FUNNY VIDEOS Fail Compilation 2014 – Total Wipeouts

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Funny Videos Fail Compilation 2014 – Total Wipeouts. Catch these awesome wipeout moments from ooops funny videos only on youtube. It involves animals, kids, men, woman fails and much more. They get hurt, break their bones doing stupid things. Its really hilarious, dont forget to LIKE COMMENT & SHARE this fantastic video.

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Liam Wheelans says:

The sound affects are so annoying 

Evan Ray says:

the videos would be better with no sound effects

AlexanderFrodevall says:

I hate the stupid sound effects.

Deppy Bunga says:

the last was the best!!! 

Isaac Goodrich says:

the sound effects literally ruin this video

Ava nicholson says:

Why do they add those stupid sound effects??

amanda dolding says:

Hate it when they put retarded fucking sound effects on it

NuttyButtuski says:

Boner Jams 03 mix tapes. ADHD videos if you can handle it.

jdogg5252 says:

these kinda sound effects stopped being funny back in the 80’s

Emma Briggs says:

I agree the sour ruined everything but it was funny!!

Tasha Ramsey says:

I don’t like the sound effects! please make them with out it?

Mikal Røysland says:

Hihihi dis is funny

Pat McCann says:

Russians should stay away from water. And keep their clothes on. 

Louis Chambre says:

Ils sont un peut tarrés … 

Rene Tragatsch says:

Fuck your life, it is not fucken funny

Chloe Bailey says:

They put the sound effect before anything happend

Mick Carson says:

I hate idiots.

Lida Artunduaga says:

I farted at the end of the video 

Alex Benitez says:

LMAO sounds effects are hilarious…keep it up

Thatsrightboy Thenwegobackandgetfletcher says:

Are you fucking kidding me with the stupid sound effects??!!

Jose Luis Gutierrez says:

This video is lame

Steve Harman says:

The sound effects make this one stupid.

thanasis kapsalis says:

2014??? most of them are older than the fucking internet.

millionsteve says:

We love Russia

cookies12375 says:

The worst sound editing I have EVER heard in my life, burn whoever made

Slavoljub Becanovic says:

F*cking sound effects! ‘-.-

Abigail Saunders says:

I agree the sour ruined everything but it was funny!!

Rick Chesler says:

The sound effects pretty much ruin the videos.

str33tb1k3r says:

Thumbs down for sound effects

Harvey Mushman says:

Thank you so much for the pointless cartoon sound effects.

ranger Nation says:

sound effects suck pls dont add them but ty very very much

jon tresee says:

So funny wt sound effects…

Sub mariner says:

at 3:00, actually life threatening a few minutes under water and the child
may be brain damaged for the rest of his/he life. The parents were clearly
not aware of the dangers. 

Kingston Blevins says:

Hey I love your videos

Steampyro says:

Has AFV not taught people anything? Sound effects do not add to videos
like this; they make them worse.

JobStore says:

Best sound effects ever… too funny!

Sem Boonstra says:

The sound effects sucks

Someoneb Ben says:

good videos, but not 2014. I want to see new ones wich i have never seen.
Judging by the camera all these vids are from the 90s, reminds me of video
gag. But dont advertise as a new 2014 fail vid…

Ariel Alejandro Montano says:

Is this cool or what?

CervenkovaPetra says:

its from czech tv show “Neváhej a toč”

Saylor Wollan says:

What’s with the stupid sound effects?

CatsGoMeowXX says:

I sound stupid saying this, but I actually liked the sound effects, And I
admit that I actually liked that video. 

Kristklim says:

Czech Fails FTW :D

Daisy Garcia says:


Martin Holmes says:

RUINED by idiotic sound effects!

Chicken Dippah says:

Click mute.
Thank me later. 

Anita Bikic says:

This was funny and the last one whas so funny

feenux82 says:

I made it 30 seconds before I stopped watching. The sound effects are
annoying beyond compare.

bdemaree says:

Damn! Clicked on it before I realized it was an Oops video. It’s channels
like this one that make me wish YouTube would give you the option to block
channels. The sound effects actually piss me off. They tell me the channel
thinks either I’m too stupid to decide what’s funny on my own, or I’m
watching this in the 90s. PLEASE, YouTube, make it possible for me to enjoy
watching without keeping a running mental list of all the uploaders I
despise!!! Please give us a block channel/uploader option.

Wolds GoldSwag says:

Now that what I talking about

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