Funny Video Clips Fail Compilation 2014 Best Of Top Funny Home Videos

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PyrocrewGLD says:

Why those idiot sounds?

Oliver Flores says:

This is just sorry had to dislike

Fernando Alao says:

Best copilation. Couldn’t stop laughing on the train while commuting. 

PrankAttacks says:

You know what?? I totally Liked It!!! #funnyvideos2014
Keep doing these awesome #videos 

Mat Chase says:

The ellen show is not a hero. While hard working middleclass parents are
hard at work, their children are bombarded by media trying to indoctrinate
them into the gay abuse cult. From. Huffington post to yahoo to tango
kindergarten book, it is unhealthy to choose this lifestyle. Biotechnology.
now offers cures to this social disease. DONT CHOOSE TO BE HOMOSEXUAL.

WorldsFunniestGags says:

Check out #YoutubeRewind2014 its awesome….

Best Funny Video Of The World says:

Super funny compilation!


Hi, I really like a first sence. I don’ t understand why they do that but
still like them. Thank yours. 

Павел СИЗЕмский says:

У иностранцев всё не так, как у русских у них нет той изюминки которая
присуща только русским.

Petr Vaníček says:

Jsou tam videa z Nevahej a toc. ;-)

cmdfarsight says:

Lots of repetition from other vids.

5cylcoupe says:

This is a really funny video i donk know why people dont like it?

KalaThePro Games says:

You need to watch porn every day to post that video wtf are you kiding me 

Mikal Nicholson says:

The only video that was funny was the first one, every single one that
followed sucked 

Mariusz S says:

was the first video a guy/lady or old or wtf?

Daily Dose of Fun says:

Haha, Love that catwalk video on 3:30 xD

Antenor Derival says:

Funny Video Clips Fail Compilation 2014 Best Of Top Funny Home Videos:

ShareLOLz says:

Something about fail videos. Just can’t get enough of em lol.

Bruyby canny says:

o ultimo é o melhor… srsrsrsr

Childrenofworld2014 says:

fanny moments!

Humail Khan says:

awesome vedio make more but remove the
awesome s** f*** vedio

Funny Video clips says:

wow..! It’s very funny 

wooker maldonado says:

Check out my newest video 

Steve Evans says:

Hmmm, thats a bit odd. I thought I typed in “funny video” in the search
bar. . . . . . . . Oh, i see what happened. I must have typed in “boring,
old, not funny, weird sound fx considerable waste of time” clips.
My bad. . . . 

Films Streaming VF En ligne says:


Cheska Perez says:

This hasn’t made me laugh -_-

Jermaine Spratley says:

Maybe if y’all mother suckers were more concerned with gettin money. Then
it wouldn’t be so much bs

Chadia Osman says:

Funny Video Clips Fail Compilation 2014 Best Of T…:

Szabados Donát says:

what is funny in this?

Scoped1911 says:


Athena says:

Your Video Funny . I have video interesting

AnimalSlayer says:

The constant sheep sound is extremely annoying.

wooker maldonado says:

It’s called crazy dogs 

Best Funniest Video says:

this video is very….very fanny.

The Acorn People says:

hahaha very nice.

Kian Mee says:

Omfg hillarious

Sabortooth192 says:

This vid felt like fail but with tits and dick

Frank Manti says:

Don’t add sound effects plz :-/

Shashi Prabha says:



funny video

Vamsi Vundi says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

BestFailCompilation says:

Have you ever felt like a plastic bag?

martin r says:

tengo gana de follar

gabriel farias says:

Muitos bons 

Ryan Coldiron says:
Pls click link for me

Ryan Seely says:

This Is Gay.

brandy booker says:

That is sex

Minecraftg1rlz says:

what the helllll

محمد العتيبي says:

حرم مجناونه

MD82 says:

this will be perfect if its uncensored

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