Funny Animal Videos 2014

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Mato KT says:

Funny Animal Videos 2014 –

Doggey75 says:

That rabbit in the first clip could have easily had a heart attack and

554687858 says:

For the most part, I saw mean tricks being played on animals for the
amusement of people. Fuck them and their lousy fuckin’ sense of humor.

Samantha Smart says:

Don’t you think humans are just the most cruel and mean things on earth

2013danrazor says:

I have a pretty good feeling that in a couple of more videos im in “that
part of youtube” again.

Dargon l says:

Poor rabbit and cat I just don’t get people.

harriet stevenson says:

id say about half of those are cruel and TBQH unnecessary says:

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Shyann Cody says:

Cute animals! Most of these were good ones, too. Not impressed, though,
with footage of people tormenting these intelligent beings for their own
stupid amusement. Case in point: Chasing a cat into a Saran-Wrapped pet
door. Shameful. 

Ace Rimmer says:

People who treat animals like shit for their own amusement need to get
bitch slapped. I’d get all Black Dynamite on their asses.

James Johnson says:

The monkey and cat are taking jungle fever to another level.

Jonny666D says:

172 k subscriber support animal abuse? Congratulations!

Madeline Olson says:

I dont know what country thinks that this shit is funny, but I hope you get

Valentina Kaul says:

на 0:50 смешно… “Покажи мне свои зубы”)))

ifihf says:

humans being dicks video…

Jennifer Johnson says:

Most of these are awful. Not sure how one could think some of this is ok or
funny. Lame

krsforever says:

1:04 Sheldon was filming that? Sure laughs like him.

Wings the Wolf says:

Some people are so torturous to cats and think it’s funny. Its often the
same with dogs.

Keidy Allende says:

Take a look at this funny video

Donna Syms says:

Sorry, I’m like most of the other commentators – I don’t find watching
moronic humans tormenting dogs and cats at all funny. Besides, who in their
right mind, in this day and age, thinks keeping monkeys as pets is a good

Madeline Olson says:

Report this video people, this is not funny and whoever is in this should

bizcocounty says:

People are cruel to animals.

MIchael Gee says:

Hill ireos

Morraless21 says:

This video sucks 

doug lester says:

rabbits have very sensitive ears and they can die when they get frightened
and scared so the balloon popped and as you all saw the rabbit was going
nuts so it probably had a heart attack so this is just cruel 

Siobhan Hanes says:

All the animals in this video are tortured by morons who seem to think it’s
funny to frighten them…or stick them into tight clothing. Idiots! Boo!

Silky Weed says:

This aint cool, all animals deserve so much better than these ignorant
animal torturing phsychos.

Madeline Olson says:

Did you take English in school bounty hunter? just wondering..

Bradon Lebeau says:

this video should be re titled people abusing animals for their

Helen Hinggo says:

hahahaha its funny……

Thalia Mancebo says:

1:47 Mr steal your rug

Old Boy27 says:

Most of these were just plain fucked up. People are fucked up. 

Andreas Hansen says:

The rabit could risk to have a fucking heart attack!
Animal hassler

LOL sotrue says:

Funny Animal Videos 2014:

Mato KT says:

Funny Animal Videos 2014 –

Von Milash says:

Animals are so stupid. 

Michela O'neill says:


Vamsi Modugu says:

ha ha ha , , , ,

Gabby animalsrock1098 says:

funny and cute animals found this video on youtube 

Amit Roy says:

Play it & start laughing

Hao Yun says:

boo you suck

Jennifer Whatton says:

your a dick

USA Online Gym Trial says:

crazy rabbit lol

Rachel Gu says:

Funny animal videos just for laugh

Adrián Ramírez says:

Alegremos este lunes con un video gracioso de animales. Funny Animal Videos
2014 – YouTube

Tina Hilgenberg says:
Omarion Freeman says:


Karma Elephant says:

Some were not funny, it ruined what was supposed to be innocent fun.

shahadat hossain says:

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