Funny Video Clips Fail Compilation 2014 Best Of Top Funny Home Videos Compilation

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FromShaneToLp says:

never make a video again… in fact, return your computer to the shop

Puudelimorso says:

shitpost of the year

trip lang says:

my heart is aching seeing that poor boy at 6:00, i felt sorry for him to
having that STUPID family, and for the STUPID uploader of this video who
put it on a Funny Clips, anyway this is not funny! poor boy.

Vayind Ali says:

Funny Video Clips Fail Compilation 2014 Best Of Top Funny Home Videos

YOURMOM53100 says:

I has laughed at 3 of these
I thought these were supost to be funny

Music, video MikhaiL Ляhovskiy says:

Funny Video Clips Fail Compilation 

Capt Larry says:


Best Funny Video Of The World says:

like best funny

amir khan says:

ওগো আমার সপ্নের দেখা নিল পরি তুমি আজ কোথায়। পাব কি এ প্রশ্নের জবাব। এটাই
আমার জিবনের সব ছে বর

Lollo Kasu says:

Some scenes twice, lost time, you have boredom and mean the film length
must necessarily be extended?

charlize841 says:

The biggest fail here is posting this video.

Vít Veselý says:

The second one… That we did it

dvortss dvořák says:

My Češi máme ty nejsrandovnější faily :D

manuel bodi says:

¿ Le tapan el pecho que se le ve ?…..Si que es idiota el que hizo el
video……. ¿ acaso no lo hizo justamente porque a ella se le salía el
pecho ?……cuanto idiota suelto por el mundo
………seguro que es algún puritano americano estúpido, el que hizo el

Jp Botha says:

sell your pc. all them repeats . WTF where you thinking

Martijn van Zanen says:

terrible video..

ReaperTDk says:

you are worthless and i hope you get ebola

Dajo242 says:

best of … rest in pieces

Tarik Balesic says:

DONT do sound effects ever again.

brexi cz says:

češi plz :D

Ronald Taliaferro says:

Funny Video Clips Fail Compilation 2014 Best Of Top Funny Home Videos

AlphaOmega YinYang says:

so many repeats so bad.

Brim says:

1st bad videos 2nd what’s witht the random sound effects? there fuckin
annoying m8

Random User says:

The First 21:01 MIns was boring..

Kristián Temnorez says:

1.They are not Russians but Czech folks. Most of the stuff was in one
“recordyourfunnymomentsandwinfreeshitforwholeyear” show, after communism
get fucked off from our country, we finnaly get acces to cameras atc…
2. the goat sound for naked titty is because it is kinda folk word for
them, dont ask my why…
3. the scared boy on that familly trip had to be scared, because he had to
be sucrifíed with certain level of fear in his soul to be accepted as
donation to Lucifer!!!!!

Vivian Rutherford says:

I think it was absolutely fabulous do NOT return your computer to the shop
if you do you need a new set of brains.

Jack Webb says:

Oh me god this video is really bad
Find the difrent one

دموع الحزن المرير says:

small sample that humans are DUMP! ^_^

TheWitchOvAgnesi says:

Worst comp ever. Produced by a faggot

asailijhijr says:

Did you add those sound effects? It makes the clips awful.

Paul Beardsley says:

Stopped watching because of the sound effects.

The Le Family Home Videos says:

Very fun video, I really like it

ANTOINE Close says:


A M says:

Время для коммента из России : ХУЙНЯ!

Cristina Batchelor says:

These are very stupid sound affects and seeing all these people get hurt
isn’t even funny its just not so this stupid video wasted like 5 minutes of
my time :(

blujay4MC says:

vous frapper traduire

nikos markakis says:

Funny Video Clips Fail Compilation 2014 Best Of Top Funny Home Videos

Илья Ильин says:

нихуя не смешно

pepa valenta says:

Its realy weird that most of them r from my country >_<

James C says:

?? Did I see Wiley Coyote ??

lee fradsham says:

Take a look at this video on YouTube:


Barbara Scott says:

Funny? What is WRONG with you people!?

Boodieman72 says:

Whats with all the stupid sound effects

Alexandra Almasyova says:

00:17 Thats a Czech :)

steve s says:

you show the same shit twice….give up you suck at this

Jean Paul says:

que paso con esto??? acaso el que hizo este video es senil???? no se dio
cuenta que puso todos los videos repetidos??? que idiota

Julian Müller says:

haha this is a good video

Jose Asuncion Salamanca says:

Funny Video Clips Fail Compilation 2014 Best Of Top Funny Home Videos

Phu Q says:

Wasted 5 mins and stopped. When am I supposed to laugh?

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