Gag Concert | 개그콘서트 (2014.11.08)

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I’m the Only Guy / Dating Skills Test / Drunken / Help Me / Chicken High School / Marry You Minsang Off / God of Hip Hop / 10 Years Later / Old Affair / Me Against the World / Let It Be / The Big World / Dating Secretly / The Family Head / Hidden Masters
– Telecasting Time: Saturdays 04:30pm | Sundays 01:50am (Seoul, UTC+9)
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Josh Gallie says:

I’m here. Enjoy!
0:11 I’m the Only Guy | 6:11 Dating Skills Test | 12:18 Drunken | 19:29
Help Me! | 25:12 Chicken High School | 29:10 Marry You Minsang Off | 34:38
God of Hip Hop | 43:57 10 Years Later | 49:33 Old Affair | 54:59 Me Against
the World | 1:00:22 Let It Be | 1:05:20 The Big World | 1:11:59 Dating
Secretly | 1:18:20 The Family Head | 1:23:56 Hidden Masters

Dony Vu says:

It’s really a time for Kim Huiwon to shine in God of Hip Hop. Love her!

Daks British says:

Traditional Korean music and rapping mix really well.

Michelle Lee says:

I really really want one of those name tag holder in Chicken High School
skit, they are so cute, especially the red chick one ><

robsten1992 says:

10 years later is GOLD

Kyla Montenegro says:

i wish they made 10 years later into a movie because honestly its so sweet
and lovely :’) (btw does anyone know if there are other shows or movies out
there sinilar to the plotline of 10 years later?)

Sweet Potato Days says:

Kim Daesung damn did you see his bod? Dresses up like a girl too much
didn’t know his body that is banging! xD 

Penguin Beauty says:

The new skit, Me Against the World, is so funny !

Jay-F says:

Whoa Jang Ki Young looks really good in the “Dating Secretly” skit
adding him to the list of hot comedians XD

Shandao Leiximei says:

10 years later is a pretty clever segment. The writer is a genius

Biyoku Kuchiki says:

Minsang: Am I like Gain?
Jimin: More like Attack on Titan.
I ‘lol’ed at this XD

Ita Nursita K says:

love the 10 years later skit! lovely~~~~~~ 

Barbara Frazier says:

I understand the Marry You Minsang Off skit Younggil is supposed to be that
way as well as his friends that come on but I feel bad that they dont talk
more about his good points, I feel bad he hasnt gotten married yet, he
seems like a good catch…

LearnTo Sing says:

Kim Sung Won reappeared in the hip hop skit yeah

Siti Nurliana says:

❤❤❤ Chicken High School
❤❤ Drunken
❤❤ God of Hip Hop
❤ Let It Be
❤ The Family Head
Mostly, I don’t like Dating Secretly skit. (In my own opinion) :D

Go Jae Mi says:

muwalagu appa is goodlooking <3

syafickix says:

never knew shingeki no kyojin is that popular :DD

Saku Chino says:

The way Heo Min and Ilgwon smiled at each other at the end of their little
exchange was so cute ahhhhhh

tryingdyingcrying says:

10 years later is the cutest skit !!

ElR 이하미 says:

i’ve really fall so hard for the laughin guy at secretly dating …i like
him <3 so cute

KaizenDRL says:

Wow they edited out the ending, what happen with the guy with all the
superhero clothing

iamracheld says:

That guy who mouths along to Kim Dae Sung in Drunken was there again this
week hahaha 

CathedralUntouched says:

is no one going to mention drunken’s scene for the ladies XDXD <3<3

King Mavolence says:

The Arirang song was awsome @.@ they had a perfect mix-up of traditional
song and hip hop

EunJinHae says:

I really like God of Hip Hop and Dating Secretly!

Muhammad Firdaus Nata says:

Hidden Masters is nearing it’s end..

GeronL1 says:

Abnormal Prison got canceled?

You JN says:

Bomi is cute :3

Gilbert Lee says:

10 years later is my most favorite skit so far, it’s like watching a short
drama lol…

Hikmah Dinillah says:

That Mwoya Mwoya guy..reminds me of iKON’s Donghyuk haha. i meant his face

gracekuangyl says:

i didnt know that jang kiyoung is so handsome! saw him in reveal the story
but didnt noe. Totally discover a new side of him

Wishy says:

All the famous comedians make it even more amazing. :3 :3 They all fit the
roles really well.

jenni.lee says:

Is it just me or does the Jung Seungbin guy in “Marry You Minsang Off”
remind anyone of iKon’s Jinhwan?

Ong Isaac says:


stressogal says:

That jang kiyoung looks so hot ! XD

tira8710 says:

Where is anbnormal prison skit?did they cut it already?

Christina Meek says:

Omg I laughed at the guy at the end in Hidden Masters with his painted body
and hulk fist. Did they edit his part out? lmao 

mynthe151 says:

He tomo-ed kim junho… O.o

injung im says:

LOL at the new skit marry yu minsang off! if he considers a foreigner, i
wouldn’t mind to apply. he’s always been my favorite in gag concert

ilangshot says:

Alot of people commented on the marry you minsang off thing on the website.
i cant see the attached pictures though. lol 

plethoravines says:

How i wish they wouldn’t cut any of the skits 

Gong-Channie Cutie says:

I love every single thing about gag concert :)

oppaneedsyaoi says:

@22:31 That dance… I’ve seen that somewhere… hmmm

noseefood says:

korean comedy relies on slapstick and catch phrases. i have not seen smart
comedy come out of s. korea yet. 

Jenna Kim says:

33:14 omg for reals?! ㅋㅋㅋ Yoo MinSang 🙁 I feel bad for him…

CarlosYura Ning says:

anyone know the song for “Marry You MingSang Off” ?

SailorMew says:


Fatma Saif says:

What is the name of the song in marry you minsang off?

Prisyafandiafif Charifa says:

Love that Arirang + Hip Hop song! They really do deserve a record deal.

Johnny Wang says:

so is blue eyes the new thing over there now?

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