Funny Videos – Funny pranks,funny fail || scary prank compilation 2015

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Izaya Tboi says:

Where’s the booty?

Krisztian Toth says:

American people need to die

Alan Garcia says:

the fat woman asked the guy if he wanted her to untie him lmao ” no no just
leave me to die here”

Dimitris Theodopoulos says:

well some of those pranks are funny, some others…. may not so.

Lustige Sekunden Videos says:

Lustige Sekunden Videosvor 1 Sekunde


The Nine Tailed Fennec says:

Most of these should either end in some sort of arrest or lawsuit. “Hahaha,
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and anxiety attacks are just full of endless
lol’s, amiright?”

Faisal Mahmood says:

nice videos …………..dont have other wark ?

TheElgreko says:

Pff people put pic of booty and dont have or put it in lasts dislike.

AE A says:


alex blinder says:

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“we Hate facebook We will keep Hacking it”

Mark Billman says:

popup slut

Timothy Cates says:

No it is not at 1:44

Art Poet says:

The shooting pranks and fake bomb pranks were not funny.

JURPranks says:

We’re noob pranksters so please check out our videos!!! Any haters will be
welcomed with open arms!! Love to you allllll
The Pee Prank:

Sue Fultz says:

FUNNY how do u people do it loved it I liked the cat one when the cat
jumped on the girl

SHADE says:

That’s Dave and Shawwwnnn song ? ^^

Overdose21127 says:

i put thumbs down only for so many ads on the screen

Edward Huerta says:

Fuck Americans they can succ my dick

joesuperman8 says:

3:36 dont they know they cant outrun a black man

Amber Courey says:

you guys gotta check this link 🙂

SuperRyan2389 says:

What’s that metal song at 8:30?

Funny Smile For You says:

Funny Videos – Funny pranks,funny fail || scary prank compilation 2015.
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Funny Compilation says:
Chance Edenfield says:

Hey HEY…. Wheres ass?

Tomanek Hill says:

Lol that was hilarious :-)

galdana2010 says:

That was scary

Jose Perdomo says:

It is funny. And coda. Scary

Freddy Diaz says:

Now that’s Funny LOL

Edlin Elizalde says:

That’s just messed up

Marie P says:

I’m just hangin out!

skye plumridge says:

That sucks…

FunnyCountry says:
We live noob pranksters consequently make sure you have a look at each of
our video tutorials!!! Any haters are going to be good with wide open
forearms!! Want to anyone allllll.

Money Time says:

Get prank items here

Jermari Montine says:

Lol that was funny

afiq razali says:


Taleah Herring says:


x MaNiiakZ x says:


Mariah Tannis says:


Cooper Harrison says:


d.j and rab says:

best funny videos

james mcelroy says:
Kawehi Bush says:
young boy beedy says:

Funny capitulation

Eden Fokshner says:


Joseph Scott says:


Gungun Kapoor says:

This kid is awesome lol check out the video.

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