Funny Animal Video Clips Fail Compilation 2014

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Funny Animal Video Clips Fail Compilation 2014. funny animals are the most funny to watch. Watch the best videos on youtube and have a great laugh. Watch this awesome compilaiton 2014 and make sure you LIKE COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE To this awesome video compilation for hahatv

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Vicky Gingerbread says:

first video was disturbing

محمد هاجيرمان al fata says:


Cotton & Chocolate says:

First video…WTF. Music…WTF. 

Carmelo Bonifacio Malandrino says:

Dopo aver visto questo filmato devo esprimere la mia ammirazione per gli
autori,che hanno avuto idea di sottolineare il senso di amicizia che
intercorre tra gli animali di diversa razza e statura.Mai visti sfide di
polli e gatti,di capretti che saltano addosso a una pecora o un caprone che
va a stuzzicare il di dietro di un cavallo o l’affetto fraterno di cane e
gatto.Ho pensato a quelli che fanno fare lotte mortali tra cani e cani ,tra
galli e galli ,tra bufali e bufali ecc.Ho pensato a quali orrori
commettiamo nei macelli.Ecco perché ringrazio di cuore gli Autori che hanno
cercato di farci ammirare l’amore tra i nostri fratelli animali.Anche
perché ne esiste ancora poco tra noi umani. 

Mick Carson says:

The first part, I can’t believe women are so fucking stupid to allow a dog
to do that.

Jancko Komodo says:

this music is not needed

strongbadable says:

I love watching animals play together, it’s like watching two kids play.
Thanx for sharing this video. xD

earlysda says:

The duck is the best.

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Funny Animal Video Clips Fail Compilation

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The HeartBrokenBiker says:

2:03 the best.
Remove music please.

caterina Carli says:

Funny Animal Video Clips Fail Compilation 2014:

tennaj says:

Some of these videos are a little disturbing. Music definitely doesn’t
match some of them.

Mr moO says:

Those fucking goats are always causing trouble…

Rei Roz says:

leave the sounds in!

Nira Nuri says:

מהנה יפה מעט לצחוק

TheNavysailorman1 says:

that music kills it….

ShadowLover9158 says:

hurray for kitten flips and dogs being jerks xD

Antonio Moreno says:

Que videos mas bonitos, lo he pasado fenomenal 

Funniest Jokes and Quotes says:

Funny Animal Video Clips Fail Compilation 2014

Jenna Lana says:

See this video…………..

c czech says:

my three things I do Not like about this video is the dog attacking the
cat, Cat falling from the bucket, and my last and most non favorite one is
the guy grabbing the horse’s head I mean just fall off the horse’s ears are
very sensitive trust me I know my horse gets very mad when you get near her
ears I mean why did her do that!!!!!

Stefan Schnurbusch says:

Dieses interessante Video habe ich auf YouTube gefunden:

zissouaquatics says:

Ummm, hey people in the first clip? That’s how dogs become aggressive and
believe it is acceptable to bite, wrangle, and attack humans.She should not
be submitting and allowing this at all, but rather disciplining it by
standing over it, using a “stop” command, and then employing time out or a
water bottle if the dog persists. Seriously, I bet that dog has bitten
someone, or will one day.

lesselp says:

You can swap the musak in the editor.There must be better musak than this.

Ooops - Funny Home Videos says:

Hey guys, awesome animal video… must watch :)

jellybellyfilicent says:

More cruel than funny.

Derek Demitrius says:

One of the Best compilations I have seen so far!!! Voila!!!!

Fuer HomeStudent says:

Funny dog indeed ! Naughty as well !!

Jamila Hameed says:

really funny must see

Willy Paneto says:

I like it

thoha thohà says:

Se non ci fossero animali al mondo, il mondo mangerebbe se stesso.
Grazie a Dio gli animali, nostri compagni di vita, esistono e rallegrano i
nostri giorni. :)

Eithen Arbogast says:

Cute but funny!!!

c czech says:

but other thanthose things THESE VIDEOS ARE GREAT

Evelyn Fetterman says:

Keep up the great videos love them all

America marquez says:

I think if people saw the boy in underwear they would take pics and laugh
so hard lol!;)

Noh King says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Katie Peklo says:

it’s not that great sorry. I had to stop at 3:33 

gracelandtm says:

Remove music…

Claudio Mastrangelo says:

i could like it but you ruine with that GAY music….. blaaaaa

Dixie Darling says:

cute except for the goats somebody could have got hurt and I don’t think
the dog was playing! The cat fight at the end was not funny at all either!

johnny raw shenanigans says:

Hey guys check out my 2 crazy pooches Gary and milly

andrea lopez says:

Funny I vote:-)

KulThira says:

I very much like this video.

Carol Gheorghiu says:

haioase clipuri!

Jonak Poka says:

very funny……..

joseemathermovies says:

The music gave me a headache 



unclegee safronwala SS Gupta says:

See when animals enemy to each other can play, and enjoy, why not human?

Dolores Lopez Melgares says:

Son buenísimos losvideos

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