Gag Concert | 개그콘서트 (2014.11.22)

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I’m the Only Guy / Let It Be / Dating Skills Test / God of Hip Hop / Marry You Minsang Off / Chicken High School / I’m So Sad / Secretly Dating / Me Against the World / Viewer’s Opinion / Help Me / Drunken / Old Affair / The Family Head / The Big World / Hidden Masters
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Lisa Huynh says:

Kim Sungwon, I love him. I was laughing so hard at the rapping skit, he
made it sooo much better.

Josh Gallie says:

Drumroll please!
0:11 I’m the Only Guy | 5:38 Let It Be | 10:41 Dating Skills Test | 18:44
God of Hip Hop | 27:19 Marry You Minsang Off | 32:28 Chicken High School |
37:29 I’m So Sad | 43:16 Secretly Dating | 49:05 Me Against the World |
54:30 Viewer’s Opinion | 59:56 Help Me | 1:04:24 Drunken (last skit) |
1:10:56 Old Affair | 1:16:15 The Family Head | 1:21:39 The Big World |
1:26:29 Hidden Masters

KBS World TV says:

“The Power of Stand-Up Comedy! ‘Gag Concert’ delivers the most up-to-date
source of smile and fun in Korean society.

☞ Sat 16:20 | Re-run: Sun 01:20 | Tue 17:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)

Cherry Cheung says:

Gag concert is love. Gag concert is life.

Siti Nurliana says:

I just realized this, where’s After 10 Years? I know it didn’t end yet.
Maybe they just not gonna be in this episode. (I hope so.) I really love
that skit~! 🙂 Also, Is it just me that prefer the old way of Kim Sungwon’s
rapping? I don’t really like seeing him like that. Lol. I love his part
more when he have to rap in Korean without using English. ^^ (Just my

Andre Silva says:

Hahaha Kim Sungwon was so funny in that rapping skit. 

Muhammad Firdaus Nata says:

Kim Sungwon is talented. Yes. But that kind of rapping makes me cringe a
little. Maybe it’s just me. 

Solie Kim says:

I’m so sad gonna be a hit :)) so hillarious

7hz8 says:

park seong kwang, kim seong won, so funny hahahhaa and kim jun hoo…i
think every week he will suffer through this skit. LOL

Siti Nurliana says:

Kim Nina looks really pretty with that hairstyle. Not like from the last
episode. ^^

Anna Kim says:

No! Why are they ending the drunken skit?! That’s one of my favorites!

Mey Chan says:

Damn it damn it damn it drunken end wahh my favorite skit this is the same
sad feeling like when badump badump end ㅠ_ㅠ 

Siti Nurliana says:

Kim Junho can never stop getting suffered in Chicken High School, seriously
having the twins on his back is enough suffering for an old man like him,
and they added up with Yu Minsang and Kim Suyeong laying on Junho’s back?
Man.. poor Kim Junho~ xD But seeing him suffered is what I love actually in
Chicken High School. Watching Sangmin and Sangho bullying Junho likr every
week. Lol. Also, I’m so excited to see Jeong Taeho in the new skit hopping
it to be funny, and it did~! The I’m So Sad skit seriously made laughed so
hard! I love Taeho’s character xD It’s been a while seeing him as a woman
since Madam Jeong. ㅎㅎ ㅎ It’s only the first episode of I’m So Sad and Jeong
Taeho already made his catchphrase got popular. Like, all the audiences
followed what he said. Good job Jeong Taeho oppa! >_< But the sad thing is, Drunken is over... and The Hidden Masters will end next week~ ㅠㅠ Both my favourite skits will be gone. 속상해! 🙁 But still, I will be waiting for them in new skits soon! Especially Kim Daesung in Drunken and Jo Yunho in The Hidden Masters~! ^^ Owh, also Lee Jonghun!! 2 new skits will be coming and one of them will have Seo Taehun, Park Sungkwang and Kim Wonhyo! (All my fav comedians!) I can't wait to see that skit! I miss Kim Wonhyo soooo much~ x3 I love many comedians in Gag Concert especially Lee Sangho and Lee Sangmin 🙂 That's why I love Chicken High School so much~ Lol :3

GeronL1 says:

That was a very impressive demonstration on Hidden Masters

Xanny19 says:

The rapping skit almost killed me hahaha!

ani jaya says:

oh my god, Nina is so pretty with a new short hair.

Queenie Wilson says:

i really wish geunji had his own skit. that would be so amazing….. or is
he busy with something else. a different schedule?

PhilKor MEi says:

my week’s not complete if i will not be able to watch this show.
they’re the best! GAG CONCERT, FIGHTING! <3

Shandao Leiximei says:

OMFG Kim Sungwoo of God of hip hop is just so freakin’ hilarious. And oh
man no 10 years later? Was is cut or something? I hope they didn’t end it
coz that segment was just too brilliant 

Sweet Crap says:


LowLight says:

I wanna see more pansori hip hop

Linh Phan says:

I want Shin Bora back :(

nartamara says:

where’s the 10 years later??

peh yi says:

What is the song lyrics that Marry You minsang off was playing?

Babs89 says:

Loved TaeHo in I’m so sad… It was really funny!

Pakou Xiong says:

OMG!!!!! “I’m So Sad” is HILARIOUS!!!!

Aida Jamal says:

Does anyone knows what song played during marry you minsang off?


Baek SungKwang..

kng sly says:

Why is 10 years later gone?? I love that skit, the ending always make me
teared up.

BeHappyRelax says:

I don’t actually understand why no girls want to date you min sang ??

mizukofuyu says:

Not seeing Geunji at All in this episode is disappointing . Hope Will get
TO see him next Week.Without him is no no :(

30TYLEE says:

Kim Sungwon. Hahaha omg. Yellow card, yellow card. Love him♥♥

moimoiuro says:

Meh, but Dating Skill Test has been really letting me down off for weeks

BananaBubbi says:

I’m really gonna miss Drunken :(

imlecy says:

The twins lol xD they can’t held their laugh

Thùy Nguyễn says:

Hidden Masters will end next week T__T gosh T__T

Brent Estacio says:

I’m So Sad is funny and Viewer’s Opinion too hahahhaha

Logan Wetterling says:

I miss late love and solve the mystery

Zahra Putri Andhita says:

Kim nina is beautiful with that hairstyle

Douglas Barnabé says:

Chicken High School is the best *-*

rayennixi says:

Noooo! I loved Drunken!

Lo Crux says:

Upskirt panty shot at 56:53

Nurul Kamilah says:

Can someone please tell me the song sang by the criminal in ‘me against the
world’ ? Been looking for it for quite a time but still haven found yet..

CassiopeiaaAKTF says:

Waited so long just for this :D

Aina Zamirah Zamaili says:

Song byunchul!!

Andy Vu says:

Does anyone know the song Kim Huiwon sing at 20:26?? It sounds so touching

Daks British says:

At 20:49 just simply perfection.

[Tuᴛuʀu!~] Mayushii says:

Kim Sungwon is awesome! :D

Faiez Othman says:

kim nahui is really pretty. :3

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