Funny and cute animal compilation 2015

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We would like to thank all our fans who helped us reach 400 000 subscribers! At this occasion we created our first ‘long’ compilation (30 min) that consists of some of the best, funniest and cutest animal clips that we used in our videos. In this compilation you will watch from cutest baby animals to funniest animal fails, dogs, cats, kittens, puppies, goats, tortoises, monkeys, horses… Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Charlie The Beagle and Laura Olivia says:

My one year daughter just loves this video…we can laugh 30 minutes all
together. Thank you for posting

Tiger Productions says:

Our first 30 min compilation! Hope you like it :)

Susanne Feddern says:

So viele lustige Momente :-). Thank you for sharing your cute animals and
have a wonderful weekend +Tiger Productions 

Natalie Manipud says:


pati kos says:

aww! i was laughing so much i fell of my chair!

Spubl says:

2:16 When bae doesn’t want to kiss you

Jaspii1 says:

Show some bestiality too please

Viktoria Lendacka says:

Well, the horse on treadmill isnt very funny or cute

Pokey Potato says:

Put #all30 if you watched all 30minuets

Mad9977 says:

1:39 lol what a lazy dog x’D

beeehappy54 says:

Wow amazing animal video. I enjoyed it very much lol. Thank you for sharing

артур желепянис says:
Voljin says:


MsRainbow Brite says:


Spill Konto says:

This episode was Madeleine testerday!!!!! YAY!

CheesePuff Luv says:

Just saw it :3

Fausto Levantesi says:

The red lobster coat was the best.

Sandithemage says:

Compilation Dogs in costume???

journeytopeace says:

LoL at that dog snapping away the meat from the kid :D

Mad9977 says:

10:00 aww made my day =)

Ayahna Aamirah A. Rahman B. says:


UnicornsR 4life says:


Debbie Eaton says:

I absolutely love your videos!! They are not like other sites where cats
aren’t treated humanely!!!! Please keep the videos coming!!!!!fan of yalls
in Mississippi!

aissatou diallo says:


Mangle Fox says:


Patrick Star says:

Haha cool

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