Funny Pranks – Bloody Tampon Pullout Prank – Pranks on People – Best Pranks – Pranks 2014

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Funny Pranks & best pranks…Funny Pranks – Bloody Tampon Pullout Prank – Pranks on People – Best Pranks – Pranks 2014 ➨ Hope you guys enjoyed this video! Make sure to subscribe for more laughs! 😀 ➨

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Funny Pranks – Bloody Tampon Pullout Prank – Pranks on People – Best Pranks – Pranks 2014

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SoFloComedy says:

Funny Pranks – Bloody Tampon Pullout Prank – Pranks on People – Best Pranks

Guitar Maniac says:

Man! She got balls! Btw she gorgeous! 

AnimeGurl公式 says:

Its like I can feel the embarrassment

Callum Russell says:

The black guys reaction at 1:35 is perfect.

hunny p says:

at 1:41 that black guy reaction….

susubear13 says:

This girl has a perfect body. Nice and thick better than a skinny girl

The Prankists says:

This is kinda of a genius prank. 

KuningaPower says:

Fat slut go lose some weight

Danny A says:

Finally a good prank on this channel, that’s not in the hood either!

Antonio Ayala says:

This is a sick prank…the funniest so far..

Ariel Morales says:

She has cellulite. That’s not good.

Jenny Thich says:

One of the best pranks by far.

katrbr 53 says:

Ewww discussing best reaction tho 0:58

Jordan Meyer says:

That Jasmine is a Foxxx! ;)

Lise Kristensen says:

isnt that the girl who ate her tampon?

lilavanill says:

one of the most awkward things ive ever watched xDD!!!


get a hotter girl to do this next time

Jakob Barscz says:

In the begining that bmx bike is a sunday aaron ross orange soda that a
nice bike I got the sunday aaron ross ex

AndSoWeLaughed says:

She would’ve gotten his number as well! his friend’s reaction was

☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠ says:

i didn’t understood nor wanna understand.

OLegendStudios says:

so gross lol

Phoenix says:

is this seriosly a bloody like a real?

Taco Cat says:

1:36 Eddie Murphy does not approve…

Dominick Wright says:

This is fucking hilarious!

dcuo Cpt Central says:


nathaniel roper says:

Lame it needs to go wrong

bang bang says:

Why use a fat girl eww 

Michael Escobar says:


OG-_NLMB says:

Pause at 1:38 

The hellaboys says:

What is a tampon

Louis Lakey says:

My three worst fears:
1: Canadians
2: Deer
3: Period blood

The Verbally Abusive Clown says:

I think she inadvertently stumbled upon the ultimate rape prevention

AndSoWeLaughed says:

Dayum nastyyy, oooh he got it on tape! 

greg w. says:

a new low, but pretty cool :-)

Cooldudeyeah says:

It wasn’t a prank though…

Bogroll T says:

A genuinely funny prank appears :o

Gizmo meta says:

omg that was FUNNY !

LPmitCG says:

dat face

oblivion8910 says:

i would throw up

xertrex says:

Funniest one i hv seen so far! A+++

OneTrueNine Gaming says:

dodgey lol


Do more hood pranks

sho jo says:

dude’s face @ 1:38 is priceless!! LMAO!!!

FullTimeGrinder says:

Man that was fkn funny!

redl1ghtzz says:


Cedrik Ramos says:

She is fearless

TANA PS says:


Hillock99 says:

Re upload ???

Shaioma Ost says:

What’s so disgusting about fat girls
Like really they’re people too

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