Funny Animal Compilation: Best Of Petsami

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Tune in to this funny animal compilation to see some of our favorite petsami moments from the past month!

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Tatiana x0 says:


Victus says:

Wow, quite a few people here need to check their hearing, and calm their
tits. The dog in the first clip wasn’t caged because the owners knew what
was going to happen, nor were the owners home at the time of that video.
I’m 95% they set up the camera ahead of time to try and figure out how the
dog was getting out.
Secondly, anyone “up-in-arms” about that video need a bit of perspective.
The dog is not being abused, the dog isn’t injured during the video, and
kennels are NOT cheap. The owners clearly care about the animal, and the
animal clearly has Anxiety and/or Separation disorder. While working a full
time job, and trying to deal with a furry family member that misses you too
much while your away, there’s very little you can resort to in the
meantime, other than crating/crate training. Saying they “shouldn’t own a
pet because they have to crate it during the day” is ridiculous. You think
the pet would be better off in a shelter or puppy mill?
So quit making assumptions, and take that stick out of your ass.

Brown Trout says:

how was the idiot at 5:10 NOT ARRESTED and DOG TAKEN AWAY FROM HIM OR

Lucie Budínová says:

😀 😀 :-D

Siddharth V says:

Excuse me if im rude , but the first one is SADISTIC

Steve Brule says:


Akash Anvekar says:

1st video is animal cruelty dont get a pet if you wanna keep it in cage

Natalie S says:


MrBollili says:

I never knew people bought prisons for their pets and left them there were
they can’t even move. -_- stop caging animals, if you don’t wont animals to
stay inside put them outside or don’t buy one at all.

Axel Beddis Attorney-at-Law says:

Lawyer here, moderator of Reddit’s /r/LegalAdvice!

What has this world come to? Seriously this is disturbing. Let me name a
few: (1) animal cruelty, (2) reckless endangerment of a child, (3) should I

No, I didn’t grow up in the home country of USA. But I did move here
shortly after university, and I can tell you that we would have never
participated in this kind of cruel and lazy attitude. Do these people have
nothing better to do?

Axel Beddis, Attorney at Law, licensed in the commonwealth of West Dakota

Mortal Gamer says:

okay im done with this clip. half of these are just fucking disturbing

kyy656 says:

The dog in a cage was the funniest . still laughing xD

Rico Based says:

When the cat or dog was in ur mouth I said to myself she is fucking gross

Plaza de Mustis says:

Osa oli eläinten kiusaamista:( Jos siinä on jotakin hauskaa niin
ihmettelen! Tätä koiran griinausta en tarkoittanut, tämä oli ihana.

Александр ХХХ says:

I look just 2 video and stoped this sh*t! First video about dog in the cell
– it;s not fuc*ing funny, I would like to see the owner of this dog inthat
cell! Second video about dog ehitch lost her small mind in the ass of that
guy? Is it realy funny? No way…

Petra Ral says:

People are whining about the first one because they don’t believe in
discipline. No need for a reply, I know what you’ll say: ” ogm it is krool
bkuz kagz rnt supoosd 2 b 4 dog i r wnt 2 punt ur faec becuz u don let uer
dog sl3p on te blankits and sht in tha ron playses. “

Gcystgc Ycfytgcu says:

That Fish Was Really Lucky.

Guinea Tastic says:

5:46 That hamster cage is way too SMALL if you watch you can see a
syrian hamster in it, I wouldn’t even put a fly in that cage.

Phillip Sun says:


Tepadj says:

3:28 Absolutely disgusting.

Samantha Meeks says:

I would never put a dog’s face in my mouth! She could get sick, and a dog
licks their butts all the time. And some eat their poop so, she could be
eating poop

Johnny Weasils says:

the 2nd one is creepy and perverted having the dog play with some queens
rectum. GROSS

Jayla Cason says:

The one were that girl let the dog lick ing her mouth was gross

Glitch Paint says:


Cyndasaur says:

currently i have cum on my dick

Darkgon101 says:

I really think the only video people should be complaining about is the one
with the lady holding her dog out the car window. That shit’s dangerous.

Punchy LightBeer says:

wtf thats not funny , the poor bastard wants to get out of the cage, u

berg strom says:

obviously its a bad dog and they put the camera to see how he kept getting
out of his cage. i agree to not just be putting a dog in the cage but il go
ahead and assume that was a dog on time out

Stephanie Bello says:

Lmao are you serious. People judge so Damm quickly. Maybe the dog did
something bad in the first one and needed a time out…maybe they had to
leave for a bit and didn’t want him/her tearing things up you swear they
hit them and make them go in the cage at least it’s not the pound so chill
tf out.

Cin Anon says:

The video of the small dog in a cage seems cruel, It seems the owners
locked her in a cage while they were at work, and set up a camera to see
how she escapes. Locking a dog in such a tiny cage for. 8 or 10 hours a day
is animal cruelty. They need to find a better solution, because that tiny
cage is awful.

DaddyCoolGam3z says:

I don’t find the first one funny at all

JoJo NoNO says:

if i caught you holding your dog out of the car window while it was moving,
we would have a problem.

Tyra Roberson says:

This is not animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is causing physical harm, and,
or starving the animal. So why would you even leave hate if you know it
isnt going to do anything but attract trolls. Go write it in a journal.
Humans are animals aswell, and we’ve faced more pain and humiliation from
things. Oh, a human is getting mauled by a bear, i’m on the bears side. So
while you all are arguing over a healthy puppy in a cage, while children
are being kidnapped, and people tortured? Come on, now.

Deborah Macaoidh-Selim says:

Why is that guy letting the dog dig into his anus and scrotum?

My name is Bill and I'm a headcase says:

Seems like the whole PETA commented here. Seriously? Mad because a dog was
caged? Why don’t you go organize a protest in front of a zoo? 

AllieJamBaby says:

6:08 Irish Terrier <3 <3 <3

Billy Ellipseer says:

past the 8 min mark, the bath hater and pugs are hilarious.

josh h says:

First video, disturbing and just plain sad.You have the balls to put a
camera right in front of the dog. By the way the dog is acting he seems as
if he’s been in there for ever. Afv, but real funny. Lost on words. Didn’t
even watch the whole video because this is horrible

Bro James says:

Wish I was that dog at 3:28 c:

Letcanu Marin Sergiu says:

That’s sow sweet

Khaty Linda Khaterin says:

3.30 Ewwwwwwwwwwwww

Tyra Roberson says:

Its aad how every idiot gets worked up over “animal cruelty” animals are
like humans, just because they’re cute and fuzzy does not change a thing.
Tell me, how many ants have you stepped on today? Does that McDonalds
burger taste good? Humans have faced more cruelty and humiliation, and you
all want to side up with thw cute adorable melt my heart creatures.
Seriously, and I thought YouTube was for educated people. ‘3’

Paul Chabot says:

That first video is really sad… 

Debra Lang-Blanke says:

Moose pooping in the garage lol now that’s funny

Mia Sykora says:

5:53 when i put on subtitles it says “for our team”

Are Trejo Isla says:

“hahah so cute!!…..oh my God wtf am I watching o_o……. awwww
hahaha…… WTF! this is disturbing….. awww…… ._. is that legal?….
” My thoughts while watching this video.

xUnleadedx says:

Holding your dog out the window of a car..Dumb bitch. That was the only one
i didnt like

Christina Phillips says:

Ew to letting your dog bite your tongue and put its head in your mouth,
although she seemed to enjoy it, I guess you gotta take what you can get!

Viv26100 says:

I can’t stand people who choose torture above responsibility or just ‘own’
a living creature. It’s lazy and selfish. They should be in a cage, not the

jesse solano says:

3:26 gross does that lady now were that dog licked his balls

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