Funny animals playing instruments – Cute and funny animal compilation

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Did you know that animals like dogs, cats, elephants and other animals can play instruments? Well they actually can, but it doesn’t really sounds like real music 😛 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Samantha Love says:

Reading the comments it’s funny, everyones like raging against the bear
playing an instrument but…laugh as the dogs play it? Why not rage at it
all ..or better yet don’t even watch it -_-

Hanne Lykke Poulsen says:

I cried with sadness when I saw the elephants. I cried with laughter when I
saw the dogs. I died from laughter cramps when I saw the horse. Never seen
such a bonkers thing!

veronica julian says:

only reason elephants are playing is they are chained up and abused to do

Mariela Landaeta says:

Funny animals playing instruments – Cute and funny animal compilation:

Sierra Spencer says:

I know the elephants and bears really didn’t have a great time learning
this stuff but… Jesus it’s still amazing they were able to grasp how to
use the items. Yeah, it’s sad to see, but think- what if an animal like
that learned for FUN? Not from punishment?” Besides, none of us have real
proof these specific animals were abused, anyway. There’s a good chance
they probably were, but I don’t think everyone who trains animals to do
things like that abuses them. Maybe 95% do, but there are always those who
don’t as well. What I’m saying is…Those animals are smart. I’ll bet there
are some that no matter how much they are coerced in any way or form,
probably can’t ever grasp it. We should end all animal abuse if we can, but
that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate the fact that these animals can
learn something as complicated as this.

truereality84 says:

I dislike the bear and elephant playing.. they are usually coerced into
doing tricks like these by means of punishment.. the dogs were cute though

Wheatley says:

Man I love watching animals being forced to do things, HAHAHA take that you
inferior creature! Humans rule!

d4iven says:

still way more talented than justin beiber

Andrew Murphy says:

You hate to go see who or what is playing the piano at the stroke of
midnight when you know that you pulled the keyboard cover over it.

Lottie Life says:

Awww when the dog played the toy piano it was so adorable



MissPaulih says:

The video is cute except for the bear and the elephants, who are clearly
being forced to do that stuff..

Danyel Perão says:

the bear and elephants aren’t funny, they’re sad

Sierra Spencer says:

I thought the bear and the elephants were all mind blowing.

And you know what? Those two animals can be trained without abuse, so
imagine if those animals learned this stuff happily!!! Even cooler.

rollingklouds says:

‘Can’t say it’s un-bearable… 

chibimidget says:

The bear! The bear! The bear is so freaking cute! still don’t want to get
close to one though XD

FlameTrees Gaming says:

The elephant isn’t funny. The instrument was covering his trunk, witch is
the only source of breathing elephants understand. I am very disappointed.

Norsejohnson says:

original clip of: 00:18 – 00:38 XD anyone?

Kellie Kelley says:

I just watched ghost advencher Em island of the dolls so you prombly know
why im watching this

Shinjite1754 says:

It’s funny cause that poodle is far better at guitar than most musicians
out there now…. =/

PrincessBuzzle B says:

My favorite. One is the guy playing. The white. Bas guitar. And the fluffy

Daily Conceptualism with Ajoura says:

I don’t know if it was written before or not, but still.
It looks like those elephants are from Thai Elephant Orchestra. Seriously,
with that large drums and metal percussion.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze says:

2:01 toched my heart

Lottie Life says:

poor elephant

MrTrainee says:

the bear and the harmonica elephant were the best

John Healy says:

Hey that dog plays guitar better than me!

justin wu says:


AlisounLink says:

When you see wild animals like bears and elephants perform like that you
know that something is terribly wrong. They are ‘trained’ in horrible
manners, poor things :(

Drumlinegypsy247 says:

so cute

Jean-Pierre Dunoyer says:

Pff i can do better

Lucky Jordan says:

Lol the horse Xd

Popular Pinky™ says:

AWW!! and also in 0:19 the dog is trained! :D

Lucia Huang says:

Such talent much skills wow

andrew richer says:

Sorry for being like A dick but This is what i dont get Why Do people Just
make these dogs At home and not try to get famous If you have a Great Dog
that can do that kind of stuff u could win Pet pagents And all of that

Elise Smith says:

The bear and elephant ones are just creul so is the horse one in a way

Sandy Prismatic says:

The bear and elephants playing is animal torture

Arianna Mattiello says:

mi fanno troppo ridere

robinchwan says:

i swear to god that bear has had some sort of marching band practice! it
was trying to march!

Mia Redondo says:

the horse and the elephants clip was kinda mean… but i luv this vid!

mukkaar says:

Dat’ bear :D

black beauty says:

Wow, too cute

AlvinDraws says:

2:01 LOL

Isabel J says:

poor bear :(

Bobbi Jo Woods says:
Inferlis says:

Hahahahaha, dat horse!!! xDD

Popular Pinky™ says:


James Florence says:

Elephant with harmonica is a good match.

Prof. Waffles says:

The 2nd and 3rd one is so cuteee, and the other ones are too. ;u;

gutteboy says:

01:06? What did he Said the dog should play?

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