Funniest Vine Clips 2014- Popular Vine Videos- March 2014

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Macy Clements says:

Those guys at 1:12 are cute and made me smile.

Justin Mcnair says:

1:36 -1:48 laughing every time i watch it

MacyMoo says:

Song at 0:20?

Synister Mayhem says:

Those weren’t funny

RyderVSGaming says:

song at 3:36

Hange Zoë says:

sh hutcherson one…. 0_0

antonio debelic says:

Song at 0:43

cecilio danila says:

Can you please keep the foriegn shit out of american vines

heaven washington says:

yo mamma soooooo fat even dora couldent exsplor her

Enrique Araica says:

Song at 2:09?

The Noob Strikes Again says:

Song at 6:31?

Lena Lopez says:

Watch Vine Comp 63.. funniest comp ever!! 

Mr.Bloody Waffles says:

1st comment oh yeah

Chem istry says:

Wtf is with parents telling their toddlers to do this stuff….Hey we want
some pussaay, really?

Melissa Mae Garcia says:

Song on 0:24?

Caseer655656 says:

I always wondered how people got 10,000 followers then my friend told me

Matthew Senti says:

These are terrible. I think Vineing is starting to die out.

JKonnR R says:

What is all that Arabic shit do them in English 

The Noob Strikes Again says:

Song at 6:31?

Alex M says:

Whats with the dam foreign bullshit , not everyone speaks their language.
Keep the English viners in one compilation and the foreign videos in a
seperate one

beto blah says:

This vine was gay as duck

amber rose says:

Is it going to be a problem that the only language I speak is english?

Melissa Mae Garcia says:

Song on 0:24?

Iconic SYN says:

Song at 3:35

Ehi Soul Sister says:

OMG What’s his name? 8:05 Oh my god so perfect..! *~*

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