Funny Videos Fail Compilation 2014 Best Funny Fail Videos & New Funny Home Videos 2014

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Funny Videos Fail Compilation 2014 Best Funny Fail Videos & New Funny Home Videos 2014

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boatonhana says:

As I’m watching this video, I start to scroll down and read the comments
and I expect to see a dog shredding a cat to pieces with blood coming out
of the cat since someone said the video should be flagged as inappropriate
and a few more stating that they’d kill the owner. As I witness the clip
being mentioned in the comments, I couldn’t help but put my face in my hand
and shake it in disappointment. It was obvious that the dog wasn’t trying
to hurt the cat and that the cat was simply annoyed by it slobbering all
over her head. Perhaps the cat has a quiet or mellow personality and they
didn’t feel the need to get violent because they knew they weren’t in
danger. The cat also went over to the owner to seek refuge from what I can
only describe as their “annoying brother” which would also support the idea
that the cat has a quiet personality.

Honestly you guys… It’s good to know that people are willing to stick up
for an animal when they’re in danger but the cat was perfectly fine and
there really is no need to make exaggerated statements about killing the
owner or the dog. Get over yourselves.

Gray R says:

Dog biting cat.
Not funny. Dude, get something that doesn’t make people cry….
Like me.

MrJJtheboss says:

whoever recorded the piece of the dog almost eating the cat:

i hope u get cancer and die. or better, i hope that an animal bigger then u
tries to swallow you, and that any by standers will not help u.

i swear if that shit happens to u i would be so happy

Brendan Ouziel says:

I felt so bad for that cat

Jasmin Cornelis says:

What happend to the cat! It to fucked up to look farter for me! Aaagh…
stupid people why not help the cat

KWSs Kittys are Charlotte and Fabian and Gee Gee says:

1. Not really funny, just random.
2. Just someone falling, not to funny.
3. Okay, her pants fell down: funny.
4. NOT funny! He could have gotten hurt. Luckily he was trained.
5. Lol, his pants!
6. Not really funny.
7. Super funny! Lol the goats!
8. Owch!
9. Not funny.
10. Not funny.
11. Nope.
12. Super funny, but poor dog.
13. No.
14. Lol, its kind-a like a bird pooping.
16. I feel bad, not funny.
17 (this counts for all the ‘bull’ people on the ride). No, not really.
18. Ow
19. Nah.
20. Poor kid.
21. OW!
22. That was a classic bike fall.
23. Noo
24. No, to long.
25. Ew
26. That is SO sad!!!! NOT funny at all, poor kitty.
27. Nah. 

Idontmakevids AJ says:

8:57 is not funny. That cat is in pain.

Best Funny Video Of The World says:

Best fail funny compilation!

jolasu says:

Poor cat ;__;

Generation Legacy says:

0:33 penetration incoming!!!

Felony says:

The dog is just play biting the cat. My dogs do it to me all the time.

Death Spawn says:

It seems more like if they are playing..Notice the cats tail isnt shaking
intensily so he aint fighting, crybabys. Seriously, stop

Katarina Dobricic says:

someone who recorded dog eating cat is f***ing stupid….poor cat…

Aria Waskitha says:

Funny traditional car please watch

Rose Green says:

I hope the guy who flimmed the dog almost eatig the cat dies dies I swear
if that happens I’ll be so happy so happy ; )

Teresa Diaz says:

OMG the poor little kitten at least do something that poor little kitten
could’ve died do something the kitten was crying this is not funny I
understanded your language guy behind the camera you said yeah Good Dog
keep going that is what you said you stupid mother fucker

Jenny Jahan says:

dog part was very disgusting!!! oh my god! inhuman

Kinsey Chernicky says:

I also didn’t like the dog almost calling that POOR cat!!!!!!!

gunio poyuki says:

It was somewhat funny, but at the end, your 9 clip ad had 5 females out of
9 pictures. ALL 5 (every single one, not a grandma, a regular female
without being a centerfrold version) were featured with their boobs out or
their butt or crotch exposed. I am so sick of this crap. I will not
subscribe to such sexist BS. If you cannot respect a woman for anything but
titts and ass, then I cannot watch your amateur videos. Always showing
females as sexual and half naked and willing, is so sickening.

Grantflip says:

omg 3:30 i just watched those monkeys for 3 minutes, he had a strong grip!

US. Resistence says:

Why does this look like it was all recorded in the 90’s

softkittywarmkitty96 says:

Disliked, because of cat scene

Igor Mladenovic says:


Barbra Thompson says:

The dog one is not funny and if you think it is then the a di*ck

Tomek_PL says:

The title should be DDR FUN

Myra Mae Puyao says:

Dude.. The part that the dog biting the cat wasn’t funny
I love cats..
The man that taking the video is a jerk

Jacob Ziolkowski says:

The dog is grooming the cat you all are looking for something to bitch

StartheFox100 says:

9:05 is NOT funny! The fact they stood by and watched is disgusting and

Jamon Ganesh says:

Why? WTF dude, the cat and dog part wasn’t funny not even a little bit!

erick de jesus says:

Thats video is funny for everyone for me that video is not funny beacuse
thats super funny!

Chelsea Veen says:

Te part White te dog andere kitten in strongly diseprove of Thatcher pies
in hope you woud delete thuis video 

GeeBoy Mjira says:

That cat and dog part!! absolutely not funny

Ana Franco says:

this was boring who would put this up here

EpicMelonGames says:

1:16 that has to hurt bad :(

Kinsey Chernicky says:

This video sucked and I didn’t laugh at ALL!

Wormweed says:

2014 compilation it says, then the vid is full of really REALLY old clips!
The threadmill clip has to be from the 90’s, same with the clip before it.
The guy with the donkey is probably 15 years old too!
Edit: Nvm, the entire shit is old as fuck.

Kolowrat 7888 says:

Здорово, много позитива и улыбок было на моём лице 

EbonyDollable says:

Oh no the man with the donkey is done for

jesse marino says:

help the fucking cat!!! get him away from the fucking dog!!!
IDIOTS!! thats not funny!

captainfordo89 says:

Guys IG the dog wanted to kill the cat it would have. It would have bitten
harder and actually did something dogs play too. Please try to think before
everything u say on yiutube

Miha S says:


Jesus Sandoval says:

I can’t believe we were wearing those clothes on 2014 !!….I hope 2015
means new clothes?

Crappy Food that gives you diarrhea says:

For all the dumbasses concerned about the cat and dog situation

patricija cebe says:

Top funny videos for ever ever!!!!!!!!
Very funny is women on bull!!!!!!!!!

Avery Harber says:

I didn’t like the one where the dog bites the cat…

Carey Mariah says:


GTV says:

How good part of the treadmill and the donkey . Overall very good video.
Thanks for making me laugh .

I also have a channel of funny videos. If they want to visit the canal. And
if you like to subscribe.

itsmecelinau says:

Poor kitty he’s like scared and no matter what the dog sitting is pretty
rough. And he even went by the human to help and the idiot just kept
recording. We don’t see what happens but probably got worse. Karmas a bitch
poor animals can’t fight back 

Ethan cohen says:

OMG the fails are so cool but I feel sorry for them when they hurt them

Fred ツ says:

I feel like all these videos are from the 90s

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