Funny Animal Videos : Ultimate Drunk Dog Tease

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DmoneyS44 says:

Animal abuse? Animals get drunk in the wild you know

tianna howard says:

Y in the world would you give animals beer



jnetlife says:

my dogs love beer too! but don’t give too much or they will get gassy and
fart all the time @_@ please come see my channel if you want to see them

lesbiansaregoodandch says:

@hahatv nigga you gay

Ashley Blaza says:


samaraxo141 says:

not even funny..

Flibbertigibbet6 says:

In comparison with this video, that’s fucking stupid.

samantha jones says:

okay…… wat a time waster

jnetlife says:

no i put a sip into a small dish, it’s only 3 licks worth.. calm your tits
I love my dogs, if you saw my videos you’d realize how well taken care of
they are

diego lucero says:

this is so fucking stupid its not funny getting dogs drunk, and the fast
forword shit is stupid to

RobJohnII says:

Would you give a toddler or baby beer for a joke even in tiny amounts? I
would sincerely hope not, because you’d know in your heart it would be both
dangerous and cretinous. Animals react to alcohol in the same way as small
children. Please grow up.

Baba Booey says:

All these people saying “Oh my dog drank alcohol and he was fine” are
obviously shitty pet owners. Yes – some dogs can eat a pound of chocolate
or drink alcohol and live but a majority of dogs would be caused harm by
this. Do you think vets warn against this stuff because the don’t want dogs
to have fun or they’re trying to be dicks? Move out of the frat house you

Poodleinacan says:

@bobdiy1 I think was talking about the way the people were acting, towards
thier dog.

ragemanchoo82 says:

Such a creative response. 😀

jake top says:

this is dog abuse

samuraiujio12 says:

This really is not funny. Pretty revolting actually

Elliepuppy55 says:

@TheJRTLuver Same here

june greechan says:

you have not seen disgusting,keep watching. She presents her dog as if its
getting a tit bit,and the pure dog is teriffied,it was not happy and you
can tell,but some said ,what a cute dog,whats not cute was the way she
treated it,it was cowered in a coner. So you tell me,what is cruelty. Keep
watching,you will find,i am a dog lover and have 2 and what she done to me
was cruelty,the dog was teriffied,and some like me said so,but you get the
ones,a what a cute dog,it wasent cute it was Terified.

TableWolfMusic says:

me too Flag > violent or repulsive content > animal abuse

ihaveaface says:

ya, i agree!

RobJohnII says:

You are an idiot. Even very small doses ingested by pets can cause
depression of the central nervous system. It causes their blood chemistry
to change resulting in metabolic acidosis.Even if a dog or cat doesn’t die
of alcohol poisoning it can cause irreparable harm to their kidneys and

Catman Games says:

animal abuse. Who CARES if t’s funny, in fact to me it wasn’t funny at all.

jrt93freerun says:

i wish i knew these people so i could cut they’re fucking heads off, sick
cunts, eat shit and die.

EminentKnight says:

Animal abuse isn’t funny. Just sayin’..

Zac Manning says:

did ne1 else miss the part where u were suppose to laugh?

Steven Branson says:


Kim Jong-FUN says:

If you want to responsibly and safely allow your dog to become intoxicated,
it is recommended to stay away from any wine made from grapes and any beer
made from hops. Grapes and Hops have toxins that can kill dogs. Give your
dog Marijuana or small amounts of hard alcohol. Alternatively, if you
prefer to give the animal beer or wine, use a darker ale or a wine made
from something such as apples or pears or something.

LizzSimmer says:

not funny

dimensionalyspeaking says:

My cat gets high off weed, report that@!!!

Bruisy Runescape says:

so you’re saying dogs are useless and weak? My rottweiler loves beer. got a
problem with that? 🙂

ginerzinwonderland says:

Would you let your kid get drunk? No. Why would you do it to a dog? They
aren’t even human.

feckadoodlethe2nd says:


Lauren Johnson says:

I would report anyone who got a dog drunk, its absolutely animal abuse.

doombybbr says:

you should be ashamed for giving the dogs a substance without first
researching the effects on their body and what their limit of the substance
is, for example you should never give dogs chocolate, so how dare you give
them alcohol without knowing the exact effects beforehand.

dramaticafantastica says:

This looks like a scene from a fucking, Charlie Brooker drama or some shit.
You are sick.

Nichu Trash says:


MischeviousKittyCat says:

this isn’t even funny, because those dogs could be seriously hurt by
alcohol, its like chocolate it can kill them very easily!! its very bad and
can start to shut down there organs so, sorry if I forgot to laugh about
this sick video!! :L

WretchedDrake says:

People like you are why animal lovers are stereotyped as psychotic out of
touch people.

ihaveaface says:

well u should tell her not to do that because it hurts the innocent
creature… those owners are doing bad things and should go to jail/prision
for animal abuse.

diane freyer says:

I think it’s disgusting!Even my 3yr. old Granddaughter said”That’s
mean”.She has more common sense and love for animals than you do.Grow0up!!

kxr210071 says:

Alcohol kills everything but we still do it. because alcohol is what keeps
everyone happy.even animals love it.

ThePathicGirl2 says:


Josh Evans says:

Thats not funny…

ihaveaface says:


Happy says:

animal abuse!

ovakasan says:

Im sorry, sweetie you do not even know me nor do you have the right to
judge me like some self righteous nut job, wishing death on people you
don’t even know over a video filmed probably a while back ago is plainly
sad. If you don’t like it then don’t watch it its people like you who try
to force their own moral views on others that fuck the country up.

emo llama says:

when a human gets drunk too much?! In a dog, the effects are 20 TIMES

1999horsemad says:

alcohol is poisonous to dogs! sick people! even the tiniest drop can damage
the dogs function long term, and can even cause death!

djcaseuk says:

this is not funny. these people giving there dogs alcohol should have there
dogs taken from them!!!

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