Gag Concert | 개그콘서트 (2014.12.06)

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– Telecasting Time: Saturdays 04:30pm | Sundays 01:20am (Seoul, UTC+9)
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LearnTo Sing says:

Exactly 1hour and 30min well spent 

Josh Gallie says:

With the new line-up and no previews at the description, it is really hard
this time. Anyway, enjoy the laughter!
0:11 Let It Be | 5:13 Help Me | 10:42 Viewers’ Opinion | 16:33 I’m the Only
Guy | 21:38 God of Hip Hop | 28:22 Old Affair | 33:40 Crazy Love | 40:13
True Colors of the Masters (new skit) | 45:29 Marry You Minsang Off | 51:28
10 Years Later | 57:46 The Big World | 1:02:51 Dating Skills Test | 1:09:33
Me Against the World | 1:14:33 I’m So Sad | 1:20:02 The Family Head |
1:24:37 Chicken High School

irockxx1 says:

why was Lee sangeun part in god of hip hop skipped

Luhan Park says:

Great way to start my Saturday=). Its actually 1:13 a.m in South Cali=)

FraNilmini says:

the sushi restaurant sketch is hilarious!!! xD

Happy Martini says:

In the God of Hip Hop skit, Kim Sung Won does a great job. He’s so
funny… haha. 

Klara Huskova says:

im so sad is the best.

Kishida06 says:

Kim Sungwon grosses me out in his skit…

Afiq Azizul says:

Any skit Lee Sanggu is in is sure to be a hit!

그림자808 says:

God of Hip Hop was hilarious!!!

Hieu Minh says:

I’m starting to feel kind of pity for Misang…
Really hope he’ll get marry soon =)))

fuiti says:

let it be is the best!!!

natasha275 says:

Kim Sung Won was hilarious

Roy Wawensa says:

why is the young rapper skipped?

Emi Abe says:

Park ji sun is back!! Yeah!!

Love Jonetsu says:

MYMO / The Big World / Dating Skills Test / Crazy Love should be off..
(Help Me too; then again she’s school 2014 so it should be ending soon. I
miss Three Best Friends / Discoveries in Life / HIDDEN MASTERS / Drunken /
Badum Badum AND I LOVE I’m The Only Guy / Let it Be / Secretly Dating / and
Chicken High School.

dila rahmanida says:

i hope kbs gonna invite song jae rim for crazy love hahah

rm says:

Omg the twins in chicken high school soo funny… poor junho :”(( hahahha

Ghinazahira Hanoum says:

I think Crazy Love Skit is a disgustingly awesome skit–it make me laugh so
bad :))

David Barrueta says:

‘True Colors of the Masters’ LOL, damn funny. Hi! Hi! Hi!

Arifah Aqilah says:

I’m so Sad skit has been my fave since it started. Taeho is hilarious!!
XDXD I really hoped Chicken High School doesnt end too soon cause I was one
of my fave too. ‘Sunbae, Help Me’ too!! ^_^

Toom Ta says:

Can someone plz tell me that song played in crazy love skit, 38:00 :’) 

Jeri Alberto says:

Help please! Anybody knows the song playing when Kim Seunghye is on stage
for Viewer’s Opinion? 

yaya miza says:

can someone tell me what is the original song 24:50 thanks

Charli Liu says:

Haha! In Old Affair, Kim Jimin impersonated Shin Bora impersonating Lim

ashley park says:

God of yelling…………….. That would be Mey rin from Kuroshitsuji
a.k.a. Black Butler

Michelle Lee says:

Is Suji on diet? She looks a bit skinnier to me.

Pixelgamer671 says:

10 years later makes my heart blow up!

frigtartsxp says:

Show me the mwo ni I love it! I need Kim Giri w Jimin again !!! And I need
bora !!! Anddd if Girin and the girl were singing rapping they were soo
Good !

1MJKP1 says:

What is the Cheongdam Monkey Teacher’s theme song!!??

joon kim says:

58:00 The man in the middle he said “Honey” in Korean but the subtitle
shows “oyster”. I know both words are sound little bit similar but that’s
obviously a mistake. 

George Gangstarropoulos says:


Trang do ngan says:

“Granny, you have lived a long life. Wanne meet your husband?” so hilarious

Ashley Dillon says:

Loving the I’m so sad skit. Of course anything with taeho and byungchul in
it is great. Hmmm not going as planned is a great line. 

ashley park says:

When the owner enters, why do they keep saying “yes”

Nav yuhgnaoht says:

What’s song at crazy love? Someone tell me plz!!

thelunarbros says:

Kim Sungwon is disgusting

but that makes him funnier than all of the rest

Iya Kadiri says:

I love crazy love and 10 yrs later.. Lauging so hard on park sharon keke

Allison Dunning says:

Crazy love is the best!

Nguyễn Kuro says:

anyone know the song in Viewers’ Opinion?

DeM0nicStaRZ says:

Why is kim ji min’s face always so oily/shiny? o.o

Jermaine Goh says:

what’s the song kim sungwon used in god of hiphop? the original song):

Me-yo says:

Crazy love is my new favourite skit 

Jongin Jongout says:


regine namoco says:

Kim sungwon always made my day

Alex Le says:

Does anyone know the songs in 28:42 and 34:12? Thanks in advance

bluekatt24 says:

what happened to secretly dating

Syakirin57 says:

What is the song they use in family head?

Rachel Hutchinson says:

OMG they need to cancel Let It Be…its gettn Hella lame

SweetyElmoful says:


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