Funny Babies Scared of Toys Compilation 2015 [NEW HD]

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Roy Mustang says:

Baby: WTF MOM?! >~< Mom: Awwwww, are you scared? It's only a bear! Baby: Exactly! 

Zaid Khan says:

2:06 the best

3xT3rnaL says:

I dont want to be mean but white babies are much more beeautiful than the
black ones or asian ones, 

BigSonicFan says:

The last baby was enjoying his lion toy but when touch him he got scared
lol :D

AwesomeSpider4 says:

If these were animals, people would saying this is animal abuse. I don’t
hear any bleeding hearts shouting “child abuse!” now am I? Oh, the irony…

DaniChanelENT __ says:

LOL omg sooooooo cute

DrPeperoni says:

Hahaha this is some grat shit man!!!

tricksterhuaun says:

The baby with the chicken toy is my favourite.

He’s not even scared, he’s more like “HOLY COW! DID YOU SEE THIS SHIT?!”

Matt Fischer says:

I would also be scared of a talking toy if I was a baby 

Familia Aguila says:

I like the end one. It was funny, but when I showed my mom she was like,
“aww why do they scare the baby like that?” ( and yes we are Mexican and my
mom doesn’t have good Grammer.

Isabella Brown says:

0:34 lol he/she jumped

Shoyras says:

OMG !! wow I never tought babies were so freaking intelligents !! You can
tell they dont just glare at the world around. They have a real sharpened
perception of it at such a young age and then you can see the reactions
that emerge from it in their faces.

Taco does games says:

I’d be scared of a fucking yellow chicken with colored spots that shits out

Demotte Data says:

so cute :*

Emma Hudson says:

The cat in the back round on 1:09 is freaking me out but other then that it
is one of the funnest things i have ever seen if funnest is a word

Emma Thumann says:

2:10 that’s a terrifying toy 0.o

NobodySkeleton says:

That lil bub face at the end keeps scaring me!

Niks Tab says:

Bitch please I’m black and you said that black babies are. Ugly well stuff
you r own ass up your butt

Matt Fischer says:

A toy chicken pooping lol 

Dragoncane says:

Am i the only one who made faces while i was watching this?

pouet2134 says:

stu laite un bébé … lol

OscarBetancourt xD says:

3:18 his reaction 

Katie Hudson says:

so cute and so funny

SolochMåne says:

The last toy scared me to.

Nagham Igbareye says:

i want that “dont worry be happy” toy!! 

Blu3AquaMarine says:

1:22 “aw no, not this sh*t again” lmaoo

Andrew Jones says:

Poor don’t do that challenge 

Blaise Camille says:

I love the 2nd baby, he was like ‘I surrender’ haha! 2:18 and the last baby
as well ;)

Teresa Wolfe says:

2:22 is hilarious!!

1969Wilus says:

These babies aren’t scared, they’re just appalled at their parents’
terrible taste in toys.

Adina Kulcsár says:

How silly toys!

Neelam Agha says:

That hen toy laying the eggs is so scary . Lolzzzz. 

Rainbow Dash says:

MOM- sweetie you scared??
RAINBOW DASH- huff puff huff puff. Wow his mom was a BIG FAT MONSTER!!!!!! 

Kapil Kakade says:

मस्त आहे.

martha kountourogianne says:


Md salam says:

md salman warsi

edwin vargas says:

Devil cat

KittyPaws AJ says:

Awwww its so cute I love babies I have a baby sister and she said baba
*raspberry* and she has learnt to crawl at 4 month :3

Karlos1234ify says:

Poor babies.

Christopher Bailey says:

Funny at 2:14

Miriam Kubii says:


Kel Mer says:


Karlos1234ify says:

So cute.

Säde Väinölä says:
Stephanie DelaO says:


Elenaa ! says:

so sü

Amy Barbar says:


edwin vargas says:


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