Funny DOGS compilation 2014-2015 [New]

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Marcela Bartoníčková says:

Funny DOGS compilation 2014-2015 [New]:

Best For You says:
Tomashov V2 says:

22 views and 22 likes :D

Funniest Jokes and Quotes says:

Funny DOGS compilation 2014-2015 [New]

_ JakeGamerPro _ says:

Я так и непонял ты Русский или Американец

Anthony Campos says:

Wow all I can say is wow.


Filhotes <3

V1P3Z G4M1NG says:
Crystal Nicole says:

What is the name of the song,”I’m comin home”

Mngle Toy Foxy says:

3:04 What’s that sound? xd

Becca Chawner says:

I didn’t like 1:45 I love yorkies but she kicked him/her

ece Raşid says:

4:51 ı cry

Настя Фостер says:

4:50 not funny

nremillard1 says:


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