Gag Concert | 개그콘서트 (2014.11.15)

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I’m the Only Guy / Help Me! / Drunken / God of Hip Hop / Dating Skills Test / The Family Head / Marry You Minsang Off / Me Against the World / 10 Years Later / Hidden Masters / Old Affair / Viewer’s Opinion / The Big World / Let It Be / Secretly Dating / Chicken High School
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LPlays says:

Chicken High School is one of those skits that gets better and better every
time, like Help Me! and I’m the Only Guy. Me Against the World is great
too. I’m really starting to like almost all of the skits now. I still think
Dating Skills Test is getting a little old now. I liked it the first few
times I watched it but it gets old pretty quick.

Ga Eul Ryu says:

Kim Sungwon makes every skit he’s in a thousand times funnier haha

Syazlynn Lynn says:

I hope Sungkwang will not go to hospital because of all the eating ;-; he
need to eat like two kind of food (like the jam and oysters) every week,
maybe even when he practices the skit ;-;

K-POPlover says:

I really like Dating Secretly LOL

Karin Fumei says:

in 10 Years Later, the poster switches to EXO, *sobs* there is 12 of them

NuUTubeBabe says:

I didn’t think anything could take the place of Badump, Badump and make me
go “Awwww” again, but 10 Yrs Later does a REALLY good job!

Angel Goss says:

Though I think that Terry kinda makes the skit not that funny.
My opinion, I guess.

Rachel Wong says:

Oh. My. God. Kim Sungwon’s rap in Show Me the Mori. 

chuppiecakelove says:


Nhung Phan says:

When the kid rapper in Show Me The mwoni came out he rapped a part in B.I’s
rap in Team B’s Climax and i was so happy

Jina Lee says:

My favorite skits are ending soon ㅠㅠ Looking forward to the new sets
replacing them but still going to kiss them a lot!! 

Ariia Almeiida says:

Chiken high school the best so hilarious

Sydy Yorth says:

i feel bad for Kim Junho in Chicken High School skit every time he got
hurt. whatever it’s still hilarious 

i am a Cool Shawol says:

i miss bora…where is she

nhanny10 says:

Am I the only one who feel as though An Somi and Sangho are dating? That
kiss was super cute! If they’re not, they should. I ship it. Lol. 

xni86ght says:

wa! havent seen soyeong for a while

ThunderTak says:

Once again they skipped that guy in hidden masters, what’s up with that?

Josh Gallie says:

0:11 I’m the Only Guy | 6:00 Help Me! | 10:40 Drunken | 16:51 God of Hip
Hop | 25:20 Dating Skills Test | 32:54 The Family Head | 37:35 Marry You
Minsang Off | 44:18 Me Against the World | 49:51 10 Years Later | 56:56
Hidden Masters | 1:02:22 Old Affair | 1:08:05 Viewer’s Opinion | 1:13:41
The Big World | 1:19:37 Let It Be | 1:24:38 Secretly Dating | 1:30:50
Chicken High School

Siti Nurliana says:

Finally~! I missed the first 2 skits on TV and now I can watch it here!
It’s so weird when The Hidden Masters is not the last skit but instead it’s
Chicken High School. Lol. But anyway, Chicken High School is just
amazinggg~! It’s really hilarious! It’s the only skit that actually made me
laughed so hard that it’s really difficult for me to focus on the TV! xD
This is like the first time I actually saw Song Jungeun (the teacher)
laughed. Mostly, he’s the one that can hold his laugh while the others just
give no shit and laughed like crazy. I guess seeing Kim Junho getting hit
with the huge ball for like 5 or 6 times just can’t hold his laugh any
longer. Lol xD But still, that’s what I love about this skit! And I really
prefer An Somi as the new student instead of the school nurse. (I still
love the nurse. :P) Also, in Secretly Dating I don’t know about you guys
but I really prefer Jeong Seunghwan (the traffic police guy) more than that
suspect guy (whose I don’t remember his name). For me, Seunghwan is
funnier. I really love the part when he said “Peekaboo” and act like
‘that’! Lol. Next, the new skit 시정자 의견 actually is pretty funny to me.
Plus, I’m starting to like Lee Sangeun more since I saw him in the skit. He
looks really cute! >_< Looking forward for more~! Lastly, when Jo Yunho showed the picture of Lee Dongyun before his jaw surgery, I literally laughed so hard! Didn't expect Yunho to actually show the pic. xD I know how much different Dongyun looks back then before his surgery. (Now he's really handsome :3) Love him~ 빡! 끝~ xD

Ruthymon says:

For those who don’t know Danpei in the “Chicken High School” skit, it
refers to Japanese anime and video game, Honō no Tōkyūji: Dodge Danpei
(炎の闘球児 ドッジ弾平)

Gilbert Lee says:

I really don’t find “Marry You Minsang Off” funny… And it’s so low of
them for shaming on someone’s body for the sake of laughter. I feel like in
Korea, people don’t look at how good you are, but how good you look… 

thablackdiamond says:

does anyone know where I can find the piggy doll that is the Show me the
What skit??

ade ima says:

when i watch god of hip hop lee sangeun,,,hey i think i’ve heard it before,
its part of B.I (iKon) rap in Climax song kekekekekeke ^_^

Kaydee Kelly says:

They always looking for yongpal.haha.

plethoravines says:

Hahaha does Kim Junho not know what was going to happen? Because it seems
like he’s in a shock the first few time

thandarwin01 says:

Who else pause the screen during “10 years later” skit and count how many
EXO members in the photo?

IcyDragon68 says:

Why did they cut so much away?! 

Michael Luu says:

love marry min sang off, too funny

helwa manis says:

Trot plus rap is super goood

Karin Fumei says:

what is that song in the Marry You Minsang Off?! I SWEAR I’VE HEARD IT
BEFORE BUT I DON’T KNOW WHERE! i think i heard it in some drama…

Yo Kpop says:

Did Dumber Dumber Show end already? Sorry, I can’t remember.
But omg! I LOVE CHICKEN HIGH SCHOOL!!! The twins are adorable! Loved
today’s episode’s skit. Was hilarious! 

kristbjorg999 says:

Why does the girl at 1:02:59 always have such a glossy face? I am always

Cookie12 Pie7 says:

Yeh…I keep counting and EXO poster behind the skit “10 years later” has
12 members …wohoo ^^ full of memories 

Afiey Zaini says:

Soyoung!! And sora! Its been a while haha.. Minsang like hong yeaseul??
Wuhuu nice one.. Hopefully he will finally get married :)

Kayla Won says:

Am I the only one who almost screamed when EXO was in the backgrond haha

Thu Nguyen says:

OMG God of Hip Hop Climaxxxx team B :'( 

TvxqYunhoRhino says:

The EXO poster still have 12 members XD

Vivian Ma says:

Ohmygoodness haha. I knew they were gonna put EXO into the ten years later
skit. WHOOP~

amirul choding says:

poor Kim JunHo …haha… Chicken High School the best…hahahha

Alia Alaa says:

Chicken highschool is the best skit i hope it lasts for a long time

Cynthia61644 says:

he used B.I’s rap !! omg omg

Ellzy Park says:

amazing in the God Of Hip Hop skit! <3

winniepooh4ever says:

I miss Dumb and Dumber

KendraShadow says:

Viewer’s Opinion is like RealiT and Dallas into one. :)

Lesly Vargas says:

can’t stop laughing with Chicken in the School , really funny 

최키아나 says:

Is Kim Sungwon supposed to be like Jackson? idek if Jackson is on Show Me
The Money but Sungwon’s dancing and voice reminds me of Jackson. 

milksomecows says:

I was surprised during the “God of Hip Hop” skit how good at rapping some
of the comedians were. Kiri clown was great!

trevdpboi says:

why did the hidden masters’ portion get cut?

acas subero says:

love the rappers skit and let it be . had me rolling !!

Talitha Ganiswari says:

Omooo Sangeun rapping Hanbin’s part of Climax! :3

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