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Prank job for the ages is about to go down here on GunVsGun Channel. This Prank involves 3 things: Stripper, Nerf Gun and GunVsGun. Click and watch Stripper Prank Nerf Battle video!

Nerf Guns used in this episode: Zuru Xcess Xshot

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Terrible Tommy says:

Fake bewbs are still better than no bewbs.

Terrible Tommy says:

Danny gets nervous even around holographic women.

Tek Solstice says:

Dear GuVsGun, can you make a video where Tommy is playing with fireworks in
the house and Danny tells him to stop and it turns into an all out Nerf war?

Thanks, Alex

Muhammad Daniel says:

Dear Gun vs Gun

Can you make an episode where danny and tommy switch minds. Tommy becomes a
normal newb and Danny becomes an absolute devil in stripers. And then they
have a nerf war and then they snapped out and go back to normal then Tommy
kills Danny


Destined Gamer says:

Maybe she’s just edited in there…or…

MachineGunDanny says:

Pranks rule baby!! I love #pranks

dynastywarrior46 says:

Mgd, you should learn not to mess with Tommy when it comes to strippers,
that’s a line you don’t cross man!!!!!!

Derick Jacob says:

Bandwagon Ur Wearing A Cleveland Cavaliers Shirt But You Had A Miami Heat
Jersey When Lebron Played There Smh 

RackCities:5-10-20 says:

Dear GunVsGun (GVG)

Can you please make an episode where Danny’s kids finds Tommy’s stash of
sweet boggua suggga and Danny finds them thinking it’s the actual “Sugar”
and takes it away and uses it for his coffee.
Tommy is mad and angry that it’s goes and goes to seek out Danny who is
high out of his mind leading to an EPIC Nerf war.

Thanks> RackCities

Bee Hoo Goh says:

Not bad Danny

T Toren says:

cool cool

AlexDeGhost says:

O.K Danny that was a dick move

W la serie Delle sette says:

Tommy was the red thing at the end of the video your evil badass soul that
flow away from your body for let it respawn?

Qishon Lee says:

Dear gunvsgun I’ve watched all you videos and I love them so I’m subscribed
to you guys see you soon

MrLilmar says:

Dear GunvsGun, can you make a video where

deez nuts

Hayden Awsome says:


Mary Kennedy says:

I love you guys so much

T-Feather says:

Danny must have been working on that ever since his wife n kids left him. 

Johnnie Solis says:

So what do hookers pay Tommy? AIDS?

Ryan Cinch says:

Dear Gun Vs. Gun,

I have an idea for an episode.

Danny meets a single, desperate mother looking for a mate at the

He decides to try to hook her up with Tommy to try and get Tommy to get out
of the house.

He thinks she will straighten Tommy out.

Tommy finds out that this mother has a young, hot cleaning lady who also
works as a hooker.

So Tommy bangs her…a lot!

However, Tommy is pissed that Danny pimped him out seeing as he was not
attracted to the mother anyways.

So he comes home and pretends to be a pizza delivery guy. with a free pizza
and box of donuts for Danny.

When Danny opens the door, Tommy frags him with a nerf gun.

Revenge is so sweet!

Tommy celebrates by playing with the holographic hooker.


jia chen says:


Brayden Boggs says:

Where did the action go please stop with all these stupid one gun videos if
ur gonna show off a nerf gun then use it in a never ending nerf war
seriously it’s called gun vs gun not striper vs striper prank so come on
find that respawn button I am a subscriber and I don’t want to watch a
stupid striper video then wait a whole week just to see one bullet shot use
that one shot to blow someone’s face off!! Let’s go bring back the action
the bloody head shoots and the snipers ( I talking about tommy not Danny
because ur aim is kinda suckish It’s because u haven’t done an insane nerf
Video ). So wake up and make an actual video!

Xavier Borden says:

Keep on using that Danny because it’s a destruction 

Connor greer says:


Cameron Flowers says:

Dear GunvsGun
Can you make an episode where Tommy Gun gets mad at Danny Gun for eating
the last chocolate bar and fight to the death.

Joe Bullingham says:

I want sex with a stripper 

Hot Cheetos says:

Dear gunvsgun can you make a video where its late at night,where Nerf sends
zombies and you guys go on a Nerf war with them but you guys try to kill
the with your Nerf gun but the only way to kill them is using the Nerf
zombie strick guns :)

YoungLifeVices says:

Dirty trick. Too bad it will only work once.

perkmaster81 says:

Dear GunVsGun, can you make a video where tommy won’t stop singing and
then danny gets annoyed and asks him to stop and eventually ends in a nerf
war thanks will

RED Spy says:

Are you actually brothers or friends

Harrison Schultz says:

Hell yes! I replayed that kill like 5 times! Thanks for making another
truly killer battle for your dedicated fans!

Eric Zou says:

Dear gun vs gun can you please make a video where tommy is kept on drawing
penises around the house and Danny kept on telling him to stop but he won’t
stop so Danny took out a nerf gun


carson reed-moretz says:

I have the same Xshot gun

Niko Gaming says:

Wat is the fire ball gun anyway????

Anh Voba says:

Dear Gun vs Gun, can you make a video Tommy use the Blazin bow in the house
and Danny get mad ?

foxtrotD349 says:

dear gunvsgun can u make an episode where danny and tommy are in an all out
nerf war and suddenly they run of bullets and starts with hand to hand
combat. thanks jon

Manoj John says:

hey tomy show the bewbs

Jeffrey Fitzwater says:

Pranks are so fun but when its your own brother it can end very bad with a
all out nerf war let the war of revenge begin 

Simon deNoyelles says:

Dear GunvsGun,
Can you make a video where Tommy tries to change the channel on the tv by
shooting it, Danny gets pissed, and they have a nerf war.
Thanks, Simon.

TotaljerkfaceTroll says:

holographic TITS

Jeffrey Rasmusson says:

Coolest prank ever

MacyRaen says:

Dear gunvsgun can you make a vid where tommy finds a grenade launcher but
has a problem. Useing it and when he finds it faking to be broken but when
he looks in Side there is creepy doll inside and tommy gets super mad and
Danny but Danny happens to be in a secret place tommy did not know about
and Danny snipes tommy

General cheesie says:

I say the new avengers last night it was hilarious and awesome

Loyd Avenheart says:


Rimo BG says:

his is not real prank

Steven Calderon says:

You guys are Awsome 

hung pham viet says:


CucumberPlays says:

GunvsGun you vids are the best and funny 

Jan Heberle says:

wow realy in two weeks you finaly make a video and its 2min long wow

bob habib says:

this is soo o bad

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