Funniest Horse Videos 2014

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FunnyPetMedia says:
Bonzo Bonnie says:

Tutaj sa jeszcze lepsze:) Nawet kon pracuje i sie wziol do sprzatania:)

FunnyPetMedia says:
FunnyPetMedia says:
LickOnLogan says:

3:13 had me crying. I love dogs, I love horses- perfection.

Bigpussycat5 says:

that one horse needs to tame his molesty ways.

Diana Shepard says:

The horse at 1:45 is like “Hey how ya doing lil momma let me whisper in ya

Zoltán Karászi says:
TheWhiteWolf28 says:


Mari B. says:

Cute cameraman 😀 be the horse and I also want him to bite

Casey Malone says:

How is 3:58 funny?

stanisława pawłowska says:

like horse ,tanks

Organic Horse Supplements says:

Always makes me smile 🙂 

MoonMoonFang says:

Literally only one video was funny(cameraman and horse) the others was
horses getting stressed out

Francis G says:

The one at 4:40 had potential. Damn it lol

Sarah Thompson says:

I fail to see how any of these are even remotely funny. I saw a few that
were cute, like the horse with the broom, and the dogs; but most of these
were just stupid.

AGHorseStudios says:

for all my horse lovers

Christin Emanuelsson says:

yeah, because it’s so fucking fun to get kicked by a horse..

douebleu says:

@4:25 i’d do the same thing if i had monkeys constantly on my back

Jonayofsweden says:

3:25 A guy in military uniform, and a horse sweeping the floor together
while listening to Blink182, that has to be Russia.

Daniela Bäckström says:

the one in the arena isn’t funny. what’s funny about the horse and rider
falling over??

Autumn leafs says:

How is the horse throwing its rider flipping landing on the riders leg,
mind you the rider didn’t get up and Probelly broke it, how is that funny?
But besides that really like the video and enjoyed it.

horselover 123! says:

so funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lily Koenig says:

people underestimate the power of the horse.. most of these videos really
had me stressed out 

JahAmericanNY says:

The horse being a dick to the Ferrari, LOL

Katona Scarlett says:


Horse Moms says:

Always makes me smile 🙂 

Tvishaify says:

Les chevaux qui tirent le poids lourd sérieusement… Gros fake! XD

janie Stapleton says:

Man… basically none of these were funny to me. They just reminded me why
I decided to get out of the horse business. 

Stephanie Soressi says:
Rachel Webb says:

I own horses and I couldn’t find these funny well a few of them were funny,
but I couldn’t imagine my horse walkin across the street without me I would
start cryin wether he got hit or not 

Nicole Bolden says:

That first one must have a great story.

Toni Wolf says:

Ohmygawd, the horse with the red car. He’s like “get outta here, im fasta
than you”

Jhorses1013 says:

The second to last one wasn’t funny at all….

simply maya says:

These aren’t funny they are mean

Patti Ready says:

2:40 stupid dumb horse being mean to the dog

kristina Large says:

Funniest Horse Videos 2014:

Cheyenne Thompson says:

Just saying the one when the horse rears and falls back that is not funny
and that rider could of been really hurt -.-

Sonia Torres says:

Me Encamtan los gatos perros todos los Animalitos som tan lindos 

RebelRadius says:

Are police horses doped?

Willow Brand says:

Doe’s anyone remember a song called Disturbia? This “Funny Horses” video
reminds me of that song.

Cathrine Lowther says:

Not a lot of funny, but quite a bit of dumb humanity.

Dom Carter says:

I thought horses failing was funny, then I realised 95%+ of horse videos
are peoples getting badly injured.. now I’m kinda scared

Kaushik Sdoavadiya says:
AceraHook says:

The amount of cares these horses give is none, and I love it!

kern39743 says:

what amazing animals but I would never put them in danger

Mayela Renteria says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Jessie-Jayne Cole says:

2:57 is so cute

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