Funny Videos Cats and Dogs Best compilation 2015

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Funny Videos Cats and Dogs Best compilation 2015
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Funny Videos Cats and Dogs Best compilation 2015
Funny Videos Cats and Dogs Best compilation 2015

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funny cats and dogs

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Melinda Kirkley says:

I’d say the second video was probably a rehab center. They will use tennis
balls to exercise the bird’s feet when they are injured. I have seen videos
of the same thing being done to bald eagles. The last video with the
Chihuahua was not funny because I have a beagle who is food aggressive. He
has caused bloody dogfights because he thought another one of my dogs was
going to take his food. That behavior needs to be stopped before someone
gets a very nasty bite.

Elise Cox says:

It was crap who would watch it

Alvin Jimenez says:

where is the dog ? i saw one cat only.

Rosy and Rocky Pet Supply says:

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The cat eating the banana looks just like one out 7 of my cats. Adorable

YoC Splayer says:

hahahaXD great ideal give a banana to a pussy 7:45

kko0219 says:

I have no idea that cat will and likes to eat banana!

Alvin Jimenez says:

aw i see one dog only. 

RAJJYOTI Bhattacharjee says:

Funny Videos Cats and Dogs 

tater1477 says:

the youtube add shot was not in the video so you get a thumbs down

BlackPhoenix says:

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 10:43 thats so cute

soft473 says:

Does anyone even notice it says Dogs and Cats, though there is no dogs or
cats in the whole video btw this is boring too dont watch lol

Jacob McClung says:

it isn’t just cats and dogs it is animals. hashtag this sucks

Emilija Sumskaite says:

1:52 :3 :3 :3 I love it soooooo cut!!!

sranjesuper says:

Damn that second clip, is that an owl or a golden retriever bird hybrid

Funny Video Clips - Stupid, Crazy, Laugh says:

Funny videos cats and dogs and best compilation thanks you

peggy ann says:

What if you don’t think that you don’t mess up other people’s time on
YouTube so that they can watch it and I’m in by the way

Beehong Ang says:

Beautiful! Jesus the awesome Creator of all creatures making hunan the
crown of His creation. 

Taurean Buddy Henson Jr says:

Funny Videos Cats and Dogs Best compilation 2015:

Paul Courtney says:

yo who watches this shit

Sama Hojabri says:

Why is this video about animals eating stuff? I got bored watching it, it
takes to long for them to eat BORING

Luke Short says:


Lizzie Goodall says:

Why are these wild animals in people’s homes? This isn’t right!

Dimitrijs Bloha says:

rename it because is mostly other animals

L00py 7thst. says:


Christopher M says:

So cute and funny at the same time.

JZ.Movies. Julio zack says:

I enjoyed cubs.

Emily Gonzalez says:

That cat loves bannanas

Аня Арсенова says:

класный терёнак

Orange Sparkly Bears says:

how on earth is dis funny to you i’m disliking RIGHT NOW

Efrain Campa says:

it was good but not funny

Funny Reality Romance Hot says:

watch funniest videos collection

Car auto says:

intelligent animals than normal.

gabyyy bucharest says:

Funny Videos Cats and Dogs Best compilation 2015:

Maria Fermin says:

Wasn’t this suppose to be about cats and dogs?


just a speed faster than normal video

arianna buck says:

5:00 lol tne bunny stole the carrot

fantage madi says:

Soo cute
The first one is cute!!!!!!

Simon Perez says:

Get off my phone

Anna Willingham says:

That tiger was LOUD 

Rapunzel de wana says:

Funny Videos Cats and Dogs Best compilation 2015:

Alexander Tsirinsky says:

Посмотрите это видео на YouTube:

Kenneth Coates says:

Funny Videos Cats and Dogs Best compilation 2015:

Lara Cuter Rodel says:

owww…. this is so cute!!!!!!!

Mohamed Lahlou says:

Funny zoos

gabyyy bucharest says:

Funny Videos Cats and Dogs Best compilation 2015:

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