when you play on your phone, the charge finishes fast

when your charge finishes fast, you want play on your portable console

when you play on your portable console, you find out you played all the
games you had

when you realize you have no games, you want to f**k

when you want to f**k,there is no one in the house to F**k

when there is no one in the house to F**k, you want to mastrubatre

when you want to mastrubate, you don’t want to make your hands dirty

when you don’t want to make your hand dirty, you have nothing to do

when you have nothing to do, you go mad

when yo go mad, you go out on a massacre

Don’t go out on a massacre. Get rid of cable And upgrade to direct TV.
call 1-800-DIRECTTV

Neon Scarfy says:

girl:-walking down the dark streets holding a knife and has blood(paint)
all over face and arms-
random guys pulls over and goes “Hey babe! Need a ride?”
girl:-nods weakly then enters back seat-
guy1:-whispers- bro she’s hot! let’s take her to a hotel!
guy2:-whispers- dude! She has a knife!
guy1:-whispers- maybe its just for costume. check it. speaks normally Um…
miss whats with the knife and blood?
girl:…. I just murdered my ex boyfriend….
awkward silence~ 

Paris Gay says:

how could you think a seal dying is so HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Kevin Hu says:

whats ending song called?

MynameisBrianZX says:

3:52 Way too unbelievable to be funny anymore. If my wife was into
spontaneous shower fun or jacuzzi nights, I wouldn’t ditch her to just
drink with a bunch of dudes.

Chris Steele says:

Snuffy no!!!

Shawn Lee says:

The snuffy one was very funny because in the end it said shark week witch
was for a video game ur it was also the humans fault for putting it back
into the ocean without checking but still LOL

Nejictorr says:

When the video started I automatically looked for the skip button lol

Cynical Zombie says:

NO. The answer to life, the universe.. EVERYTHING!!!…. 42.

Sage Wilson says:


Liam Irvine says:

“rise brothers to the day of the squirrels YOLO

YesFunnyYes says:

Funniest Commercials of All Time

Nonastar525 says:


Jenny Kim says:

Omg the gamnamstyle baby made me crack up!

Walter White says:

What do you model? Gloves?!

Trent Hearn says:

Shark Week, an “Holy S***” commercial. Sad that snuffy went like that But
the reaction to them and the timing of it was perfect and hilarious

AlveolarNasal says:

Damn you guys get funny commercials.

Akhan Masala says:

hahahahahaha fucking hell the direct TV ones though

Phil Shifley lol! 

xExPiRedLaRdx says:

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just dropped my bag of Doritos™ ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄ ▲
► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼
◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ 

Ellie Welsh says:

part over and over again!!

ruth nunez says:

Lol I laughed so hard with the Snuffy commercial !!!!!!! Its halirious

Master Chief says:

That wolf one was great haha

Chris Gurvas says:

Lmao “don’t end up in a road side ditch” I remember this one

Ann Smith says:

The day of the squirrel is upon us!!! XD I’m laughing so hard.

Mat Man says:

baby dancing was so funny

Man We Are Stupid says:

Poor Snuffy but now I have to watch shark week

Joel B says:

03:33 who’s the girl to the left!!!

07SuperchargedSS says:

Phil Shiftly is actually Superman from Big Bang theory

Connor Pirie says:

”Snuffys triumphunt return” Famous last words

Ash Ketchum says:

WAIT!!! I am getting rid of cable right now

ImmortalRaiX says:


Kirito igarashi says:

what the hell ganmem style baby

Joseph Walker says:

I think direct tv struggle to make a commercial cos there all banned

Sam Phillips says:

It’s Marlting with my mouth

Fritz Kreisler says:

Its a shame really, all the funny, creative, actually compelling and
effective adds are the ones that are banned and all, and the ones that are
on TV are all shit, repetitive, humorless and pointlessly ineffective.

Alena - Destiny Lloyd says:

pissing on myself at the end (it is too funny for me) ^^

Sweetp000433 says:

I’ll forgive everything but the no for yes thing…that’s not cool.

DB123infane says:

so direct tv is the irn bru adverts of america 

foivos koustenis says:

The news guy from Snuffy finished it hilariously XD

Zeus Hayes says:

The last one was the funniest but I know at least 1 or more people will say
“oh my god u cruel basterd” or something along those lines

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