Funny ZOO fails and moments – Funny animal compilation

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Just look what can happen when you visit ZOO! Monkeys are stealing stuff, making funny faces, throwing poop,… Lamas are spitting in your face, lions are trying to eat you and so on. So be careful when you visit ZOO 😛 Hope you enjoyed watching this compilation. If so, please SUBSCRIBE to our channel. Check out also our other videos and channels.

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Narek Avetisyan says:

This is not funny it is just sad.

If you visit a Zoo and think it is entertaining to watch an wild or
endangered animal behind glass being humiliated for your amusement you
should second guess your humanity.
Zoo’s are a terrible place. And making a video about how funny it is
watching a wild animal behind a glass window being laughed upon by
“intelligent” people is pathetic.

You should know better.

EpigGamer says:

I don’t see how attempting to eat a mouse is funny.

Martin Lengechev says:

I don`t think the Varan trying to eat the mouse is funny! 

1rkhachatryan says:

OMG the Penguin *dies from cuteness* <3!!!!

Roy Miller says:

Fucking retarted parents get your fucking kid away from the glass. Looking
a lion straight in the eyes behind a safe glass is humiliating. At some
point I wish the glass broke.

Alfonso Navarro says:

You might want to consider lowering the volume of the music or removing it

Thanh Hiền Nguyễn says:

Imagine that one day you stand in a room and everybody come to watch you
every single days, they point at you , laugh at you … eewww it’s a

Ayesha Bibby says:

Aww bad goats stop hurting the babies, but it’s the parents fault too
letting their kids get THAT close

Julia Selph says:

I found this very sad. I don’t understand how teasing, and teaching
children to tease/laugh at, captive animals can be considered entertaining
or feel right. Wish I had missed this.

judy19897 says:

let them free

Julietthekiller 445 says:

i wonder if monkeys like to steal peoples stuff and keep em :/

Ame H. says:

Oh how I HATE seeing these poor critters behind bars and glass… why do I
LOVE it so much when an animal knocks down kids??? IT”S THE BEST!!!

Sage Sword says:

Mouse:Catch me if u can :)

Reef Brookshire says:

I have a riddle! Someone guess the answer and if u don’t get it right after
a while I will give the answer! How can you tell if a llama likes you?

leonor coni says:

Por favor no pases más videos de zoológicos me producen NAUSEAS ver a esos
pobres animales encerrados, de por VIDA!!!!!!! y esa filmación del ratón es
patética!!!! creo que tienes videos más hermosos para hacer, gracias

Animalist says:


Josh Delagrange says:

Hunting for food is one thing maintain animal population but not to nearly
wipe out entire animal for trophies is a disgrace.Learn from
conventionalist sites that have put to many animals on endangered species.I
rather see the amazing beautiful animals safely protected in a Zoo where
they get feed daily taken care of maintain for the future generation.If you
don’t know an actual fact then keep you’re mouth shut.With out convention
all animals in the wild and the ones in a zoo that keeps them safe would
all be wiped out and then little kids won’t know what Lion is or Elephant
or Rhino.Next time you speak about zoos being evil you better have facts on
why they are evil.

Nicholas Woodlock says:

If you want to be a problem with this one. 

Jonofwrath says:

1:15 “The closer you are to danger the further you are from harm.”

Alexa Penn says:

hi – LoVe the music you choose (and if you don’t like it, stop complaining
and turn it off!! – jeez!) the music with the cats annoying their owners
was just perfect.
where do you get these particular pieces ? thanks :}

Alexis Meir says:

Turn off that f*cking music.

Jeff F says:

whose bright idea was it to put annoying music over the video so we can’t
hear the reactions of anyone in the videos?

Grace Murphy says:

That penguin was so cute! 😛 

Funny Videos says:

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jhg says:

Haha der pinguin , ich liebe pinguine , der rest war oede irgend ne lamen
lamas und verhaltensgestoerten affen brauch man sich nicht ansehn

sapphirerose101 says:

I didn’t know monkeys were thieves! c:

Lam Nguyen says:


Comentador says:

La musica del final fantasy vi xd

laura exton says:

i seriously don’t see how this video is funny, its just sad

Tmarie2u says:

An Avoidable Ending.
3:46 That’s it KiD!! Your going to get it Rightttttttttt……………
Firing Process
3:47 Start the UPCHUCK Process!!
3:48 Process Started!!
3:49 Target Barf Victim
3:50 Upchuck completed!!! Lower head to achieve Target goal!!
3:51 Lower Head and FIRE!! >:)
back to program
3:52 ……… NOW!!

XxKyKiske2007xX says:

Music is from Final Fantasy 6.

Kate Anderson says:

I didn’t like the fact that there were young children getting knocked over
and hurt. That’s not funny at all. Not cool. The rest was funny. 

isaiah audelo says:

3:55 that penguin must be high on weed

ronald huff says:

Funny ZOO fails and moments – Funny animal compil…:

PokemonDarkside says:

what is up with babys and goats

Skiddly Boop says:

The royalty free music on this channel gets me everytime

Iliona C. says:

I hate monkeys

Razor Blade says:

Thank you thank you tiger productions! I wanted this
Soooo bad XD I love the zoo you are awesome ;3 keep up the good work

ISHIL Thequeen says:

Funny ZOO fails and moments – Funny animal compil…:

MsRainbow Brite says:

The Orangutan that grabbed the guys shirt, I imagined him saying “Look, I’m
a human”

Wolven .Gaming says:

Lol smart mouse

Kimiro DragonWolf says:

Funny ZOO fails and moments – Funny animal compil…:

Takura says:

These aren’t funny. just sad. I especially hate the ones of little kids in
front of the big cats and people laughing when the big cat is basically
trying to EAT the kid…
But I’ll admit, the one with the baby penguin is adorable

Tiger Productions says:

Just some things that can happen when you visit ZOO :P

amber ainsworth says:


Anna K says:

That was funny!

Starshinepie says:

So what im getting from this is that animals are aggressive lil shits 

ursulatheonion says:

I hate zoos!

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